My Favorite SCD Legal Pancakes (Almond Flour)

Best Almond Flour Pancakes Ever!!!

I’ve been experimenting with pancake recipes for months now and I think I’ve finally found a recipe that delivers pancakes that taste better than wheat flour (I swear it’s not the Irish coffee). With so many recipes I tried, I would end up covering them in honey or feeding them to unsuspecting taste testers because they were too dry, clumpy, or just generally awful (blame my cooking skills on a couple occasions). But, thankfully I’ve figured it out!

Ingredients Needed for Almond Flour Pancake Goodness:

  • 1 Cup Almond Flour
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/4 Cup Carbonated Water (sparkling water)
  • 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Oil
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Salt
  • 2 Tablespoons of Honey

All ingridents have been carefully choosen, if you deviate and they taste bad don’t blame me!

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Mix everything up in a bowl really well (like 5 minutes longer than you think you should) we don’t want any clumping and we want to make sure the oil, salt and honey are evenly dispersed. Heat up some coconut oil on a griddle or if you’re underprivileged use a pan like I do heated to medium heat.

Really make sure that everything is mixed good, it is soo important!

A little tip I’ve learned is if your coconut oil is solid like mine in the picture, put the 2 tablespoons into a shot glass and microwave until liquid.

Yes that is double shot glass, in case you were wondering

I use a ¼ measuring cup to spoon out the batter as I’ve found it gives me about the maximum size for flipping these suckers, which I will admit is mostly luck, some skill and a whole bunch of patience. The recipe makes about 6 – 4 inch pancakes depending on how frisky you get with the measuring cup.

Some bubble more than others, but look for the browning around the edges

Knowing when to flip is a bit harder as they don’t really bubble like wheat pancakes so just check for browning and then go for it. I use a fish spatula because its thinner than most and I can sort of scoop under, pull towards me and then flip. It’s less of a flip and more of slow turn over (not to the side over the top). The best part is if you splatter batter everywhere just scrape it back onto the sides of the pancake and most people will never know.

Almost done! Remember if you have a “blow out” just scrape the batter back to the side of the pancake and no one will know

These pancakes taste so good to me that I eat them smothered in butter, no extra honey and I couldn’t care less about not having any maple syrup. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

In the future, now that I’m happy with the base recipe, I’m going to start adding more fun stuff like blueberries, apples, raisins and cinnamon.

Add Butter and Enjoy!



P.S. – For extra credit, double the recipe up and then freeze half of it. They make the perfect SCD legal lazy or in-a-pinch food! They reheat in like 2 minutes in the microwave and still taste awesome. I’m not sure if or when they go bad as mine never make it more than a couple weeks.

Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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30 thoughts on “My Favorite SCD Legal Pancakes (Almond Flour)

  1. Avatar

    Saw your pancakes on This southern girl’s life. I am defiately going to try these. I absolutely love almond flour and can’t wait to get the water for these and I am set!

  2. Avatar

    I’d really like to make SCD legal pancakes, but I, unfortunately, cannot eat eggs. Do you have any recommendations for making pancakes without eggs? I’m not sure what to use that serves as a binder for the recipe. I’ve used apple sauce and other things in muffins, but I’m not sure that would work on pancakes. Any thoughts?

  3. Avatar

    Hey guys, I just tried to make these and they were a disaster. Trying to figure out what on earth I did wrong – what type of almond flour did you use? I used honeyville and it seemed too thick, so I added a bit more water… I mixed it for a long time too. Hmm. They ended up pretty flavorless and the texture wasn’t very good either.

  4. Avatar

    Jordan Reasoner, if I am not wrong, you suffer from fructose malabsorption too? How do you sweeten your food, I mean, what do you use instead of honey? I use rice sirup in very small amounts, but I know it is not legal. Or I use just homemade sour cream on the pancakes.

  5. Avatar

    We’ve also experimented with numerous SCD/GAPS pancake recipes (in addition to pizza crust) and it is very hard to get just right. I like the sparkling water ingredient – hadn’t tried that before. We found using a cast-iron skillet and stainless steel spatula does wonders for not sticking.

    Side note: Trader Joe’s almond meal is not certified gluten free and has caused our severely sensitive Celiac daughter to get sick from eating it.

    And lastly, I hate suggeting anything, since you guys are so great and generous with your information to help people, but I can’t get over it when I read of you using the microwave and also see teflon pans. It makes me cringe. When one is spending so much effort to heal their bodies, it doesn’t make sense to add harmful substances from teflon and the microwave kills so much of the beneficial parts in food. Takes me under a minute to heat up coconut oil in the cast iron or stainless steel pan or re-heat food. We threw out all our old teflon along with the microwave – love the extra counter space!
    ~All the best

  6. Avatar

    i forgot to mention that I will use watered down kefir (as I am a ways along in the diet and tolerate it well, but yogurt could be used too) when I try making my WAPF style scd pancakes.

  7. Avatar

    I am going to do an experiment and see how it turns out and I will report back after I try it. I used to make pancakes nourishing traditions style, as recommended by Sally Fallon of the Weston Price Foundation, by fresh grinding my flour from wheat berries and then soaking in buttermilk for about a day before adding additional ingredients for making into pancake batter. They were awesome, just slightly less moist and light than white flour pancakes, as the soaking in the acidic buttermilk with the probiotic bugs in it breaks down the fibers and proteins in the flour and it comes out much lighter and moister. I am curious what this would do to the scd pancakes, especially if making with whole almond meal instead of blanched. I’ll try it and let you all know what happens.

  8. Avatar
    maria diabetes-nurse says:


    TJ’s almond flour is NOT blanched.
    We live 5 hours away from one, but when we are near, we stock up. The unblanched tastes more like whole wheat. We like it in the SCD lois lang bread and in pumpkin muffins better than the blanched. But in pancakes, crackers, and cookies we like the blanched best.

    Also, their canned fish is in BPA free tins.

    I buy up tons and it keeps for months in my cool cellar. (I’d guess about 6-8 months)

  9. Avatar
    maria diabetes-nurse says:

    Just made these for breakfast for the kids and I and had to sit right down and tell you what a TREAT these are!!! They really ARE “the best”.
    (had to use stevia instead of honey too) Light and fluffy fluffy fluffy.
    Cooked them in a generous amount of coconut oil & topped with a bit of butter.
    Thank you!!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Wow, I still love the recipe- we make it at least twice a week. However, the batter varies greatly depending on which brand of almond flour we use. Bob’s Red Mill makes it the right texture of batter without adding water, but the Honeyville almond flour makes a much thicker batter.

    • Steven Wright
      Steven Wright says:

      @ Wendy – Thanks for the comment I’m glad your enjoying it, thanks for the tips on different brands of almond flour. I didn’t even think about that. Try making raisin cinnamon pancakes they are a big favorite of mine! If you have any other tricks you use I’d love to hear them.

  11. Avatar

    Thanks for the recipe! I doubled it, and the batter was still very runny, so I left the sparkling water out and added 1T coconut flour. Super yummy! I love being able to blend SCD batters without ending up with tough pancakes. I thought I’d have extra to freeze, but the boys kept eating until they were all gone.

  12. Avatar

    Ii just made these and they are awesome – definitely the best SCD pancakes ive tried. I only had canola oil and I did add a little cinnamon. Steven, I used the trader joe’s almond meal- that are not blanched as far as I know. Thanks for the recipe!

  13. Avatar

    Hi, you can delete the above comment from me about the idea I had to use a spice grinder with almonds. That was a very dumb idea I had as I just tried it last night for the first time to make these pancakes and not only did it do nothing to break down any of the almonds at full power, it totally fried the motor of the spice grinder trying to do so, and it burned out and doesn’t even work anymore now, so no one else should try using a spice grinder or they may destroy theirs as well.

  14. Avatar

    I love making my own almond flour. I buy whole almonds and blanched slivered almonds in bulk at Winco, here in Oregon, where they run about $3.50/pound. I then grind them up in my food processor, and my sister’s coffee grounder (which works awesome!). I also tolerate the homemade almond flour better then the spendy store bought stuff! I think it tastes better too!

  15. Avatar

    Hi Susan – thanks for posting the tip about the almond meal at Trader Joe’s do you know if it is made with blanched almonds?

    The closest Trader Joe’s to me is about an hour away but it may be worth the drive at that price!

    I normally use the almond flour from the following stores online:

    But currently I’m trying some organic almond flour found here (which I really like!):

    All three of the companies above make great products and I can personally vouch for them!

  16. Avatar

    @ Dylan – They are good, so good they can be addictive! Thanks for sharing the coffee grinder tip to make almond flour, I’ve done it before and it works great!

    @Amy – Hi thanks for getting back to me, let me know what you think of the pancakes!

  17. Avatar

    Hi there, it’s Amy from My hubby said you were trying to contact me, and here is my info. I’d love to help out in any way I can with my SCD pregnancy experiences.
    This pancake recipe sounds so yummy! I will give them a try soon.

  18. Avatar

    MAAAAAAAAAAn that looks good.

    I will give an idea I just had. I just went into the health food store and a tiny bag of almond flour was like 12 bucks, so I said forget that. I have a spice grinder that I think will do the same thing with a bag of almonds. Of course it may not make that much of a difference as bags of almonds are expensive too, but it may save a bit this way and spice grinders (the tiny ones) are only maybe 20 bucks.

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