Leaky Gut Syndrome in Plain English (Signs, Symptoms, Fixing it)

Leaky Gut Syndrome Explained

Leaky Gut can be crazy confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.  There is growing acceptance for leaky gut syndrome and its connection to autoimmune conditions.  But many of the causes of leaky gut (and its cures) are still debated (see leaky gut research and intestinal permeability research).

Most doctors are now aware of the condition, but still struggle to understand the symptoms, tests, and treatments.

I hope to shine some light on how to heal Leaky Gut Syndrome, what causes it, and why the SCD Diet and other leaky gut diets are such a critical component to getting better from it.

Leaky Gut Explained

Leaky Gut Syndrome Close Up


The term Leaky Gut Syndrome is used to describe the condition of “Hyperpermeable Intestines” a fancy medical term that means the intestinal lining is no longer functioning properly.  This results in all kinds of molecules and particles to get right into your bloodstream. Things like:

  • Bacteria and Bacterial toxins
  • Viruses, Yeast, Parasites & Other Gut Flora Organisms
  • Partially Digested Food Molecules
  • Metabolites and Acids

Normally your body doesn’t allow any of this through.  It has a very sophisticated system for making sure only the right size of food and the right type of particles come into the bloodstream. Here’s how it works…

The intestinal lining is the first line of defense for our immune system. The outer layers of intestinal cells (epithelial) are connected by structures called tight junctions. At the tip of the mucosa cells are the microvilli, which absorb properly digested nutrients and transport them through the epithelial cell and into the bloodstream.

During the normal digestion process the tight junctions stay closed forcing all molecules to be screened and absorbed through the mucosa cells (think of them like bouncers at the front of a classy bar).

For reasons we will discuss later, these tight junctions can become “open” or permeable allowing UN-SCREENED molecules to flow directly in-between the cells. And when this happens the blood steam which is located right behind the mucosa cells is filled up with bad things.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


How the Immune System Gets Triggered

How the Small Intestine Works

The first reaction your body has to these “foreign” bodies in your blood is to fight like hell. The immune system jumps into action. It needs to neutralize, get rid of and tell the rest of the body about this foreign attack.

To do so, the immune system increases inflammation around the gut wall where the “problem” is.  But it it also increase inflammation levels throughout the whole body. This increased inflammation especially at the gut wall can actually begin to damage the cells of the gut wall… which can quickly become a self-perpetuating cycle of cell damage and more leaky gut if it’s not fixed.

As more foreign particles trickle through from the leaky gut, the immune response increases and this results in chronic inflammation.  This process flow can lead to your body fighting itself (it’s very real) and the creation of array of autoimmune diseases such as Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, and Raynaud’s Disease.  It also increases your chances of symptom cluster issues like IBS, Histamine Intolerance, and CIRS.

On top of that, the immune system can miss some foreign invaders or get overrun if your gut is too leaky. This puts the burden on the liver and detoxification system. Remember, right behind the gut wall is a direct blood transport right to the liver. And if you start slamming the liver with a bunch of toxins it’s going to start causing issues in the detoxification system.

How Leaky Gut Causes Food Allergies

The whole body increase in inflammation is bad enough but then the next step happens.  The immune system begins to create antibodies that are specific to the types of foreign particles that getting through.  It does so to be able to alert the rest of the body about the attack that is happening in the gut.

These antibody soldiers designed are designed to fight against these foreign objects (which can be things such as the Casein protein from the milk you’re drinking, or other proteins in nuts, grains, meat, or eggs).


The most common food allergies


Even chemicals normally found in foods such as Phenols and Glycerin can now trigger immune responses when they enter the body.

For instance, I used to immediately react to dairy of any kind. I’d get instant brain fog, headache, sore throat, and horrible sinus drainage. A similar reaction used to happen when I ate foods high in phenols such as tomato juice. I am confident that it is all part of the damage caused by years with leaky gut and Celiac Disease.

If you’re having sensitivities to few foods up to a dozen or more, then it is most likely you have leaky gut. When you have a Leaky Gut condition, the damaged microvilli along the intestinal lining cannot manufacture the digestive enzymes they need to break down the food for proper digestion. The resulting condition allows food molecules to flow into the bloodstream that have not been completely broken down into the nutrients your body needs.

Bottom Line: If you are having food sensitivities it’s not the the foods fault. It’s the leaky gut letting the food molecules into your bloodstream. Of course, the caveat is severe food allergies such as gluten to a Celiac or deadly peanut allergies.

Do You Have Leaky Gut Symptoms?

Symptoms of Leaky Gut can vary from person to person depending on the level of damage and the tissues being affected.  This is due in large part to how long you’ve had the leaky gut and your family history.

And by family history I mean you genetics and epigenetics (which genes are on or off).

So your symptoms are likely to be different than mine as we have a different family history and length of injury.  However they can be bucketed into four main categories:

  • Skin – rashes, itchy skin, psoriasis, rosacea, hives, acne
  • Brain – headaches, migraines, brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety
  • Immune – autoimmune conditions, food allergies, excessive fatigue, high inflammation
  • Gut – nutritional deficiencies, chronic diarrhea, burping, bloating, gas, constipation

Here’s a chart that I created that’s much more comprehensive (but please read my warning below it):

Leaky Gut Body Symptoms

Let me be clear that no one is going to have ALL of these symptoms of conditions.  The reason why the list is so diverse and so many people tend to discount it is because they FORGET to remember how the condition happens.

Making Sense of Leaky Gut Damage

It’s worth taking a moment to recap how this all happens to hopefully quickly explain how all this is possible.  Remember that when your gut is chronically leaking the body has the following reaction:

  1. Increases local and system wide inflammation
  2. Creates specific antibodies to the foreign invaders
  3. The detox and hormone systems will be extra burdened to clean up the mess

So if you then factor in how long your gut has been leaking… maybe a week, a month, or years (more on leaky gut causes below – but don’t jump ahead).

And then you think about your family history.  Which might include autoimmune diseases, cancers, or any other number of chronic diseases.  The point is that every genetic and epigenetic lineage has weak spots.

We all do.

And you’re weak spots are likely going to be where you start to show all this inflammatory damage.

While this is going on, your body begins to try to turn off the inflammation using hormones and other means. It also has to rush a bunch of nutrients in to help with detoxification and cell repair.

This can create nutrient deficiencies over time which will only worsen the health of the body.

As you can see, leaky gut syndrome is a serious digestive tract problem that can burden the immune system, hormone system and detoxification system. The longer and more intense the leaky gut syndrome, the higher your risk of developing chronic disease.

We’ve put together a 3-min leaky gut quiz, which will examine the most important risk factors in your body and provide a custom analysis of your likelihood of having a leaky gut.

You can take the quiz here: https://healthygut.com/assessments/leaky-gut/

What Causes Leaky Gut?

Solving Leaky Gut Triggers Map

The list of what causes leaky gut grows each year as more research comes out.  And it can be a quite overwhelming to try and make sense of. Which of these do you know you have?  Have you had? Could you secretly have but not know?

It can make anyone crazy.

After giving 100’s of talks on leaky gut I’d say there’s an easier way for you to think about this.

  1. Event based immediate triggers of leaky gut
  2. Chronic inflammatory long term triggers

Almost every type of cause of leaky gut syndrome falls into one of those two buckets.

Event Based Leaky Gut Triggers

Chronic Disease Trigger Events

These are events like a concussion, stressful traumatic event (divorce, death, etc), chemo or radiation, moving into a mold filled home, NSAID prescriptions etc.

Basically the event that you experience is so strong that with a week you’re gut begins to leaking and gets worse if the exposure continues.

Where it gets even worse is if you are already participating in any of the chronic inflammatory long term causes when one of these events happens.

This is super common and there is no reason you should make yourself wrong if this has happened to you.  It’s typically how it works…

Chronic Inflammatory Long Term Triggers

Chronic leaky gut issues

There’s all kinds of longer term triggers of leaky gut that are inflammatory in nature.  Sometimes if you are engaging in too many of these at once you’ll trigger it.

But what is more likely is that you’re doing some of the behaviors below and they are constantly (every time you do it) pissing off your gut wall.  And your body is sort of always on guard to have to clean up and repair itself.

Here’s some of the more “regular” causes:

Diet: Consuming high amounts of refined sugars, processed foods, preservatives, refined flours, and flavorings introduces massive amounts of chemicals into the body that is seen as toxic. If your body has a hard time keeping up the toxins start to build up and cause inflammation (like we talked about earlier).

Chronic Stress: Chronic stress almost always results in a suppressed immune system. A weakened immune system cannot handle doing it’s normal job and gets overrun with pathogens very quickly. This increases overall gut inflammation leading to increased permeability of the intestinal lining.

Inflammation: Any type of inflammation in the gut can lead to leaky gut. This can be brought on by low stomach acid (which passes undigested food into the small intestine irritating everything it passes by), yeast overgrowth (Candida), bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), infection, parasites and excessive environmental toxins.

Medications: Any medication prescriptions or even over-the-counter pain relievers with Aspirin or Acetaminophen irritate the intestinal lining and decrease the mucosal levels (a membrane produces mucus on the intestinal lining as a natural protective measure). This can start or help to continue the inflammation cycle (more bacteria, yeast, and digestion issues) and promotes an increase in permeability.

Lack of Zinc: Zinc is a critical piece of maintaining a strong intestinal lining. A deficiency of the vitamin can lead to the mucosal lining losing strength and becoming more permeable. There are studies that show that supplementing with Zinc when it is deficient can dramatically improve intestinal lining integrity.

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is a major stressor on the gut wall.  It’s not even about the amount (that matters) but even small amounts are toxic (that’s why it feels good) to the body.  It’s actually very hard on the digestive system to have consistent glasses of wine for the day.

I still love a great Malbec and I’m not saying you need to abstain from all your favorite fried foods, alcohol and shouldn’t take a pain reliever if you need it.

Remember the chronic ones are about how often per week and per month are you exposing your gut cells to these problematic triggers.

The more often, the more at once, the higher the chance you’re going to cause leaky gut.

How to Fix Leaky Gut Syndrome…

Solving Leaky Gut Meta Protocol

The medical community is still rather divided about the methods used to alleviate leaky gut. Turns out just like lot’s of things can cause leaky gut, there’s lots of ways to fix it.  However, they all seem to take a multi-faceted approach.

I’ve boiled these down to 3 basic steps outlined above.

  1. Remove those leaky gut triggers
  2. Rebuild your gut (using a leaky gut diet and supplements)
  3. Fix underlying root causes

Now we’ve created a whole program that walks you through each of these in-depth but for now I’ll give a simplified version that will really help if you start. Just make sure to do several things at once as it’s basically totally unlikely for you to completely heal just by changing diet or just by taking a supplement.

That’s just now how healing leaky gut works.

Eat a Leaky Gut Diet

Meal with grilled salmon

Without a doubt the first and most powerful intervention is a leaky gut diet.  But what does that mean in a day and age where ‘everyone’ has a diet that’s the “best”?

I’d urge you to look past the black and white experts and realize that there’s a lot of “leaky gut diets” that could work for you. And if you look close enough you’ll see the ones that work are very similar.

Here’s what the best leaky gut diets have in common: eliminating sugars, starches, grains, processed oils, nightshades, dairy, food additives, and any other irritating foods alleviates the inflammation and starves out the yeast/bacterial overgrowth (both the SCD diet and Solving Leaky Gut diet do this).

Reducing any yeast or SIBO allows the intestinal tract to begin heal.  As well as removing inflammatory foods like grains, sugars, and dairy which oftentimes cause the gut cells problems reducing overall inflammation and increase digestion.

If we stop any overgrowths, get rid of naturally inflammatory foods, the gut walls can begin to heal faster, the flow of foreign objects into the body is reduced and most people begin to feel better.

I’d argue that the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or Solving Leaky Gut Diet are the foundation of healing leaky gut.  And that being said there’s lots of other leaky gut healing diets out there that could work.

Also be aware that you shouldn’t try to restrict your food forever.  The goal should always to be to remove offending foods and foods you are sensitive too, heal up, then add the best ones back in (SCD and SLG diets do this).

Use These Leaky Gut Supplements

Gut Health Map of Issues

The next most important thing for healing is using the right leaky gut supplements.  If you search around you’ll find that there’s many ideas on what to take to heal the gut. We’ve tried them all over the years and some of them just don’t live up to the hype.  At the end of the day here’s the most important first supplements to start using.

Basic Nutritional Supplements: The conditions that lead to leaky gut can also cause malabsorption and improper digestion, both of which are going to leave you with nutritional deficiencies. First and foremost, supplementing with a good multivitamin, large amounts of vitamin D, and Zinc will help the intestinal lining return to normal (assuming the irritants from the diet are removed).

Essential fish oils have also been shown to really help improve the condition of the intestinal mucosal lining (omega-3’s greatly reduce inflammation among a host of other benefits). Start with these basics before getting fancier.

Digestive Enzymes: Digestive enzymes are critical to properly breaking down the foods we eat. Here’s why they are so important for leaky gut, first enzymes break down food into very small particles, preventing large undigested molecules from irritating the intestinal lining and increasing nutritional uptake. They also work through your intestines acting as garbage collectors by removing toxins, bacteria, and damaged cells of the mucosal lining.

The whole process gives the gut a clean slate of healthy cells to rebuild with. Bromelain and papain enzymes are shown to reduce inflammation in the gut lining and throughout other tissues in the body, allowing the immune system and the liver some reprieve. Don’t overlook animal based enzymes as they tend to help fat and protein absorption better than plant ones.

– Betaine HCL: Always remember digestion starts in the stomach.  If you have low stomach acid then no matter what you do you’re unlikely to heal leaky gut syndrome.  The acid must breakdown the food so that the molecules aren’t too large. The easiest way to check and correct for this very common issue is by doing a Betaine HCL supplement test (just click that link for directions).

– L-Glutamine: Supplementing with L-Glutamine can be a game changer for those who have food allergies and have been struggling with gut issues for years.  It’s used in hospitals in mega doses to treat burn victims and body builders use it to recover from overtraining.  We can use it to help us fuel the healing of the gut cells. They need L-glutamine to rebuild. The most important thing to remember with this is to use big amounts.  At a minimum 5 grams several times a day.

These leaky gut supplements is where we recommend you start.  After that if you want to try more advanced ideas like colostrum, probiotics, prebiotics and immune system regulators they are great too.

We don’t start with recommending those because many people react to them, dosing is confusing and the options for each one are endless.

Check for Leaky Gut Root Causes


The last step is to look for the root causes of leaky gut.  This process often leads people to a functional medical practitioner, but there are many things you can do on your own.

The first is to rest more.  The body needs energy and space to heal. In our fast paced world, this is often overlooked. The easiest thing you can do tonight to feel better is to take an Epsom salt bath (that post explains it).

The other thing you’ll want to do is get checked for any parasites or lingering gut infections.  These hidden infections are a very common cause of leaky gut that won’t go away.  If you find any and eliminate them, you’ll be surprised at the amount of energy, sleep, and body weight improvements you’ll notice.

One Final Note on Healing Leaky Gut

There are some ways to test for leaky gut, but the digestive system is such a dynamic place that many times it’s a waste of time and money.  If you have most of the symptoms of leaky gut… especially if you food allergies or autoimmune conditions… it’s a really good sign you have it.

It’s NOT the end of the world if you do have leaky gut.

Trust me, it’s a completely reversible condition if you follow the multi-phased approach in this article.  I used to react to eggs, nuts, dairy, and many more things. My nose, face, and sinuses would swell up instantly.

I no longer react like that.  My gut is much less leaky and more stable.

And yes, I had to address deeper issues like gut infections, hormone dysregulation, trauma, and stress levels.  But week-by-week I get stronger and more healthy.

If you need a guide like I did, we’re pretty good at this and I hope you’ll check out our products

In good health,

– Jordan

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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268 thoughts on “Leaky Gut Syndrome in Plain English (Signs, Symptoms, Fixing it)

  1. Avatar

    Hello again, Jordan, I’m not able to do your quiz on my lil’ smart phone. But thanks to your article I think I finally understand why I have Fibromyalgia. Its a condition in which we have pain in our deep soft tissues, mainly in the body core areas from the neck to the pelvic girdle, ie. all the large soft tissue masses. This includes the gut & bladder. It IS a condition of inflammation

  2. Avatar

    I’ve been on the Paleo Auto Immune Protocol and still experiencing severe muscle joint pain, headache, fatigue. I am experiencing experiencing sever anxiety and depression. I? have developed kit food I? tolerances and my allergies have gotten worse. I? am reacting to medications and even supplements. L-glutamine got me so sick for days. I? am starting to think that the Paleo diet is allowing too much starch and maybe I should be on the SCD. any thoughts on the starches?

    • Avatar

      Hi Cate – Food Allergies are one of the main triggers for EOE and thus an elimination diet can help you decide which foods to stay away from. The SCD diet or the Leaky Gut diet are forms of an elimination diet that both help one to customize their own diet. YOu may also consider food allergy and intolerance testing to help with symptoms right away.

  3. Avatar

    Black mold can have many effects, from allergy symptoms like sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, nasal problems and sinusitis, all the way up to serious medical conditions that may require extensive treatment and even hospitalization.

  4. Avatar

    Hi Lori,
    Thanks for your response to my prior query. I will definitely follow up on your tips. In addition, even taking half a regular adult multivitamin or Vitamin D, E, C, etc (any time in the day) makes me feel weak and generally cold for several hours. Would you know what that could be related to? I have had issues related to muscle weakness & Fibromylgia in the past (>5 years). I am a male in 50’s with a healthy appetite & diet, but have been generally under weight. Thanks.

    • Avatar

      HI Roger – just taking a shot in the dark here but here are somethings to ponder. Vitamins A, D, E,and K are all fat soluble and can be stored in the body, thus toxicity is possible (but not all that common). Try taking less of the vitamins and see how you do. Supplements containing Iron can have these effects also, so you may want to dive into that more. If you are eating plenty adn are still underweight, it’s time to look deeper into possible root causes such as hormone issues or gut infections.

  5. Avatar

    I have been through a lot recently – H-Pylori started it >5 years ago, antibiotics treated it. Now I have several issues, acid reflux, allergies, constant gas, burps, etc. I cannot seem to handle any anti-inflammatory foods – papaya, pineapple, give me bad stomach issues, incl., blockage, reflux, nausea, etc. I seem to be having some inflammation in my eye for sometime now. I have been told by an Naturopath about leaky gut and needing to cure it with severe restrirtions on diet (similar to paleo) that seems difficult to me. Please advise. Thanks.

  6. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with Celiac in 2008 and have been gluten-free, symptom-free since then. Two months ago I ingested gluten (my only known episode since going gluten-free) and I have been paying for it since! Almost two days later I got a yeast infection, cleared it, and then got another one shortly after that. About the same time I developed periorificial dermatitis around my eyes, and a month later my mouth, when I was yet again poisoned by gluten! There’s no doubt in my mind these were caused by the gluten episodes.

    I suppose my question is about time to heal? I think the gluten I ate caused the inflammation and possibly some leaky gut which created these issues. Even though I do not have any symptoms of leaky gut other than being Celiac (no food sensitivities, no gastrointestinal distress, high energy) do you think my healing time could be quicker than an average case of leaky gut? Considering I have already cut out the gluten for 12 days and am now taking probiotics.

    Are there different levels of leaky gut? Or is it an all or nothing deal?

    • Avatar

      Hi ellie – thanks for reaching out.

      Jordan has Celiac as well, and based on his research and experience, exposure to gluten can cause symptoms for up to 6 months.

      BUT – there is some good news. By focusing on healing the gut (instead of just removing the gluten again) you can speed up your recovery time and feel better faster.

      Certainly some people can have more severe symptoms of leaky gut and take longer to heal – and we can’t and wouldn’t try to guess how long it will take you to feel better- but many people see big improvements in just a few days.

      You can learn more here: http://solvingleakygut.com/webinar/internal-autoimmune/

  7. Avatar

    Hi, I’ve been having weird health issues the past ~6 months and have finally come to the conclusion that leaky gut is at play. I’ve been paleo for years but had gone off while pregnant and I suspect that may have factored in. Anyway, recently came across this, have started a betaine supplement and am seeing improvement already. What I’m wondering is, many who talk about healing leaky gut talk about coconut oil, which seems to have brought on my issues in the first place, or at least exacerbates them. Is this likely because of leaky gut? Or could I just be a rare type who doesn’t agree with coconut oil? Other than causing a very specific odd reaction, it makes me feel amazing so hoping I can figure it out. 🙂

    • Avatar

      Hi Ali – its hard to say whats going on based on what you’ve shared here. Some people do react poorly to coconut oil (you can develop an intolerance to coconut just like you can to any other food) – if you’re eating a lot of coconut oil AND you have leaky gut, you’re even more likely to develop an intolerance to it. Most likely, as your gut heals you’ll be able to tolerate more coconut oil. In the meantime, some other healthy fats to sue are butter or ghee, tallow (grass-fed) and olive oil

  8. Avatar

    Hey there!!! I’ve been having so many problems and was wondering if I could maybe get some answers. My journey is a long one and I’m positive that it will get better. I was suffering from h. pylori for about 4 years before I knew what it actually was. When I finally went to a gastroenterologist, they did tests, confirmed it and had me on antibiotics right away. I started to feel better but I continued to have flair ups with abdominal pain and instense nausea for 7 months or so before things got really bad. Flair ups included intense nausea, constipation, missing a day of bowels, then diarrhea, always gassy (both ways). I would take pepto for nausea then feel better for a while. I tried to maintain a healthy diet but I was 50% successful. I had days where I would be super healthy h and days when I wouldn’t and on top of that I was drinking almost every other to every weekend, being young and dumb. About 2 months before my latest issues. I was laid off from work but very happy. I was getting up everyday very happy. Working out almost every morning. I suffered from anxiety from time to time but it significantly diminished. During some of that time I noticed a slight tingling in my left arm. Thought about it but didn’t worry. Just worked out and kept moving. A couple months ago I went through some mildly stressful life occurances and things just kinda went down hill from there. The numbness and vice grip headache came and my stomach flair ups weren’t going away. They seemed to be constant. I assumed that I still had h. pylori because I heard sometimes the triple course antibiotics don’t work the first time. I couldn’t eat and could barely drink water so I went to urgent care and they gave me the triple therapy again and headache meds (they cause nausea so I never took those) with out retesting me. After one day, I started to feel numbness and weakness on the left side of my body (thought I was having a stroke). I would feel tightness in my neck/throat,blurriness in my left eye and at first a really bad migraine. I went to the hospital for this twice. I had a CT scan, X-ray, blood work and urine samples and nothing showed up!! They did notice my potassium was skittle low and my thyroid results were like 1 point off. They told me that the antibiotics probably made me feel this way and that I just had a migraine and was dehydrated. They gave me an IV and ibuprofen (IV is life!) after I was discharged I felt better but still uneasy and weak on the one side. I had to take another course of antibiotics for a UTI and then developed a yeast infection. My body was all out of wack. I was taking prebiotics but wasn’t eating too much or eating the best foods. So I tried to go on somewhat of a diabetic diet, which helped but I strayed. I lost at least 10 lbs in all this. The antibiotics ruined my digestion but I was able to get it back. I wouldn’t drink for a while and then drink occasionally and would feel pretty normal but alcohol soon affected me negatively. And there was something I was noticing, I have smooth (ideal) stool but would see pieces of food in my stool or when I wiped. I knew that wasn’t right. So many things I thought it could be and after much reading, I realized that there may be something seriously wrong with my gut health and it had to be restored. I started taking bone broth powder with Lglutamine and other beneficial probiotics, enzymes, fiber and have drastically changed my diet. Days that I follow that, I start to feel more normal but when I’d slip I can feel my body react. I do wonder if this may be leaky gut and if so how long will it take to full repair myself and get back to normal? I know I have much inflammation because I still have flair ups or abdominal pains. What do you recommend that I do? Desperately ready to be normal again.

    • Avatar

      Hi Courtni – thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear what you’ve been through recently 🙁

      No one can tell you exactly how long it takes to heal leaky gut – but with our program we see people have pretty dramatic results in about 2 months. For some people it does take quite a bit longer (like for myself) – but I started feeling better right away.

      You can learn more about what we suggest for leaky gut by attending a free webinar here: http://solvingleakygut.com/webinar/live-qva/

  9. Avatar
    Alexandru Angelo says:


    My issue started 3 years ago when I had a very stressful job, working 12 hours a day, my diet was a mess and with a lot of sugar (super-processed) and grains and also I had an emotional stress period (because my mom had cancer). I started to go to several doctors but without success, my symptoms are: bloating after meal which takes 1-2 hours after also, gas (now is little, but in the past I was farting all day long), runny stools (greasy aspect, sometimes. in the past I had diarrhoea every morning – type 6 on bristol, but now it’s starting to form like type 4-5 on bristol stool).
    So what I did was to follow Paleo 100%: eliminate grains, eliminate sugar (only 1-2 fruits per day), eliminate coffee and now I am feeling much! better, after a couple of months. I eat a lot of raw veggies, meat, olive oil, coconut oil and butter.
    I think because of this issue (which I think it is a Leaky Gut), big particles of food enter the bloodstream and hurt my prostate (because I have prostatitis symptoms- which made me work standing and walking a lot every day).
    I started your plan with L-Glutamine and today I will go and buy some strong Digestive Enzymes, after a while a I am thinking to add some probiotics.
    What do you think I could change in order to get better faster? I feel that I am on the good path, but it takes time, maybe years. But I don’t see this as a bad think only (because of the suffering), I also see the good part – making me change my lifestyle a lot, more balance in everything – diet (NO!! processed at all), sport, sleep, water intake, sun exposure, etc.

    Thank you!
    Alex, 26 🙂

  10. Avatar
    Nick Washington says:

    Is it a problem eating 4-5 servings of protein a day? I read somewhere that it isn’t good for you. I am having some trouble keeping weight on without carbs. I’ve dropped 10 pounds in a month and I don’t wanna lose anymore.

      • Avatar
        Nick Washington says:

        Well I didn’t develop any food allergies until this past week when I got a blood test. Only reason I got a blood test was because eating certain foods gave me bad abdominal pain and I was scheduled for a colonoscopy. My whole life I have never been allergic to anything. I have been taking anyiniotics for years and I suspect this is what recently caused me to get a leaky guy and now develop these food allergies. I suspect once I heal the gut I will be able to eat them again.

        Also, is it bad to eat protein 4-5 times a day. I am only eating meat, veggies, and fruits on occasion. I am finding it a little tough to keep weight on without the carbs. I am 5’9 at about 132lbs when originally I was around 143 lbs

  11. Avatar


    In the last month, I had tried a Candida Cleanse via Rainbow Light as a vegetarian (really tried to limit many triggering foods) and have been experiencing leaky gut syndrome now. My question to you is what do you recommend to heal and how can I transition into changing my diet considering that it could be a way for me to heal completely.


  12. Avatar

    I was with histamine intolerance, so my IBS, SIBO and leaky gut is probably related to this problem.
    For over 5 month now I am on low histamine diet, eating 5 times a day, taking probiotics (3 times a day 5 billion) and also I am taking small doses of Betaloc (Metoprolol) and Warfarin for my heart. I am taking supplements as magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, vitamin D, everything what I read is good for HIT.
    My symptoms got worse, psychologically, I suffer from major depression, anxiety, bipolarness, and so on. I read it could be connected with histamine intolerance, I am taking now Neurol (xanax) 0,25 two times a day but still I feel not good, even I lost weight again.
    My doctor wants to prescribe me SSRI antidepressants but I am afraid of it, also of b-side effects since I am already on many drugs including warfarin.
    Can you give me any advice about what should I do? I feel strong nausea, fatigue, sometimes I feel so depressed and bipolar that I dont know what to do. Thanks a lot

    • Avatar

      Hi Viktor – I’m so sorry you’re having such a difficult time right now.

      Getting your histamine problems under control may help with your anxiety symptoms. I really recommend you check out our friend Eric’s story here: https://healthygut.com/2015/11/histamine-driven-anxiety-attacks-reversed/

      You should never stop any medication your doctor has prescribed without talking with them first, but we encourage you to do your own research and have a tough talk with your doctor about why they recommend the medications they do and what other options you can try first.

      I hope reading Eric’s story helps – I really think it will!

  13. Avatar

    I had elevated esr for decades and crp always above 10. on nexium hogh doses for a decade bec of duodenal ulcers, gerd, esophagitis, chronic gastritis n acid reflux, larngitis. now i have systemic candida and leaky gut plus adrenal fatigus and hypothyroid. immupro300 test show allergy to almost everything that my lip swells up eating even salmon or sunflower seed. i dont know what to eat anymore and tge rotaional principle is difgicult with so little stuff that i can eat…i dare not eat anything for fear of severe reflux, candida and allergic reaction…what should i do?

  14. Avatar

    Hi , my autistic son aged 7yrs shows fight
    Behaviour immediately after taking starch foods and is very picky on foods.He will opt to eat the starchy foods and not any other.So i get stressed and end up feeding him on the same.I need help on how i can get him started on scd

  15. Avatar

    Wow!! I was finally diagnosed after 48 yrs of hell!!! The medical system is the biggest joke.. got to a D.O. who did an igg food panel, same here can’t eat anything.. I def have the leaky gut, also celiac.. it’s so amazing just how stupid that smart people truly are!! I’m high school educated and found the truth myself.. been on the diet a few weeks but still a lot of pain and weakness.. my progression was more like MS, with hashimotos, graves, type ii diabetes, ankylosing spindylitus etc…but I always knew it was in my gut, but doctors will not listen to anything you say.. so sad to find out how we are intentionally poisoned, live a life if he’ll all so businessmen can have vacation homes…

  16. Avatar

    Hello and thank you for an informative and helpful site.

    I’m 59 with longstanding healthy GI and vowels. suddenly 4 months ago developed IBS-C. I’ve not eaten red meat or pork since 1974 and for years been low-fat and basically dairy free. Only recent change was supplementing with 500 mg daily curcumin as anti-inflammatory effect. Can that have triggered my sudden onset of apparent IBS-C?

    Also, seeing conflict in advice for diet. For example, what do you suggest as to pineapple, garlic, egg, pumpkin, almond and almond milk, wheat, and quinoa?

    And should I avoid digestive enzymes that contain mannitol and sorbitol?

    Thx in advance! Dr Candace

    • Avatar

      Hi Dr. C –

      While curcumin works well for most people as an anti-inflammatory, it is high in salicylates, which can cause problems for some people. There is no way to know what caused your IBS-C, but if you think curcumin was the trigger, it is definitely wise to eliminate it and see if your condition improves.

      The SCD diet has helped many people not only with diarrhea, but with constipation as well. We suggest starting by addressing your diet with our free quick start guide here: https://healthygut.com/scd-quick-start-guide/

      It is best to start with the Intro diet and then move through the phases – it’s easiest to do this if you use our SCD eBook: http://scdlifestylebook.com

      The SCD diet eliminates wheat and quinoa – but the other foods you’ve mentioned are all legal if you’ve been able to successfully re-introduce them after the intro diet.

      Also, please read the following article on constipation, as it can be very helpful on your journey: https://healthygut.com/2013/07/real-food-tips-constipation/

      We also have an entire section of constipation related articles on our site, and these can be found here: https://healthygut.com/category/constipation/

      I hope you’re feeling a lot better soon!

  17. Avatar

    I’ve been on the FODMAPS, then SCD since May 1 and have lost weight. I’ve stabilized, but before I try your leaky gut program, I want to know how I can get enough calories on the 30 day diet. My BMI is 20.5. I just can’t lose any more weight. Your advice for me?

    • Avatar

      Hi Valerie – this is a really common question and we’re so glad you brought it up!

      Solving Leaky Gut is not meant to be a weight-loss diet. People who are overweight tend to lose weight on the diet as their gut heals, and those that are underweight gain healthy mass.

      We don’t want you to go hungry on the plan, and encourage you to eat as much as you need to feel full of the allowed foods.

      For those really struggling with weight, we encourage supplementing the diet with healthy fats and explain how to do it in the program.

      Jordan really struggled with weight loss, so this a topic he paid special attention to in the Solving Leaky Gut program.

      I hope this helps with your decision! If you ever need guidance on your journey, please reach out to us at support@scdlifestyle.com

  18. Avatar

    Hi, I´m from Brasil and I read your book, but i´m fireman and life-guard, i must to train and some make hard helps in the beach.. So I eat to much calories and suplements… How can I do your diet in this specific case?? Tks..

    • Avatar

      Hi marcelo, it sounds like you work really hard pushing yourself physically throughout the day so it is definitely important to maintain extra caloric intake. This diet doesn’t put any restrictions on the serving size, so feel free to eat as much as you need to meet your daily needs. Focus on fattier cuts of meat and healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, ghee (butter if tolerate dairy), avocados, nuts (if tolerated). We suggest starting off by getting your hands on our quick start guide here: https://healthygut.com/scd-quick-start-guide/

  19. Avatar

    Hi, I had an Upper GI done 2 years ago. About a week after I went to my Dr. cause I was having a dull pain in my left ribs. I was told it was muscle. Well now it is full blown 24/7 pain. It feels like squeezing or my intestines being really huge and pushing up. About 5 years ago I was told I have a Hiatal Hernia but showed no signs of reflux. I feel that the barium stuff has done harm to me(even though they say it doesn’t stay in your system) Can it lead to a leaky gut as well as a HH causing your digestive track to go hay wire? I am not 100% positive but I feel like I have intestinal spasms. I feel a “lump” in my throat and I feel like I can’t take a deep breath. Is there a way to fix it? I feel like I am going nuts with it. I’m in constant aware of it and it makes life difficult with 4 kids.

  20. Avatar
    Karen Stiles says:

    Hi I am a sufferer of histamine intolerance and I know I need to start with fixing my leaky gut. I get severe migraines from histamine, and almost all supplements and medications. I am wondering if scd protocol could be a good starting point for healing. Anyone try scd that has histamine intolerance? Steven and Jordan I would love an article about the correlation between leaky gut and histamine. Seems like there are a growing number of people on Paleo diets discovering histamine issues. I am soon to be a Transformational Nutrition Coach and would love to understand this better to apply it to my future practice. Thanks

  21. Avatar


    I have had “mysterious” side pain for 8 years now. Its always on my right side and it varies in pain. Sometimes its dull and annoying, sometimes its so painful I have problems moving my mid section like to bend and at its worse I am unable to really function. During the worst episodes I am in so much pain I am throwing up. I have went to the ER every time during these episodes because it feels like I am dying. The last time I was given 2 very strong pain meds and it did nothing for the pain. I have been to every DR possible, every test done and nothing has came up. Everything is always “fine”. Everything is most definitely not “fine” and I often fear to be left alone with my 3 kids for long periods of time in the thought of an episode happening.

    I recently was tested for Porphyria. And I thought I had finally found out what was wrong and was so happy to finally get an answer. But of course that came up negative as well. My doctor then told me about Leaky Gut Syndrome and iv been doing some google research. A lot of the symptoms I can relate to but have not found anything that state the horrible/at my worst pain so im curious if anyone has experience with this kind of pain with Leaky Gut Syndrome. And also, where to start with a special diet and vitamins. I am willing to try anything in hopes to rid me of this awful mysterious pain. I want my life back.

  22. Avatar

    m being treated for peptic ulcer andI have been having a water dripping sensation in my stomach,I even feel it dripping into my pelvic area,it stopped a little but after taking soy beans I felt it coming up again.pls what can I do? m scared.

  23. Avatar


    Need your help!!!Desperately
    It all started from early 2015,
    I had boils on skin, i thought it is some skin allergy or boil is due to heat. Went to doctor and it got fixed.
    Then after 15 to 20 days, my right eye lid was swollen, went to ophthalmologist and the doctor said this is because of protein diet. I was having 5 egg whites as a part of my gym diet (which I started 5 months ago from the month of Dec 2014) and that was fixed.
    Then again after 2 weeks boils started on my head. 5 to 6 at once with puss and it pains like hell. Then again I visited Dermatologist. Doctor said I had some type of bacteria (Folliculitis) and gave me few tablets. I took those and the boils were healed but started to have white patches on head (Without hair) where I had boils previously. Again I visited doctor she said this is auto immune disorder and gave some lotions and tinctures.
    When I write this I again have one boil on my head and have thrush infection.
    How to go about to solve my health issues? Is it something related to Leaky Gut?

    • Avatar

      Hi Guna, the skin is definitely tied to the gut and we suggest the Leaky gut program as a great starting approach to this issue. With in the program there is also a masterclass specifically on the link between skin and the gut.

    • Avatar

      Hi, thanks for reaching out! Leaky gut can be correlated with bad breath for a few different reasons, and the most obvious being an increase in toxic materials with in the body. We suggest starting with the diet to see how this affects your symptoms.

  24. Avatar

    I was wondering if this diet would help my 20 year issue with generalized anxiety and especially the many years of agoraphobia that hold me back.
    Just to add, I had great success getting rid of my lifelong chronic skin rashes, eczema and psoriasis by eliminating wheat and dairy a few years ago….
    thank you for your help!

    • Avatar

      Hi Shannon, thanks for reaching out! Changing your diet is a great start to feeling better, but it is only one piece of the puzzle. We highly suggest a comprehensive program that addresses not only diet, but your lifestyle as well as possible underlying causes: solvingleakygut.com

  25. Avatar

    Hey guys, I’m an 18 year old boy from Michigan and was diagnosed with Crohns disease approximately 2 years ago, and let me tell you it’s been a journey…

    I started off seeing a conventional doctor and was put on steroids to calm down the issue. After a month or two of gaining ridiculous weight (went from 162lb to 196lb) i found myself at a standstill with my disease. I wasn’t getting better anymore. Then, out of the blue, my mom found a chiropractor who practices holistic medicine, and the idea of herbs and things really turned me on to going in that direction. I stayed on the steroid, but started taking probiotics and digestive enzymes like crazy, along with chlorophyll and other supplements. This worked for a while, but the diarrhea persisted and all they could do was up the probiotic dosage. I then found a D.O. that practiced holistic medicine as well. He tapered me off my steroid, and put me on a candida diet upon arrival. Turns out i had parasites, very bad candida and leaky gut was beginning to appear. Taking herbs for my adrenals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and L-Glutamine, i now had a diet to work in conjunction with it. I started to feel invincible, kind of arrogant, in fact. I partied with my friends, stayed up late, started to drink pop and junk again (still no wheat, unless by accident) and eventually it all collapsed on me again. Last summer, i got another food sensitivity test back and the results were devastating. I can’t eat many vegetables, a few fruits, no nuts at all, no grains, no legumes, and dairy makes me feel sick, though there was low sensitivity. I’ve found myself at a point where i’m losing hope. Recently, however, i discovered bone broth and kefir, both with great benefits. I was also informed of this website and all of the success here. I want to start the diet, and like your video the other day stated, i’ve gone through plenty enough pain in this chronic disease to be absolutely determined to succeed. My only question before starting is this: if i have sensitivities to foods that are on the diet, and are pretty crucial (onions, carrots, celery, etc.) can i eat them and suffer for a while, then will they disappear as i heal? Or will this cause the inflammation to keep getting worse. I’ve been searching for this answer for a long time, and i’ve finally found hope in your website. If you spend the time to read this (sorry it’s kinda long), please help me. You seem like wonderful people and have brought me hope. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Hi Adam, thanks for reaching out! This is a great question and one that unfortunately does not have a black and white answer. In general, the overall goal of the SCD diet is to of course heal the gut but also to create a custom diet that works specifically for you. In this process, we ask that you build your custom safe food zone by testing and retesting foods to see what your body can handle. This, of course, will change as you begin to heal. You can substitute zucchini for carrots, beef for chicken and do not have to consume the grape juice in the gelatin if you feel you will react to it. IN a case like this where people are sensitive to everything, it is best to work in conjunction with a trusted practitioner, as supplements and other testing may be necessary. If you are in need of one, you can find one here: https://healthygut.com/practitioners/

  26. Avatar

    Hi Jorday.
    About digestive enzymes, I’m in phase 1 of the diet but have not had any relieving symptoms until I stopped taking the enzymes and HCL. Then the bloating constipation stopped cold. I want to take the enzymes for the reasons you give, but what do you think?

    • Avatar

      Hi Mike, thank you for reaching out. It is possible to react to some of the additives and fillers in the product, so you may want to check the bottle. Your body knows best, so if you feel better when not taking the enzymes, we always suggest listening to your body first.

  27. Avatar

    I’m in desperate need of some help.

    I lived a normal healthy life up the age of 20, but I’ve been very unwell for 3 years now. Had severe fatigue, anxiety, sleep problems. Doctors told me I had Chronic Fatigue.
    I went gluten free a year ago and started to feel a bit better almost instantly, my anxiety got a lot better, I slept better. (I suspect I developed a gluten intolerance, my brother and sister are also gluten sensitive).

    But after a few months of going GF I started having food reactions (feeling unwell, mild stomach pains). I’m now very unwell again, also constipated, with bowel movements only once a week.

    I react to almost all foods, my diet compromises of chicken, cod, b squash, carrots, fresh herbs, olive oil. I’ve been trying the SCD for six months but can’t add in anything because I react to it. I also react to all supplements. I’m completely stuck.

    I suspect I have leaky gut, but how do I stop reacting to everything??? I can’t take supplements or add in new foods to heal my gut.

    Any feedback would be amazing. No doctors seem to have a clue what’s wrong with me.


  28. Avatar

    Thank you for this information on leaky gut, which is what I believe I’m dealing with now. I’ve just experienced the worst time in my life that was kicked off by a round of fluoroquinolone (Cipro). This set up C diff, which I took Flagyl for, setting up even more intestinal issues. I’ve been dealing with this since mid May. I’m much better than I was but still a LONG way from being recovered. I’m 3 wks gluten free, just cut out the dairy, and am about to look at cutting out the eggs. My worst, persistent symptoms are AM loose bowel movements, PM constipated bowel movements, some anxiety, muscle twitching, shaking/vibration, staying asleep, & head wooziness. I have negative tests for ova & parasites, c diff, & h pylori. All T levels tested fine. D is low; taking supplements. Gallbladder & liver are normal function. I’m currently taking digestive enzymes, Glutathione recycler, curcumin, probiotic foods, pro & prebiotic (have a hard time with stomach cramps with probiotics. Tried 3 different kinds), trace minerals drops, aloe vera gel, coconut oil, & therapeutic grade essential oils (topically). I’m still in the process of learning what is happening to my body and how I can recover. Every day is a challenge. If there is another direction I should look into, I would appreciate some guidance or someone to point the way. Thank you!

  29. Avatar

    Great post Jordan! I would like to add one more nutrient that is particularly effective…zinc carnosine! The clinical studies on this material and feedback from practitioners using it has been pretty amazing. Only draw back is it’s slightly expensive 🙁

  30. Avatar

    Hi, can you pls help me, I am so confused about scd. I have been on the diet before for Crohn’s disease and yes it helped. Now years later after following it in a round about way I have so many intolerances, I am sure I am fructose intollerant. I also am glucose and lactose intollerant and can’t eat wheat and many starches due to causing bowels to react, I also have arthritis, just diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and IBS, also believe I am salicaylate intollerant. All the recipes I look at I can’t find any that I can eat that don’t seem to cause headaches. I am going crazy trying to find what to eat. The scd recipes have honey, almond or coconut flours and some nuts. I seem to get headaches from most foods. I feel like I am going totally crazy. I do hope you can offer me some good advice, many thanks.

  31. Avatar

    Hi there,

    I am unsure if this is the right spot to look for help but I need some advising. Hi, my name is Kristen and I am a 19-year-old girl who has been suffering with stomach issues for 8 months now. At first it started with just bloating so I thought nothing of it but when my mom had asked me the last time I had had a BM, I could not remember. At first, I would take Mirolex a couple times a day, and it worked. When it didn’t work, I would use some dulcolex or enemas to get my system moving. Eventually, I bumped up to 4 Mirolex a day and still no BM, and both the enemas and dulcolex stopped working. It’s gotten so bad that one day recently, I had to take 4 mirolex, 4 dulcolex, 4 enemas, and 2 magnesium citrate bottles to eventually have a BM. I’ve seen several docs, upper endoscopy and colonoscopy, and all they have found so far is: high monocyte count, low iron (anemia), low vitamin D, genetic predisposition to celiac disease, extremely long colon, and small section of IBS in my colon. My last GI said to just get on a GF diet (even though I don’t have celiac) and come back in 5 months to see how I am feeling. Well after 3-4 weeks of GF and still losing weight (I am 5’6″ and 105lbs), extremely fatigued, bloated, and constipated, we decided to start the SCD diet. I am on Day 11 and have definitely seen improvements! I had my first BM by myself in 8 months a couple days ago, and it feels great. I am following the constipation protocol with magnesium, betaine HCL, proenzymes, prune juince with OJ, etc and a high dosage of vitamin C to get my bowels moving but at least it’s natural! Now, I still have some concerns. First being that I am unsure of what caused my stomach to get into this mess. I have literally tried all tests and have no idea. I just went to go take a personal lab the other day to check for a milk allergy to see if it was that since no doctor had the brains to do that, so maybe that will be the answer. If it’s not, how important is it to know what caused it? Because I don’t want to get better and then turn into a tailspin again. Secondly, if I start having regular BM’s with all the supplements, should I ever be able to wean off of the supplements? Also, after I have a BM, my stomach still feels all messed up (I haven’t been hungry in 8 months) and I was wondering if it’ll ever go back to normal; maybe its overwhelmed with all the supplements? Lastly, I have researched this diet, read testimonies, the Breaking the Vicious Cycle book, bought Jordan and Steve’s ebook, and I totally believe in what you all are saying. However, like I said I am losing weight at a critical level and cannot function. Furthermore, I am a college student, and I have limited time to get healthy or at least gather some energy to walk to class and study and hopefully have some bit of a social life. Would it be a problem to try to integrate some pureed sweet potatoes or rice? Or maybe speed up the transitions into the different phases? Also, there is no way I can follow this diet into college because I have no time to cook. Any suggestions? I really just want to do all I can to get better and live a normal life. PLEASE HELP JORDAN AND STEVE!!!!!

    • Avatar

      Hi Kristen, sorry to hear that you’re having such a difficult time right now!

      We understand it can be really difficult to take on this diet all by yourself when you’re really busy with something like college. Some people have had great success by outsourcing the cooking of most of their food so they can focus on other things.

      Hang in there and keep choosing health.

  32. Avatar

    I have been diagnosed with leaky gut, candida and irritable bowl syndrome for about a year now. I checked the SCD diet and was disappointed since every meal has meat. Do you think it is possible to heal my health issues with a vegan diet? I could maybe just eat TONS of fruit and vegetables. What do you think?

  33. Avatar

    Hi All.
    I’ve been interested in Health Reform since I was introduced to the SDA people & their Health Message from Ellen G. White. At almost 57 y.o. – I have COMPLETELY lost faith in traditional medicos & medicines. A dear (lady) friend [who I hardly know] was recently diagnozed as having had Parkinson’s Disease (symptoms) for the last 2 years. Researching PD has lead me to this site. Thanks Jordon & Steven !!! In the last 10 years – I’ve developed Alopecea, was diagnozed with Polycythemia, was diagnozed with O.C.P.D. [NOT O.C.D.], had an Inguinal AND a Femoral Hernia repaired (at the same time, on the same side – in 2007), and – to top it all off, had a Heart Attack at age 53, in 2011.

    I’ve avoided Gluten [which I have a mild intolerance to] and Honey & Bananas since the age of 21. The ONLY grains I’ve consumed since then, have been Rice & Corn. My Blood Group says I should avoid Corn !! Potatoes will be going soon.

    Needless to say – I’m taking some prescription medications (including Aspirin) for the Heart, and one drug to kill red blood cells as they’re produced (for the Polycythemia). If the latter is left untreated – it can lead to Leukemia. I have also “improved” my diet, somewhat.

    In late November 2013 – I developed a serious “DIRE-REAR” that lasted 7 weeks. It was debilitating. (NOTE : I’ve been unemployed for over 5 years now). The day I developed that condition – I ceased Alcohol consumption; having had only a few social drinks since then.

    I’m about to have a Fistulotomy (to “cure” a Fistula in Ano problem). I don’t believe “surgery” is “necessary”, BUT – I’m suffering.

    Typical traditional medico’s . . . . . remove the symptom & not the cause !!!!

    Having read through Fred Phillips’ blog, this page on Leaky Gut (both as a result of the news about my friend & her PD diagnosis), has made me more earnest in attempting to regain MY health.

    I, like Fred, believe that Healing can be expedited by Diet (along with proper sleep, etc, etc, etc). ANY part of the body, that is !!! Including Leaky Gut, PD, Food Allergies (I’m severely allergic to Honey & Bananas), etc, etc, etc.

    What is the only organ/part of the body that medico’s say WON’T (isn’t able to) heal itself ?? Is it the Liver or Pancreas ?? NOTHING is mentioned about the BRAIN !!!! I firmly believe that PD can be at least HALTED.

    What I really want to say, is – People . . . . . . PLEASE, strive to effect a cure/relief for your dis-ease NATURALLY. Be it employing the likes of SCD, Paleo Diet, Colonic Irrigations, Fasting, Herbals, Tissue Salts, Bach Flower Remedies, Blood Group Diet principles, correct Food Combining, Yoga, Body Stress Relief/Release, etc, etc, etc – DO IT !!!!

    RELAX !! Grow some Native plants. Feed the Birds. Sit back and WATCH the antics of the birds. Sit back and view the Butterflies, other Insects & Birds, etc that might start living in, or visiting, your garden. KNOW that YOU are doing something POSITIVE to bring a “natural existance” back to NATURE. The rewards you obtain, by doing this sort of thing, have tremendous healing properties.

    You CAN heal yourself !!

    Cheers from Oz. Best wishes to ALL.

  34. Avatar

    I am on the tough case protocol ,re Scd lifestyle leaky gut program ….Am avoiding inflammation foods ie eggs /soy /nuts gluten etc etc ….all to heal a leaky gut and resulting case of psoriasis …..One of the recommended supplements is colostrum …i have had to stop using as it was causing inflammation and irritation to my skin ….be aware that everyone is different …im getting frustrated with spending money on supplements that end up aggravating my condition ….cheers

  35. Avatar

    I believe I have a leaky gut. I struggle with chronic fatigue and chronic pain… I take ibuprofen for the pain but now realize that this may be the cause ironically of the leaky gut. I have tried Aleve but it does not help with the pain… What other choices non-steroid noninflammatories may work for me? Thanks.

  36. Avatar

    More…She was diagnosed with fructose, lactose, dairy and gluten intolerance…but I was letting her have more fruit on the SCD diet. She seems to have even more pain, so I’m guessing that wasn’t a good call. We used to put dextrose on fruit to counteract the fructose (according to the Cleveland Clinic), but I took away the dextrose on the SCD diet. We’re struggling to come up with a diet that fits both SCD and fructose malabsorption. Any thoughts?

  37. Avatar

    My daughter has suffered from abdominal pain on alternating years since 2nd grade. She’s in 6th grade now. Her “attacks” have lasted 6-8 months before she was able to feel somewhat normal. This time around there is no sign of recovery (it’s been 6 months) and she deals with severe pain every day. She was diagnosed with IBS, but diet modification (gluten, dairy and fructose) did not help. Working on doing the SCD diet, but she still is eating a small amount of sugar in ketchup (doesn’t like the home-made version) ranch dressing and Applegate Farms hot dogs and ham. She is also eating quite a bit of fruit. Is it possible that the diet won’t help her if she eats a small amount of sugar? Trying to get her back into school for partial days, but it’s so hard when she feels so poor. Anyone have thoughts?

  38. Avatar

    Accident in 1984, ruptured intestines in 3 places. Was wondering if this would be leaky gut syndrome ? Have all the symptoms mentioned.
    Been diagnosed with Eosinophilic esophagitis(EEOS) difficulty in swallowing. Eosinophilis attack the esophagus causing irritation. Unable to swallow pills of any kind ! Esophageal dilatation done 2 times with little effect.
    Have watched diet to eliminate all culprits and still have symptoms !
    Can organic foods still be GMO foods ???
    Food allergy testing said allergic to : all milk products, egg whites, wheat, oats, bakers yeast, strawberries, peanuts, soy, apples, carrots, potatoes, celery, tomatoes, the list goes on. Will try your diet and see if it helps.
    Suggestions welcomed.

  39. Avatar

    About 2 years ago I dont know what happened to my gut but all of a sudden I couldnt have dairy anymore. I would get bloating and gas whenever I did. Was put on PPIs for about 3-4 months. Stopped them and will hopefully NEVER take them again. Now my symptoms of bloating are returning and I get lots of gas…. I am thinking of either starting SCD or GAPS diet. I know I need to start taking charge and heal myself before it gets out if hand. NOT TO MENTION IVE BEEN HAVING A LOT OF NEUROLOGICAL PROBLEMS 🙁 It started with numbness in hands and feet, and now its getting worse and worse:( Was also very deficient in Vitamin D, and low in B12. Ive just gotten my levels up again. Will these diets put my vitamin d or b12 level at risk??
    Please help! Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  40. Avatar

    I have had this for so long and have given up so many foods I like. The one thing I won’t to know is, does anyone have a cheese substitute? I have tried things from the store (vegan brands) and they still give me a headache and mess with my sinuses.

  41. Avatar

    Hi everyone,

    I have had so many symptoms for 2 years now. The symptoms are gradually getting worse. I live in the Uk and I don’t see much information here. It all started off with weakness, went to the Dr and was told iron levels are at border level. Took iron tablets and it did not help so tested again and was said low B12. So took B12 shots.

    Lately I have been having constant diarrhea, every day for the last 7 months. Dr has no clue. I did a lot of research and finally taught I may have celiacs. Asked the Dr for test and was referred. Blood and biopsy results came back negative(only 2 gut samples were taken).

    I don’t know what to do now as the tests came back negative for celiacs. Do I have leaky gut? Can someone help me point to right direction?

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Left abdominal pain (recently started)
    3. Chest pain
    4. Very weak
    5. Muscle pain
    6. Joint pain.
    7. Sever burning of the eyes
    8. Burning feet and palms
    9. Memory loss (both short and long term)
    10. No energy

    Please help

  42. Avatar

    Please can anyone advise me where I can buy SCD legal supplements in the UK?
    I can easily import them from the USA on various websites but then have to pay import VAT and a customs handling charge which makes them outrageously expensive. Are there any UK distributors? Thanks.

  43. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism about 12 years ago. For the past several years I have been plagued with recurring hives, each time more frequent and more severe. I was tested for allergies and it showed a slight sensitivity to a few things. My DR said I have a Candida Overgrowth, not surprising because my diet was terrible. I have been on a strict Candida diet and total avoidance of the “sensitivity” foods. It’s been 4 weeks and I’m still breaking out in hives. How long before I start to see a difference? The upside is I’ve lost 9 pounds so far!

  44. Avatar

    Thank you for all the info. I struggle alot with LGS. I am on chronic meds for acid/reflux. Certain foods like banana, brown bread, triggers more the burn down under. I have constant burning and “leaking”. I see most of you guys went off dairy and of course sugar… Is this really that bad… I haven’t been for a scope in years, should I go back to the specialist?

  45. Avatar

    THANK YOU all so very much for your posts! They have helped me very much. I have started on a grain free, dairy free diet. Almost a Palio diet and taking L-Glutamine and the other supplements you all have mentioned. My big question is, how long did it take you guys to feel better?? I don’t have any pains in my gut, but I do have brain “sensations” and it is very uncomfortable 🙁 Please feel free to contact me at captkona3@yahoo.com if you have some good advise. God bless you all! Joe

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    This is a very comprehensive article. In my practice, I’ve often run into opposition by colleagues who simply don’t believe this condition exists. In my opinion, leaky gut syndrome is linked with myriad developmental, skin, digestive, and autoimmune disorders. It can be fixed and healed with patience and time. The tips you’ve outlined here are very helpful. Keep up the good work!

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    I have been following this diet for 2 months religiously. I have psoriasis and arthritis. I even got allergy tested so my options are even more limited. My stomach is clearing but the rest of my body seems to be the same skin wise. As for the arthritis it is no better.

  48. Avatar

    I have had candidiasis for a while now.very annoying situation though…I used coco virgin oil.stayed away from all kinds if sweet things and I have been fine…my only problem is now is how to stop my over feeling hot……maybe is the brown rice I eat all the time.but I really wanna feel normal again like others when they say I m cold I m saying I don’t ..
    Any clue??anyone??

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    lawrence sikarskie says:

    BT Toxin GMO class bacillus thuringiensis, this is in the seed itself so when a worm or bug bites into the corn kernal or plant to feed it ingests the bt toxin and it goes into the stomach…of th eworm or bug…and explodes the stomach…we then eat these plants and animals who were raised on this GMO food..now we have leaky gut, Acid re-flux and many other bi-product diseases from BT toxin in our food supply

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    Has anyone ever tried just fasting for a number of days? Would that kill off the bacteria and reduce the inflammation? I realize you’d still have to change what you eat afterwards, but wondering if this would be a good start.

  51. Avatar

    Have you seen an relation between leaky gut and Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome? In reading everything posted, I see strong possibility of a relationship. I am desperate to find something to help my daughter, and with no cure and minimal productive research out there I am hitting a wall. I know it is a rare disease, so if you aren’t familiar with it I totally understand.

  52. Avatar


    My daughter,Amy is two and about four months old.
    She began to get cradle cap around 1 and a half and hair began to fall out by her two year birthday.
    She never grew at the rapid rate many told me to expect but because I am a small person the doctors never told me to be concerned but her weight gain continued to slow down.
    Finally a friend told me that it may be yeast issue since she basically craved pasta, breads, fruit (closest thing to sugar in diet) and milk.
    I decided that a yeast overgrowth made a lot of sense and that it was possibly brought on by the antibiotics she recieved at birth due to me having Strep B but was kept abate becaus I breast fed her until her she was a year old.

    Since then we have gone gluten free and tried to be as organic as possible for someone who is charting new territories in a healthy diet herself!
    We have been giving her probiotics with her almond milk each morning and multi vitamin with iron drops.
    After a very bad detox period she will eat pretty much anything she’s given… But not a lot of weight gain has come or healing to the cradle cap which seems to only return with a Vengence after being treated with coconut oil.

    A nurse practitioner finally ordered blood tests showing she was not anemic, does not have a thyroid issue, and does not have celiac.
    We go to a gi doc. In a couple of weeks but I’m feeling very lost and wonder if anyone will have any answers.

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    Hi all, My name is Brian. I have a few questions regarding Leaky Gut Syndrome & Candidiasis & the various types of treatments available. I have read the book ‘One Cause, Many Ailments’ & found it to be very informative & insightful. Can anyone recommend any other helpful books on Leaky gut and also on Candida Abicans/candidiasis? I’d also like to get some valuable tips from anyone who had any success attempting the more unconventional & not so common forms of treatment but I will get to more of that in a bit.

    I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my struggles thus far.

    I’ve been dealing with Leaky Gut Syndrome probably for some time without even knowing it & Candida overgrowth too. Just recently things got so bad that it literally took over my entire life & completely stopped me from living. Never before in my 38 years on this earth have I ever experienced such incapacitating feelings of absolute horror!

    Wen I First started feeling ‘sick’ I went to my Doctor who took a urine sample, did a few minor checks & gave me a clean bill of health. I thought he wasn’t very thorough but I ignored it & left. Then still felt sick a few days later & a bit worse so I went for numerous scans, blood tests & so on. You name it I got tested for it & tests all came back negative which made me think I was going crazy! You must understand, I’m a big built guy & on the outside I look healthy as can be so Doctors kept saying I have nothing to worry about! This went on for nearly 10 months & I just kept getting worse & worse. Everyone kept telling me I’ve been for every test imaginable so I must be fine but my body & mind told me otherwise.

    Anyway I found a Doctor who specialized in integrative & alternative forms of medicine who said my symptoms could be related to Leaky gut &/or Candidiasis so I was tested and after 2 weeks tests confirmed I have both!

    I always thought there was nothing in life I couldn’t handle. That I would always be able to rise above challenging situations & not let it get the better of me. I am an ex marine, I went through the most extreme training & in the worst conditions imaginable so I am physically strong, extremely tough & always thought I could handle anything but I can’t seem to handle this! It seems impossible!

    Since discovering I have LGS & Candidiasis & the symptoms I’ve been experiencing especially as of late, I just lost all interest in life. I can’t even build up the energy or enthusiasm to play with my little boy & I used to play with him every day after day care. I have since lost my job due to this, my wife is constantly threatening to divorce me(we are currently separated), I never leave the apartment anymore I basically don’t have a life anymore whatsoever. I have been robbed of it thanks to LGS & candidiasis & no one seems to understand what I’m going through & it makes this that much harder to cope with! Just knowing I could lose my wife at any moment causes me so much stress & makes my condition a lot worse.

    I keep getting ‘advice’ from friends & family on how to deal with this but no one I know has dealt with this before so how can they think they know what they’re talking about or what I’m going through?? I know they have good intentions but when I tell them their advice or tips does not work or help my situation they think I’m just being difficult or unreasonable & this infuriates me!!!

    Even my family doesn’t really support me through this because they think I’ve turned into this evil monster who wants nothing to do with them & that’s the furthest thing from the truth! I was always full of life & the one constantly cracking jokes but now I am the complete opposite. I have started treatment & I know I will get better but it doesn’t make things any easier for me.

    I’ve read about & spoken to so many people online who went through this, overcame it & had the support of their loved ones but my own wife can’t understand how I can let this affect our marriage. Like I would do that intentionally! I have done everything for her, helped her through a serious drug addiction just 2 years ago when no one wanted anything to do with her & now that I’m sick all she does is complain that I’m not there for her & our boy. When she was battling addiction she wanted to be left alone but I stuck by her & when I bring that up she says I can’t compare what I have to the addiction she had. She claims my situation isn’t as serious as hers was! I can’t believe she would say something like that! All I expect from her is to try & understand like I did & be patient with me & allow me to deal with this & not make everything about her! It’s going to take time but I will get better. & when I do I will spend time with her again doing romantic things but right now that’s the last thing on my mind because of how dreadful I feel on most days. I can’t force myself to feel happy no matter what anyone thinks. It’s just not possible.

    I learned a lot about Leaky gut so far but the way I understand it is that food particles leak through the gut & into the blood stream causing the immune system to spring into full on attack mode. This causes a variety of symptoms which may vary from person to person. My symptoms vary from time to time but include overwhelming fatigue, itchiness in the face/neck, major anxiety/depression, feeling cold, pins & needles, muscle weakness, severely itchy skin, tremors/muscle twitches & a few other symptoms. Candidiasis alone can give you most of the symptoms I mentioned & lots more. The main thing I can’t get a grip on is how severely my mood & state of mind is affected & how awful & hopeless it makes me feel!

    When this all occurs I can’t do anything, I just have to wait until it fades away. It’s not just a matter of changing my attitude or finding fun things to do like so many people tell me to do because that doesn’t work! Are you kidding me? It takes over my mind and body & no amount of focus can alter the physical & mental hell I endure during the course of these episodes! I simply have to lay still until I feel better & that sometimes takes a few hours. That’s all I can do but people seem to think I’m allowing this to control my life. I’m not allowing it to, it’s doing it all on its own, I don’t have a say in the matter FFS!!

    I get these symptoms on & off generally after eating & I’ve learned it’s because of multiple food sensitivities developed from having a leaky gut. When I’m in bed at night especially after about 9pm I basically never get any of these symptoms. It makes a lot of sense as my last meal I eat is around 5pm so by 6pm my food will have been digested. If I experience any symptoms after that then it stops after a few hours & I don’t eat any more after that so no more symptoms because I haven’t eaten again. So usually after 9pm I am almost guaranteed to not experience any episodes unless of course I eat something. I never do though. Too risky.

    I don’t experience symptoms all the time & every day. I do go through occasional days with no bad symptoms but it’s still hard to get out because I know my symptoms come at random times & so unexpectedly & the only place I want to be when I get them is at the apartment so I permanently stay there. Again-no one understands this because they don’t have to worry about having these nasty episodes in the middle of a dinner or movie, I do, so how can they give advice on something they personally know nothing about?

    I have tried to continue working & tried to get out at times when I felt okay enough but I so often got my symptoms while being out & it sometimes turned into what can only be described as a full blown panic attack which seriously freaked me out! Other times while being out or at my job I didn’t get the panic attacks but the symptoms would be so extreme that I just had to leave & get to the apartment & into my bed because I felt if I didn’t I would just lose all control. That’s the anxiety which I also can’t control. At those particular moments, it didn’t matter where I was or what I was doing, all I knew is I needed to get to the apartment & I needed to get there fast! Again, no one understood how any type of symptom could cause me to need to get to my apartment & away from everyone but to me it’s the only place I felt I could go to feel a bit of relief.

    Of course I lost my job & that’s something I have to deal with but there was no way I could continue to function with my symptoms being that severe. I just had to accept that fact. No one will understand it & I try to accept that too but it’s difficult. All everyone says is how can I allow myself to lose my job or neglect my wife & my little boy! No matter how many times I try to explain it or how many different ways I try, no one ever tries to believe me or at least attempt to understand how this all really affects me & others out there!

    Makes me so freakin mad that no one gets it or even attempts to be more understanding of what I tell them! It’s as if everyone thinks I’m making all of this up & wanted to lose my job & cause my wife to move out with our little boy. The only people who understand are fellow sufferers & I am grateful for meeting them online. Makes me feel like I’m not crazy & I’m not alone & just knowing others out there can relate to what I’m going through helps immensely.

    I am already noticing some slight improvements & a reduction in the severity of my symptoms due to the treatment plan I’m on so I am feeling good about that. I would like to know if anyone has tried any unconventional methods that have helped with recovery in both Candidiasis & leaky gut? There are so many different methods, a lot of conflicting info but a lot of people with success stories too. Some who I have already been in contact with. I’m always open to new ideas. Any tips or advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance & thanks for reading my story. I am willing to listen to & offer support to anyone who needs it. I feel we can all help each other even if in just a small way, it all helps.

    Sincerely Brian

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      You should read up on corn allergies and intolerances. It is very hard to avoid corn with all of its derivations but worth it. It sure sounds like you may be having a corn reaction.

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      Brian, my heart goes out to you and your family. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. I had to reply because your situation sounds so much like mine. My body was out of control and I couldn’t understand why – physically, mentally, and emotionally. After lots of reading and elimination diets, I got better, but then I’d feel bad again. I kept eliminating foods, and although I’m not at 100%, I am SO much better in every way. Definitely had leaky gut! I had to eliminate everything, except veggies, fruits, chicken and fish. I also had to eliminate all nightshade vegetables. There are still a few veggies and fruits that caused me problems. (I learned what they were from the Blood type diet)…. made a huge difference. It’s hard and boring because it is my diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. But once you’ve suffered through that kind of misery, once you find something that works, you just tend to stick to it. IT IS NOT IN YOUR HEAD, and my heart goes out to you for not having a firm support system. The one thing my naturopathy doctor/herbalist taught me that helped a ton was to give up exercise for a while (that was tough!), but I found that it helped. Your body needs the energy to repair itself. If you use all of your energy exercising, your problem will take much longer to resolve. Also stress is your enemy – mental, emotional and physical!! You have to find ways to relax, allow your body to heal itself with the proper nutrition and supplements. My doctor does phone and email consults. She finally help me to rid my body of all of the pain killers that my medical doctors had me on. The brain fog and depression lifted, the inflammation and pain are 90% better and I never thought I’d feel this good again. Let me know if you are interested in speaking with her.. (the most knowledgeable human being I know). Never give up! Keep reading and researching. You can get better. Find a naturopathic doctor/herbalist! Seeking help from the medical doctors in my community was a waste of time and prolonged my suffering. You’ll be a better husband, father and employee when you become a better you. Take this time and heal yourself. Everybody else (including you) will notice the difference. All my best!!

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    Anonymous sufferer says:

    Can anyone explain to me how alcohol affects a leaky gut? Some experts say that 1 or 2 drinks are okay, others say it must be avoided completely. Then some say clear distilled vodka is okay if having 1 or 2 and others say whiskey is also okay but not other dark spirits. Its all so confusing. Also if a person does have 1 or 2 drinks is there anything they can take before and or after to prevent or lessen any harm to a leaky gut? I don’t plan on drinking but if I do I at least want to know the risks involved if any.

  55. Avatar

    Every time I use the protocol to get rid of systemic candida it causes my severe psoriasis to be an understatement. My skin feels like it turns inside out, cracking, bleeding, painful and raw. How can I heal the gut without causing this to happen. I have gone 4 attempts at this, and so painful. What can I do?

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          Hi Kelly, thanks for your questions! Sorry for any confusion we might have caused… was not our intention. Leaky gut is definitely a tough subject. It’s important to address the issue from a Functional Medicine perspective, in that the hormones and detox pathways in most cases need to be supported while trying to heal the gut. I would suggest registering for the webinar, where we give the steps to healing your gut and keep it that way. We also have various posts on these subjects on our site if you’re interested. Hope that helps!

  56. Avatar

    These replies are not doing anyone any good because the site moderators are not responding back to most of the comments. It would create good discussion if this were a discussion board but unfortunately these posts are replies to the article. Is there a a discussion board where users can post their stories, feedback and assistance on this site anywhere?


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    This page builds a good foundation, but I think there is a lot missing that would prevent some people with leaky gut from conclusively “curing” themselves.

    First, I’m surprised that there is no recognition here that the dysbiosis may often NOT be candida. There is a lot of overlap between symptoms and treatment of yeast vs. bacterial dysbiosis, but not completely. During a flare-up of my leaky gut symptoms a few years ago, it wasn’t until I integrated a product called SilverCillin into my anti-dysbiotic routine that I finally was able to kill off the gut infection completely. While I had it, even at a low level, it kept re-aggravating my gut lining and I simply could not heal, despite following a very paleo/SCD diet. This was very pernicious because I could reduce it to the point of almost not being noticeable at times, based on the rotation of herbal dysbiotics. It could then be easily “set off” again, leading to a full outbreak of gut and body-wide symptoms (in my case running the gamut from general crappy feeling to chronic fatigue, brain fog, systemic rheumatoid arthritis, lower back pain and subluxation to the point of severe nerve pinches, anxiety/nervousness, and poor healing/recovery).

    Second, I think to completely characterize leaky gut and know how to cure it, you need to understand and integrate more the effect of adaptive intolerances and allergies.

    Case in point: despite following the strategies discussed here to the letter, I’ve had a lengthy symptomatic period stemming from my flare-up two years ago (caused by antibiotics of course), and I’ve pinned the reason for that down to immunity and intolerance which developed DURING the lengthy “leaky” phase.

    In specific, food intolerances may get so out of control because of a “primed” immune system that one pretty much cannot eat according to ANY pre-set dietary plan — one instead needs an ALCAT-type food intolerance test in hand whenever sitting at the table, since the food intolerances (really a type of allergy) will be unique to the person. I found this to be the case and got great relief when eating according to my own test results (which need to be repeated every 3 months because the intolerances will change as your system adapts).

    Another hazard related to this is chemical intolerances. In my case I discovered that I was having a problem with any foods with sulfites (wine, vinegar, sulfited fruits and shredded coconut, pickled goods, veggies like broccoli and onions, etc.), ergo, the foods themselves were less the issue than the sulfites! A little research shows this related to a disabled enzyme that converts sulfite to sulfate (which the body actually needs). This seems to be a poorly-understood area: leaky gut leading to SECONDARY enzyme dysfunction, which then leads to chemical sensitivites, which cause inflammation and nutrient malabsorbtion — both of which exacerbate leaky gut!

    So in my case I got instant relief when I began avoiding sulfites and started to get sulfates through supplements and Epsom salt. Never seen any mention of this in connection with leaky gut, but I keep coming across people with the same symptoms!

    Finally, while probiotics are great, there is the potential for probiotic intolerances/allergies! The basic fact simply stands that a leaky gut can heighten intolerance or allergy to pretty much ANYTHING present in the gut, and that includes “good” bacteria. I have seen this mentioned before but I pretty much had to establish that this can actually happen from experience. I had noticed that probiotics which were initially very good for me (eliminated virtually all if not all symptoms) actually could TRIGGER symptoms when I went back to them after a while. Most recently I’ve found that probiotic blends containing only anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine strains seem to always be helpful or at least benign, but when I try blends containing certain strains (like l. casei — which is known to be inflammatory), I instantly get a flare-up of autoimmune symptoms. (Dave Asprey’s post “Why Yogurt and Probiotics Make you Fat and Foggy” was a page I found to be a very useful guide in this… though I reacted negatively to the “Amasai” product he recommends).

    Currently I suspect my own gut is near completely “healed” after heeding the above, but that because of the learned immune sensitivity, I can still easily “flare up” and get a regression of overall symptoms. It may take 6-12 months for that to go away. However, some of the enzyme deficiencies may be in-born and actually lead to the propensity for leaky gut (in my case this may actually include MTHFR mutation, leading to inadequate sulfate enzymes generally, requiring continual supplementation. Many others may share this issue).

    But the way, most of the advice on this page is great, though I am surprised to see no mention of magnesium or molybdenum. If everyone could take just one micronutrient supplement for not only leaky gut but general health, it would be magnesium. Molybdenum is a trace element often neglected, but key in many enzymatic reactions throughout the body (for example the sulfite->sulfite conversion mentioned above).

    If anyone wants to contact me to discuss any of the above, please do! I am semi-actively doing my own lay research in this area, and would love to compare notes. acarangigng AT gmail.

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    What is the debate on coconut water? Coconut is allowed but since the water is derived from the young coconut is this similar to eating an unripe banana? Too much sugar and starch? I feel good when I drink it but don’t want to intake the wrong sugar thinking I”m doing something positive. I’m in phase 1 going to phase 2 (3 weeks into diet) in the process of trying to figure out my issues: Possible adreanal fatigue (overuse of fitness stimulants and stress), IBC-C other issues still looking for a dr to help wrap my arms around what is going on–haven’t really been well since I had my baby a year ago. I”m used to being a very fit, active and viberant woman. I suffer from brain fog and dull headaches on top of this now. Have a cup of bulletproof coffee in the AM with a bit of grassfed butter and coconut oil but in the PM coffee doesn’t help but Coconut water seems to assist in the afternoon with hydration and energy levels. Typically drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily now that I’ve removed all pre workout drinks and thermos that I have cycled for way to long. Not intaking a lot of fruit. Since I don’t have D I have been adding the green veggies in 1 every 3 days or so so I’m moving through phase 1 quickly. Will start youghart in 2 weeks. Feedback on thoughts regarding coconut water if it’s truely legal. Not seeing any specifics on the sites.

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    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something that
    I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and
    extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try
    to get the hang of it!

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    I am very confused about our guts. I was diagnosed with systemic mastocytosis. Too many mast cells. It causes a lot of the descriptions listed here. Any corolation? Wonder if this diet would help me. I sound like everyone here.

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    I just had both my daughter and I tested for leaky gut. Involved sending blood serum in a tub via UPS to Arizona from Pennsylvania. Seems a bit weird that it will not go bad by the time they test it and how do they test it? Anyway, I’m pretty sure I suffer from leaky gut and she may too at age 20. I have always had terrible bloating, in fact, I bloat so big, I look 8 months pregnant. I have been using Digestive Enzymes for about a year now, but still bloating and realize I may need to use Betaine HCL after meals due to low stomach acid also. I have been doing some things right, but not everything needed to repair the leaky gut, it seems. Finally found a functional medical doctor (chiropractor) to help, but he charges a fortune for his services regarding the tests, results, consulations etc.

  62. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan,

    I know I have leaky gut although not formally diagnosed with it. Back in 2008 I had a positive Klebsiella (4+) test result and was told that was “normal as long as it doesn’t get outside your intestines”. What do you think of that? I have many food intolerances and almost daily diahrrea, gas, and bloating. I’d like to retest for the Klebsiella……do you know if the Metametrix 2105 test covers that? And if so, do you know of any website where I can order the test myself?
    I know your are both very busy but I’d so appreciate just a quick answer,
    Thank you!

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    Lori Niemtschk says:

    Yes, leaky gut is allowing for all these things to escape into our bloodstream, causing inflammation, autism, autoimmune disease, cancers…
    but what is causing the leaky gut to begin with???
    “Many of the health problems now linked with Bt crops have risen exponentially since their introduction to the market. The fact that the toxin is flowing through your bloodstream and passing from pregnant women to their babies is a strong warning that Bt crops cannot be considered harmless. Additionally, government-sponsored research in Italy11 showed a wide range of problematic responses in mice fed Bt corn, including multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease and multiple forms of cancer.

    A study in February 2012 demonstrates that Bt toxin does break open the little pores in human cells, so it could potentially cause the same problem in your gut as it does for the insects it kills.

    Consuming Bt corn or soy could potentially cause gut permeability (“leaky gut”), which can predispose you to all sorts of health problems.

    Your gut is the frontline of your immune system. When your gut lining is too permeable, or “leaky,” larger bits of food can pass directly into your blood, undigested, triggering food allergies and intolerances. Children are particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of leaky gut and dysbiosis (imbalance in natural flora, which is critical for their health).

    Studies also suggests eating Bt corn might actually turn your intestinal flora into a “living pesticide factory,” essentially manufacturing Bt-toxin from within your digestive system on a continuous basis. For decades now, people have been eating these frankenfoods, and allergies have been on the rise. In fact, five million children now suffer from food allergies…” @ http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/09/15/genetic-roulette-gmo-documentary.aspx
    Scientists already know and they are trying to get the word out. Check some facts, read some references:
    1 CDC
    2 Autism Today
    3 CDC
    4 Mayo Clinic
    5 CDC
    6 UPI February 2008
    7 GMO Journal June 21, 2012
    8 The Atlantic June 19, 2012
    9 GMO Myths & Truths June 2012
    10 ReprodToxicol May 2011
    11 J Agric Food Chem December 10, 2008

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    Thank you for such a great explanation of LGS. I have been diagnosed with LGS and candida overgrowth after 7 years of extensive testing, surgeries, and procedures. My holistic doctor, who found the LGS and candida, has put me on a regimen of probiotics, s. bourlardii, and l-glutamine. Have you had any experience with these? Any known side effects? There isn’t a lot of info online and I’m TERRIFIED it’ll kill my stomach even more. I’m taking a probiotic and been following the SCD very strictly. I have not cheated. I believe I have an almond flour intolerance. You think s. boulardii and l- glutamine will be ok?

    Thanks for the info. I’m one scared, sick girl!

  65. Avatar

    Hi guys I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance 8 years ago and have many autoimmune issues. OFf and on for the last year i have had short bouts of nausea. Then 6 weeks ago I started vomiting once and a while after dairy and sugar and it just got worse. I was diagnosed with sibo a month ago. My natural doc an reg doc took a while to figute out antibiotics i should do and how much. Anyway while they figured that out I had already taken out dairy and sugar (except honey) and was doing great after a week of that. I felt good on gf df bread, meat, veggies, eggs and a little fruit plus small amounts of brown rice. Also almond butter was ok. Then a week ago I started my meds and also started the scd diet totally cutting out grains all together. I was told by my doc since i did so well just cutting dairy and sugar that i could skip the intro. (also during my half asssed scd i was also eaiting a bit of dairy free dark chocolate without much pain). Ok so a week ago I started diet but no intro. I have not cheated once. For first 3 days I had terrible low blood sugar ( i am hypoglycemic ) and lots of dizziness. My tummy was decent though. By 4th day tummy decent and less blood sugar issues. (craved garins like crazy first fe days). Then 5th day I felt amazing. No low blood sugar for first time in years and tummy amazing. I was so excited. Then that night i had some butternut squash baked wiht just salt and pepper. I felt sick right after eating it and threw up a couple hours later. I could not believe it. I felt bad all of day 6 and started to get better at nihgt. I decided to make coconut flour blueberry muffins( blueberries were going well). I felt kinda babd after those and then stupidly at another 2 on day 7. AFter eating those two on day secven i had terrible pain and the only thing i could handle last night was chicken and veggies. I hate some cashews and blueberries for snack later on(those had been fine all along). They made me sick. I woke today day 8 and had eggs and had tummy pain for hours. I ate a piece of chicken and had pain. I just ate a turkey patty and it has gone down better than others but still in constant pain. What is going on? Why would i feel worse and be reacting to things i was not reacting to when i was still doing rice? Did the coconut flour cause inflamation so i am getting sick with everything? I about to start over and do the soup. I am so scrared and freaked out and I am wasting away. Thin to start with! help! STarted the soup/ meat /carrot thing today. Everything is making me want to throw up and causing me immediate pain (even the soup) in upper abdomen.

  66. Avatar

    I was just wondering if you could clarify a few things about the SCD diet? It allows vegetables and fruit with a high starch & fructose content e.g. carrots and bananas. Is this not contradictory to feeding the associated candida? If so, what other vegetables/fruit can substitute for it?
    I also wondering if vegetables that contain high amounts of fibre like onions and cabbage worsen the effect on Leaky Gut Syndrome, initially

    Many Thanks

  67. Avatar

    My daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder 7 years ago. Her lab work still comes back high with the IGG, IGA and IGM. Her Sed rate is also high, as well as her antibody titer, and SSA and SSB titers. She has food sensitivities to gluten/wheat/barley/and other foods. She is high in Candida. I would love to know if we could get her numbers down by the SCD diet? If we could I would be hopeful that she could get off her medication. Thank you.

  68. Avatar

    Thanks for the very informative article guys, makes me feel like I’m not alone in this.

    I’ve been on the SCD for 3 months and have seen improvement, but I have a major problem with anything fatty. I get bad gas and bloating after eating anything with even a little fat (i.e. chicken, pork, beef, fat). If I say, eat trimmed chicken breast then I’m generally OK, but fatty parts of the animal cause a horribly smelly gas. Could this be leaky gut?

    I feel like I can’t move on the diet and advance (i.e. yoghurt and cheese cause the same reaction) until I get over this problem… do you have any recommendations? Any help much appreciated.


  69. Avatar

    Hi there,

    I need some help. I was diagnosed with leaky gut two months ago and I still have all these reactions. My skin has cleared up and I’m less emotional but in the morning and at night I get severe brain fog, depression, and achey all over my body. I’m only eating about six things right now so I’m always tired, but then when I eat my stomach is always upset. Right now I’m eating celery kale zucchini green beans hemp protein and rice protein. What can I do to live my life and not have these symptoms all day? Is this normal to just go through this until I’m healed? I currently take a probiotic and then digestive enzymes and betaine every time I eat. How do I know that I’m healing? I’ve taken the food sensitivity tests so I know exactly what to avoid. Any advice would be wonderful as I start feeling hopeless sometimes. Thank you;)

  70. Avatar

    Hi there, My partner has been suffering from what we think might be leaky gut/ candida issues. Over the past serval years he has developed allergic reactions to several types of fruits, nuts and wheat. He also has constant bloating and gas and general experience of fatigue. We recently started trying for a family and found out that he is sterile and his hormones are out of whack. Is it possible that the fertility issues may be connected to the leaky gut issue? Just curious if this is a potential link and something you have come across.

  71. Avatar

    Found an osteopath in msp,,,, he thinks I have low stomach acid and suggested I try Now HCL. I judt can’t shake this sore throat and gland soreness, achey liver and now urinary pressure. Have gotten to the point after years of dealing with this that I have major concerns there is something seriously wrong with me.

  72. Avatar

    I switched to non gmo diet (All organic), clay detox twice per day and fiber twice per day and i feel lile a new person. My eaky gut got so bad that i finally said it must be cance. Thank god a customer raught me about gmos and gave me the detox, fiber and digest enzyme. Ive never felt better!

  73. Avatar
    "am I going crazy?" says:

    A couple of years ago I was under such stress at work that I would have to go to my car to calm down and would feel like I was going to faint, heart pounding, etc. Changed jobs, then about a year ago, I started to have the same symptoms, faint, heart pounding, sweaty, cold and add to that dull head ache, aching horribly all over, pain in my left side and then the urge to have a BM, along with a rash and hives on my neck, chest and upper body.. Had every test known to man, cat scan, ultra sound, 24 hr. urine test, barium swallow, test for lulpus and IVP. Still have the symptoms, and nothing can be found that is wrong with me. I think I may have leaky gut since this started back after i was on a round of antibiotics and steriods fora rash. Since no medical person can help me, I need to help myself. Those with experience of leaky gut, do you think this is what I may be suffering. Milk, flour,sugar….seem to react to all these, immediately, or even two to three days after. thanks for your help!

    • Avatar

      Hey “am I going crazy?” – I have been having very similar symptoms for about 2 months now. Went to the Doctor and my complete blood count, kidneys, liver, proteins, enzymes, were all great. My hemoglobin was a bit high but nothing to worry about. Had a stool test and everything was fine there as well. I get the fast heartbeat and a pressure in my head feeling. For the first 6 weeks my stomach and intestines hurt quite a bit to where I could not eat anything. I just did juices and bananas. I did not get rashes or hives at all. The weirdest feeling is the pressure in the head. I’ve also lost weight and have been tired. My stomach does not hurt as much at all but I still get the head pressure thing. I hear that the pressure in the head comes from food particles and bad bacteria getting into your blood. Have you figured anything out that helps?

      Thanks –

    • Avatar

      Research and go on the Paleo Diet. Get and read the book The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. It does transform your life. I’ve been on this food plan for 8 months and feel it saved my life. I went to a homeopathic dr after being hospitalized three different times with sky highB/P, headaches for many years, had parasites and acute colitis, and leaky gut. I was put on good oils and the paleo way of living. My B/P is normal and I feel great. I will be on the paleo the rest of my life, lots of cookbooks and online recipes. Good luck and God Bless.

  74. Avatar

    I love digestive enzymes…can’t stay “regular” without them. I would like to mention that I had to try several different brands before I found one that works for me. The 1st 3 brands I tried gave me a horrible itchy rash on my palms. After looking at the ingredients, the 3 enzymes I tried ALL had ginger in them. So I looked for an enzyme mix without ginger – lo & behold, no rash! Now that I’ve found ones that work for me I’m a happy camper. Thanks guys for doing such an awesome job of keeping us all informed!

  75. Avatar

    Hi, what about Kirkman’s complete enzymes (plant based)? They’re fairly hypoallergenic…but do contain maltodextrin. I can’t take hcl or fungal enzymes like enzymedica though and seriously need digestive help. The maltodextrin is corn based but they said it doesn’t contain the proteins of corn?

  76. Avatar

    I have had a history of chronic constipation then four rounds of episodes last year of flares where my food was passing through undigested. I was sent to a GI Dr, that gave me the hydrogen breath test and I tested positive for SIBO. They told me I should seek holistic methods and that they really don’t know what to do with the diet part, they did put me on Fodmap. Now going to a chiropractor who has me on hundreds of dollars of suuplements and skakes from Metagenics. Also told me to stay away from top 8 allergens. Stomach pain is better but still not gone….other symptoms arising after 4 weeks on this program are sore throat that wont go away, chest tightness and burning, don’t know ehat to eat……and now caught strep throat. So confused on what to eat and why is there so much controversy on food …what testing would you suggest for me? Looking for an osteopath in Minneapolis. Thanks, Gina.

  77. Avatar

    My spouse and i got so glad when Michael could round up his preliminary research because of the ideas he came across from your very own
    web site. It’s not at all simplistic to simply continually be giving away techniques which the rest could have been trying to sell. And we also understand we now have the blog owner to be grateful to for that. The most important illustrations you’ve made, the easy blog
    menu, the relationships you aid to instill – it’s got many impressive, and it’s really assisting
    our son and our family reckon that this concept is cool, and that’s extraordinarily essential. Many thanks for the whole thing!

  78. Avatar

    Steven — what are your thoughts regarding Leaky Gut Syndrome and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in corn, sugar and soy products in addition to processed foods? Could these GMO food items be linked with LGS?

  79. Avatar

    Hello All,

    I am really hoping someone out there can help me, as my body has been in bad shape physically, mentally, & emotionally for many years.

    The specialists that I have seen, both medical & natural alike, are all stumped at what exactly is going on as a whole. I have had various tests over the years showing digestive sensitivities, Candida in my blood, neuro-transmitters crittically low, amino acid deficiencies/surplus, organic acid deficiencies, causing to anxiety & depression.

    Treatment however is the problem, because it seems I am unable to tollerate taking most vitamins & minerals without it triggering anxiety & significant stomach upset. I am also not able to take digestive enzymes containing protease nor broken down amino acid supplements to help get the building blocks necessary to heal this.

    I am guessing this is related to my intestinal lining although haven’t done the formal liquid test for it due to costs & fear of discomfort from the liquid.

    Does anyone understand what I am going through & have advice to get through this very rough time? How do I bridge this to get to where I can feel in charge of my health?

    Thank you,
    Adam W

    • Steven Wright

      I’d start with what you can control the foods you eat. I’d be eating a ton of highest quality seafoods, grass fed organ meats and fermented foods I could. Get out in the sun a lot and reduce stress daily. If you want more support then 1-on-1 consulting would be the best place for us to help you.

  80. Avatar

    Been diagnosed with IBS after several hard hitting rounds of antibiotics back to back to back. My oily smooth skin on my face is now dry, I can peel small flakes of skin off every morning, super huge pores, and an overall reddened blotchy (looks like alot of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, left over from acne) and I am getting congested pores and small pimples with the occasional large red inflamed one. My digestion has gone to shit, and my stomach is always making noise, especially after I eat….ANYTHING. My doctor is useless and just said it was IBS and dismissed it as that.

    I have no idea what’s going on, but I suspect candida.

    So here’s my plan

    Low carbs/sugar diet

    Candida Cell wall suppressor
    SF722 (10-Undecenoic acid)
    Fungal defense
    Now Foods Candida clear
    Now Foods Astaxanthin
    Some sort of “azole” drug…MAYBE (modern medicine got me into this mess)

    Intramax all in one, liquid organic multivitamin

    Dr Ohhira probiotic original formula
    Probiota 12 powder

    Bios beauty probiotic face wash
    Bios beauty probiotic refining stick
    SpaBoutique Probiotic mask

    I’m going to hit this from as many angles as I can, as I’ve only had this for maybe 6 months, so I feel my chances are good.

    Please review these items as my doctor thinks he’s the full book of all human knowledge, and somehow is quite useless…

    Thoughts, advice, suggestions appreciated, as that’s why I’m here


  81. Avatar

    Wow – so glad someone shared this on FB. Inquiring minds want to know how many with leaky gut were formula fed, and did their mothers put cereal (rice usually) into their formula to “help them sleep?” Having working with autistic children, many of whom have leaky gut, that has sometimes been the case… pediatrician suggests a little rice cereal in the formula. But, baby guts have LARGE openings because mother’s milk molecules are LARGE. But when the rice cereal gets added to the formula, guess what…. that foreign substance actually creates a ‘high’ in the baby’s brain! No wonder he sleeps! And no wonder so many have allergies later in life! Sad. let’s remember what the universe/nature/mother nature provides for us and stop thinking we can do better!

  82. Avatar

    Love the article. Just wondering if your SCD diet would help my daughter with her Gastroparesis. They want her to try a FODMAP diet but there are foods she can’t have on the Gastroparesis diet that she can have on theFODMAp diet and the other way around. No red meats or Veggies. That will kill her. Wondering what your thought is on this?

  83. Avatar
    Tonya Covert says:

    I just read your article on Leaky gut and it describes my 18 year old daughters symptoms. She has been sick since she was a child but seriously sick the last 4 years.
    The only symptom she has that you have not mentioned is vomiting. She is nauseous all the time and vomits almost every day. She has taken Advil, aleve and Tylenol for headaches a lot. As a young child she was allergic to eggs, wheat, dairy and dairy protein. At about age 12 she was tested and we were told those allergies were not present but a slight allergy to peanuts was present. Last year she had her gallbladder removed. That did not solve the problem. She is in constant pain. Has Headaches, back pain, vomits and is nauseous all the time. I(mom) have celiac, my mother had celiac of the skin, my sister and her daughter have celiac and my husbands nephews and niece have food allergies and celiac. We put Our daughter on gluten free diet and it did not help. We are going to Cleveland Clinic on March 4th. I will ask about this. Is vomiting a symptom.
    Tonya covert

  84. Avatar
    Nancy Heitschmidt says:

    I am making the yogurt the first time and cannot determine if I am to strain the yogurt before cooling it for eight hours or after. I have read the instructions multitudinous times. 🙁
    Thank you.

  85. Avatar

    Hi – this website is amazing and full of great information, thank you!

    I have had IBS for over 20 years (constipation type) and last year I got sick whilst travelling and ended up with ecolli infection in my bladder. Since returning home I have had numerous Urinary Tract Infections and nothing seems to be working. My naturopath has me on a gluten/dairy/alcohol free program for 3 weeks (I’m halfway) due to suspected Leaky Gut. Do you think your diet would help and should I start now or after my 3 week ‘detox’ is over.


    • Steven Wright

      @Gail I think SCD will help, just start it after your 3 weeks are done. If you’ve been dealing with IBS for 20 years it’s highly likely that you have some kind of root cause problem like a gut infection or hormone dysregualtion.

  86. Avatar

    Hi Guys! I had never heard of Leaky Gut before yesterday, when I happen to overhear a bit of discussion on “The Dr. Oz Show”. My 6 year old daughter has been struggling for the last 5 years. It started at age 1 with a life-threatening case of head-to-toe severe hives. This was followed by many doctors, allergists and tests. Initially, she had a mild positive allergy test to tree nuts which the doctors thought had caused her hives (I knew that she had not eaten any). Further testing showed signs of inflammation which equaled autoimmune disorder – but no one could ever tell me WHY? She continues to have hives periodically and “itches” quite often. About 18 months ago, she started to have urinary issues – inability to empty her bladder completely and dripping after urination. After seeing more doctors and urologists and having more tests, they concluded that she is “holding” feces in her intestines which is causing her urinary issues. She doesn’t seem to be constipated, but she does have a lot of gas and complains of stomach aches almost everyday. The only solution that the doctors have offered has been to put her on Rx strength laxatives. This is a long post to ask you: do these symptoms sound familiar to you? Could this be LGS? I’m confused by all the different symptoms that folks seem to have here. Help?

  87. Avatar

    I was watching Dr. Oz yesterday and the subject was leaky gut syndrome. I was amazed what they were saying as I felt they were talking about me. I had Roux-enY Gastric bypass surgery in 2005,I weighed 261 lbs. the day of surgery,after 1 1/2 years I was down to 168 pounds. I was feeling terriffic with the weight off. I would sometimes get yeast infections and be treated with diflucan. When the surgery was done it seemed to cure my GERD as well.The last 3 years I have put back on 30 lbs. But I noticed I feel extremely exhausted physically I make it through the work day as a cook only because I have too…When I am home I have like no energy it is different tiredness than before I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, with that it was a sleepy tired. I have been on Synthroid and am stable so far with that.I also Has Ehrlicciosis in the past and was treated with antibiotics. I mention these because I have been going nuts trying to figure out where this extreme exhaustion is rooted. The Lyme has not come back and the thyroid is ok,so I am trying to find what all my symptoms add up too. Leaky gut seems the most logical to me. My symptoms are these: exhaustion,awful smelly bowel movements,and gas,I also feel bloated after eating to the point I can appear pregnant, I puke from icecream and can have acid reflux again I also cannot eat cereal with milk,makes me puke. I noticed swelling in my ankles. I also feel depressed and can cry easily. I have to say too that I havent had alcohol in 19 years when I went into recovery for that I feel I have gotten hooked on carbs-I crave them like an addict I recently gave up drinking Monster energy drinks(I used drink up to 4 or more a day)I was hooked on those drinks for a couple years to combat the tiredness and keep me awake and moving. I mentioned to my fiancee I felt good the other morning just having fruit for breakfast.(sorry For rambling) I am just at such a low point right now and want to help myself,I feel I need to do something because I can’t handle this anymore…something on the news or in a magazine or talked about with other people confuses me and I don’t know what is the right thing to do to feel better,seeing this subject on Dr.Oz gave me that A-ha moment. Can anybody reply with any suggestions?I would very much appreciate it.

  88. Avatar

    Hi, I have had Crohns Dis. for 20 years, 2 bowel resections, remicade which caused lupus symdrome, more steroids than I want to think about and now on humira. I tried the SCD diet shortly after I was diagnosed and became sicker than I had ever been and after several months had to stop. The gas and pain were too much. I became very sick again after my last re-section. Severe pain after the first bowel movement of the day. Many, many trips to the emergency room and my GI guy telling me that there are only a few signs of the disease….and that my problems after bowel movements are not Crohns related. I am a very sick, very frustrated person. I don’t know where to turn. Connie

  89. Avatar

    Thank you for the information ,it was a great help I”m going to try it and I will see if it will take all my joint pain and stiffness .I never heard of this illness but I hope a lot of people will get educated about it.

  90. Avatar

    This is an outstanding article. Thank you for the detailed description of leaky gut, and all the problems that result from this condition. I understand the reasons behind the food allergies so much better now. Since becoming sick, I have lost far too much weight. I am thrilled to know that I may very well be able to eat these foods again, once the gut is healed and sealed. This will also facilitate the weight gain. Thank you. Cheers.

  91. Avatar

    I purchased your book and have been attempting the SCD for the past month, along with help from a functional med. doc. I am doing better, but am quite sure I have a candida overgrowth issue that the plain SCD diet doesn’t address. Although the website states that the SCD has “Diet Restrictions: Eliminating sugars, starches, grains, and any other irritating foods alleviates the inflammation and starves out the yeast overgrowth”, there is a lot of starch and sugar in the diet, albeit natural ones, in the pear and apple sauces, as well as the carrot and squash sauces, and certainly in the grape juice, that directly feed the yeast.
    Steve says he did the Candida SCD. Where can I find how to follow the diet that way? I don’t think my healing can progress without addressing this “sugar” issue. It seems to make sense to me that my leaky gut will remain compromised, and my healing won’t progress, unless the candida yeast is brought under control.
    I have searched the website for answers and was unable to find any, so I’m looking forward to your reply so I can get on with the healing!!!

    • Avatar

      I’m in the same boat. The book does not address this which I thought it would so that was frustrating. I’m feeling like I’m flying blind. There seems to be a lot on SCD that I’m not sure I can eat. I suspect I have something more akin to leaky gut (major acid reflux, constipation and rashes and skin inflammation (including T-cell immune response). So, having read the 4 Horseman article, I’m not eating eggs or dairy. And I’m avoiding sugar because it messes me up. I am literally eating the chicken soup and hamburgers. This is nuts! I feel like I’m flying blind even with the book and am extremely hungry and getting depressed. Apples, pears – are both trigger foods for me. I feel like I can’t eat anything and I still feel sick! I am very frustrated. I hope by now you are better. If any moderator reads this and can link the Candida SCD ideas, I would be more than appreciative.

  92. Avatar

    I’ve had crohn’s for 20 years now… been through 2 bowel resections at the ileum. Everything I read about LGS seems like it is written about me… Would like to know if anyone else post-resection has had any luck w/ SCD… your intestines are never the same after a resection so I am not sure how it will play out. Also, I take Questran daily for bile diarhea, which I suspect is not SCD safe… would luv to hear any thoughts!

    • Avatar

      Hi Kobi,
      JUst found your post by scanning a lot of the old messages. Hope I know that you are feeling better. I have Crohn’s for 30 years and had resection 2 years ago. A lot of related health problems are getting worse. I am finally desperate enough to follow Steve and Jordon’s advice and the diet, supplements, etc. I think Crohn’s with resection puts us in a kind of fragile state. Sadly I now have to take Humira injections, however it is probably saving my life at the moment. My goal is to one day get off it, & I think the things that I am learning here (if I can stick with it) will help me reach that goal.You can reach me here if you would like to be Crohn’s buddies: joanemm@live.com.
      ‘Till then, take care.

  93. Avatar

    I have a son with very high candida, both Igg and Iga. We have tried using the usual meds, diflucan, nystatin and nothing has helped. He is also allergic to phenols and not sure if he is allergic to sals, also has allergy to gluten and dairy. In your opinion, do you think this diet would be benificial for him?

  94. Avatar
    Tracey L. Moore says:

    Reading this article and all of these posts has been enlightening. I have just been diagnosed by a naturopathic doctor as having leaky gut syndrome. This has helped to shed more light on it for me. I have already changed my diet to include meat, veggies and fruit and that’s it. It’s tough, but my original problem, GERDS, has been helped tremendously by changing my diet. I am going to look further into this SCD and see if I can tweak further and get even better results. I so appreciated your candid video about your journey, Jordan. I felt so happy for you that you found an answer and now you’re healthy and enjoying your life. It gives me hope. Thanks for that.

  95. Avatar
    Trish Barlow-Jones says:

    Hi – 1 month into SCD diet – such happy results… ordering Jordan & Steve’s book made a huge difference to my healing in terms of “living and fine-tuning the SCD diet”,., if that makes any sense. Two questions. I live in SA does anyone else ??? and if so do you
    know any SCD legal vitamins/enzymes…. have contacted a few well known co’s here but their products always contain something illegall…. can anyone help?
    I have lost so much weight, which I cannot afford and need supplements but too scared to take tablets as they all contain either starch or sugar ….. I am slowly introducing more fruit and nuts …… what will help me put on weight, or must I just be patient. x Guys
    thanks so much for all you do – Reading you regular e-mails is like reading one of my
    favourite mags….. I was sceptical about you at first but one of the best things I did this year was order and download all your books. SCD not well known in SA and I battled to get Elaine’s book. One of my wishes for 2013 – if you have any digestive problems order Elaine’s book and also Steve and Jordans.

  96. Avatar

    I find myself asking a lot of questions on here lately…i’m suspecting either leaky gut, candida, low stomach acid, or any combination of the three. In other words, i’m only at the beginning of my journey. But i’m stumped by a few things: I am a fruit fanatic but i’ve been trying to cut down on it due to heartburn. But bananas seem fine for me. Elaine said no more than 2 a day, but because my stomach’s happy with it, is it ok if I eat a few a day?
    Dillema 2: I love raw veggies and never had problems with them but now that i’m boiling and pureeing them, they make me feel really nauseated. Like hard-to-swallow nauseated. But apperantly I have to keep boiling/pureeing for the first few stages. Can I at least bake and puree? I don’t know why all these veggies are suddenly making me sick! 🙁

  97. Avatar

    My 21 year old son has brought us through a nightmare in the last few years; I’ll give an account. After sustaining a frontal lobe closed head trauma at age 12, his health has slowly declined. He was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and panic disorder with agoraphobia last year and blood tests found he was so severely deficient in B12 and D that he had rickets. He is suspected celiac but cannot mentally endure the endoscopy. He is gluten free and has been for 8 months now. We have recently gone through a severe, long lasting bout of extended panic with severe migrane and full digestive upheaval that required hospitalization, yet his insurance denied him that option even with 2 different doctors attempts to have him admitted. We believe this lead to some sort of psychological breakdown; he was giving up. He went for an osteopathic treatment as a last hope and the doctor said to cut casein immediately and get on and live by the GAPs diet. Does this intro diet cover the GAPs diet or is it even deeper than your intro? We are completely overwhelmed and want this diet to go right from the start. He feels he has little options left and we need to get this right. Thanks for any advice you can offer in advance.

    • Steven Wright

      @Andi – I’m sorry to hear about your son’s struggle. The Gaps intro diet is basically the same as ours. We do use the SCD intro diet soup more and I think it is a good food for him to be eating. But they are like 95% the same when you cut out dairy.

  98. Avatar

    I have had leaky gut for seversl years without knowing. i wa always wondering why i wa constantly fatigued, sometimes id muddle my words up etc, drained, you name it. I then realsied a direct connection that has got worse everytime, whenever i eat food i just wanted too fall asleep. Ive been messing around with this for months and yes i believe the gaps diet is the way forward. You really have too limit your consumption of solid food, I my self can eat gluten etc without problem but one piece too much and i can find my self exhausted for 2-3 hours a time. I also have parasites and have ventured too humaworm, They are in my opinion one of the best concoctions of natural medicine around for ridding of parasites. I first found out about this when i DIDNT eat, i didnt eat for 10 hours and i felt fantastic, literally. This condition is hard work and i am still working things out, but the gaps diet is the way forward, home made broth 2-3 times a day for 2-3 weeks small small servings of real good and you should see results, quite quicklly

  99. Avatar

    Had intestine surgery to scrape off adhesions from previous surgeries and ever since – highly allergic to yeast, autolyzed yeast extract that is in everything. Developed fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc. My only problem with this is that since this leaky gut thing kicked my butt, I can not ingest ANYTHING with lactobillius in it. Since 2007 – ate dannon activia yogurt 3x – 3x developed severe cornea ulcers resulting in eye surgery. The eye dr. said their was a nasty culture in my eye of some sort. Ok. So I never touch probiotics until february of this year and took a supplement with the lactobacillius acidopholus that I thought was just vitamins – within 24 hours in ER with cornea ulcer in left eye. If my leaky gut is so bad that I can’t eat anything with yeast in it, at this point, wouldn’t the lactobacillius “good bacteria” also travel thru my blood stream and cause this problem with my eyes? I want to try the steps you suggest in this article to get better, but I know the moment I ingest probiotics, I will be in for the painful ordeal of cornea ulcers. Like clockwork this has happened 4 times. $185 for a tiny bottle of eye drops to cure it.

      • Avatar

        Thank you so much. Since a clinic is pushing me to get a flu vaccine, I googled the ingredients and found that it has formaldehyde, and MSG in it as well as eggs. All things I am allergic to. Since I had a horrible reaction and mild case of Guillene Barr in 1976 after swine flu vaccination, I am afraid to get the flu shot. Will Vitamin D help avoid the flu? I check the labels of B supplements to make sure that there is no yeast added. And what is the best course, besides the elimination diet, to pinpoint the food additive that are causing so much misery?

  100. Avatar

    First week under my belt……..feeling more energy, less coating on tongue, but I worry about two things: will I developed ketosis from not enough carbs (dangerous condition for the kidneys) and will I make my body too acid from all the meat I’m eating? Thanks for this site. I’m sure it will make the journey much easier.

  101. Avatar

    Great info here. Ive read a lot about leaky gut in the past but not in combine with SCD. I have celiac and tested positive for permeability. After 4 years of gluten free living I just started SCD. After only a short week Ive noticed the white coating on my tongue has decreased. Also is buckwheat allowed? Its a fruit seed not a grain. And what about coconut flour? Why are eggs bad for some? Thanks…….I’m excited about SCD and feel like ive lost a pound or two already!

  102. Avatar

    i bought water kefir grains from cultures for health…and use a 2 quart glass jar …our two bottles of Zico coconut water in…with grains…cover with coffee fliter and rubber band…let ferment for48-72 hours…add a lemon..(peel if not organic)…and then you have a slightly sour, fizzy, carbonated beverage full of vitamins and most importantly many strains of probiotics!!! No immune response like I get with dairy kefir or yoguart.

    I would love to use fresh coconuts but they are hard to find around here…the young green ones. I would have to travel about an hour to Tallahassee, FL. Im in South Ga.

    • Avatar

      Wow, that sounds great! I’ve been wanting to try the SCD yogurt but was wary about the milk i’d have to use. This seems like a simple (and delicious) version. But is it SCD legal? Sorry if I read wrong, but you said “kefir grains” and “with grains” and grains are illegal. I just want to make sure before I try it.
      Also, do you know of any other SCD legal coconut water?

  103. Avatar

    Thanks for your very informative article.
    Regarding Digestive enzymes; I read in a previous article of yours that it is not advisable for someone taking steroids to use digestive enzymes. I really feel I need them, as I could check off most of the signs you listed.
    I am currently taking Prednisolone 12mg daily; having been on a cycling dose from 60 to 10 mg for 20 years.
    Can you recommend any product that would be ok for me to use while weaning off steroids, as it is likely to be a long, slow process due to the length of use.
    I’m very grateful for your site and all the information and inspiration I’m finding there.

  104. Avatar

    I have leaky gut/candida issues…its so hard getting enough probiotics to combat the candida with pills…so i have been researching coconut water kefir…it has made a nice impact so far…dairy free, practically all sugar is eaten by kefir grains. Over 35 strains of probiotics…no pill nor yoguart can give you that…plus the benefits of the coconut water, like potassium and electrolytes. Anyone needing to give candida a punch in the mouth should try it. Very cost effective versus pills. Coconut water is pricey whether you buy fresh or ZICO brand…you could just use the natural sugar water…its suppose to be eaten up during fermentation. I feel more energized, since Im on a very low carb diet.

  105. Avatar
    Relentless Mom says:

    Finding a new medical team is the key. We live in Memphis, TN. A city known for the children’s medical facilities. We have been to Vanderbilt. I have talked to Mayo Clinic, have multiple friends that are Dr’s, etc, etc, and have found no one that is trying to figure her out or will validate leaky gut & Candida. It’s really unbelievable. So, for now, we are on day 2 of the SCD intro diet & am hopeful that it doesn’t vary for Candida pts.

    • Avatar

      After seeing perhaps as many as 30 doctors for my fatigue, osteoarthritis,
      stomach problems, etc., I was told to see a doctor of integrative medicine. I live in Maine and getting help here can be problematic. But the integrative medical doctor told me I had leaky gut and candida and has begun treating me and resolving my issues. (I’ve even lost 30 lbs. that had slowly crept on through no fault of my own.) There was an informative article on leaky gut in today’s 2/3/13 NY Times magazine which mentioned the fact that some hospitals even have “integrative medicine programs.” Anyway, I’d try looking in your area under this heading and see if that doesn’t help. Good luck.

  106. Avatar
    Relentless Mom says:

    My daughter is 10 years old. She had surgery when she was 2 y.o. for chronic UTI’s & took 18 mos of daily antibiotics for UTI’s before surgery. Surgery corrected problem, but has had “idiopathic” problems w/ bladder spasms, etc ever since. She has been on antibiotics a whole lot of her life. It has been a CONSTANT battle for 9 years. It became debilitating last fall. After an upper & lower g.i. scope, along w/ scope of bladder (all w/ biopsies) came back perfect, and we were told we needed to see a psychologist, I took matters in to my own hands – with a lot of prayer too! I put her on a good probiotic & life became barable for her again. Also, in the past 8 mos she has developed 40+ food sensitivities. Just last week, the puzzle pieces were put together. She has Candida, dysbiosis and leaky gut. Her MAIN symptom – BLADDER SPASMS! Just 3 days ago, we have started a food program that is a lot more restrictive than the SCD and we have been told that in order for her body to heal, she HAS to drink these horrible 8 oz drinks every a.m. for b’fast (no other food then) and for her snack after school. She is totally on board w/ being compliant w/ food (even though she doesn’t like it) but simply CANNOT get the drinks down and she is famished – still trying to go to school, play soccer, etc. Is the SCD w/ supplements sufficient, do you think, without the medical drinks? Keep in mind she is 10, very compliant, but the reality of the drinks happening like they should is a/b 0%. I’m so curious as to your thoughts! Can’t wait to hear – eagerly awaiting a renewed life! Abi
    P.S. I asked specifically a/b Candida & leaky gut last fall and I was quickly shot down as to the validity of any of it – so frustrating – so thrilled a/b what y’all are doing!

    • Steven Wright

      @Relentless mom – SCD is really a whole food un-processed diet so in my opinion yes it can totally meet and surpass any crap they cram into can. But it sounds like you need to find a new medical team to look after your daughter one who will listen to you, design a diet and supplement protocol to help her.

    • Avatar

      Hi Relentless Mom, I I know your post is several years old, but I’m curious as to how your daughter is doing now? My 11 year old daughter is struggling with the same issues as your daughter, plus one more. For my daughter it has been more than three years in dealing with these issues, and we have just recently put it all together. I am having a hard time finding a doctor for her. We have been to many that have no clue what’s wrong. They all seem to think that we are crazy. If you get this, I would love to hear from you!

      Thank you,

  107. Avatar

    Hi, I have always been small, but recently I have been losing weight and finding it hard to put it back on. Post nasal drip, acne, hot flushes and white tongue are also some symptoms. Could this be leaky gut? At the moment I am taking allicinmax (garlic supplement) which has helped me a lot. I have a digestive enyzme called ‘GI Tract’ which when I took I lost more weight so I stopped. The main thing is the weight, how do I put it back on, what would you recommend to take. kThank you.

    • Steven Wright

      @Sandy – It’s a simple question but a very complex answer that is usually involves different things for each person. However there are 2 things you can focus on right away that will get you headed in the right direction. #1 Track your stool quality you want a Bristol stool chart #4 if you’re not there then you could have incomplete food absorption. #2 Track your food intake and make sure you start eating at least 500 calories more than what you already are. While I don’t believe 100% of the calories in calories out argument part of it is very real.

    • Avatar

      Hi Sandy I have the exact same symptoms. losing weight, nasal drip, white tongue etc… I am wondering how you are doing now and what did you do to recover?
      I went to the doctor and all my blood work came back fine. My CBC, enzymes, proteins, no inflammation, WBC were all great. My Hemoglobin was a bit high. They have no idea what is going on with me. Did your head feel “weird” at times? The head thing is not fun, it’s kind of scary. Also had a stool test where everything was fine there as well.

      any suggestions would be helpful. Steven or Paul as well.
      thank you –

  108. Avatar

    I’m not sure but I think I ave leaky gut even if I’m only 20 years old. I used to party and eat a lot of gluten (bodybuilding) in my past 2 years and I think now I’m paying for that. I often have joint pain (especially in the morning and after drinking alcohol the pain is not tolerable) and since a year I now have dermatitis herpetiformis (not sure but I have huge rash around my mouth/nose and on the back of my shoulder). I can be under control using several cream & stuff but I’m tired of spending money on that stuff.

    I know that my kind of ”acne” got worst when drinking or eating badly (especially gluten), I am not celiac since I never had physical alergic reaction to gluten.

    In my case it is kind of impossible to see a doctor until october so i’m on my own, do you think this diet with supplement could help my situation? I also heard kefir yogurt and prebiotics adding to this diet could be beneficial.

    I was thinking about going 3 weeks only meat & vegetables and then add some non-sweet fruits and slowly add stuff in my diet.

    I never had allergy to food, but I know that when I eat almond or carrots(yes carrots) I have huge pain in stomach, dizziness and nausea, I also think I’m intolerant to eggs (hard to have breakfast without eggs/bread/oat)

    thanks for your help

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hey Paul, you described classic symptoms of leaky gut man. I’d highly recommend you get on a diet like SCD that eliminates all sugar, grains, starches, and legumes.

      Test it for 30-days, even what you were thinking about testing for 3 weeks is a great place to start. I’d expect to see some dramatic improvements in your skin after 30-days.

      Keep us posted on your progress and keep working hard on your health!

      In good health,


  109. Avatar
    Kathryn Trautvetter says:

    Super Thanks – This was the Best and most helpful email yet! Tomorrow I go to see a Gastroenterologist and pray that I can now know how to speak to him. I’m on Day 19 and will not give up SCD but I will need a Dr. to follow up with my electrolytes, blood sugar and help make changes in my current RX’s as my body changes.
    The last couple of days in the AM – my whole body feels JITTERY – inside and out for an hour. It is not nerves or stress – just a physiological event. Could that be an indication of needing to change my Thyroid med???

    • Jordan Reasoner

      Hi Kathryn, we’re not doctors, but it could be a sign that you need to tweak the meds based on your diet changes improving things, I’d get some thyroid blood work done that also includes morning cortisol, because it could also be related to a super high morning cortisol.

      In good health,


  110. Avatar

    Deal All,

    I have leaky gut, not able to eat any cooked vegetables :((.

    Only can eat whole grains and raw vegetables, any cooked vegetables gives be bad bad cramps. I know in leaky gut the system cannot poduce enzymes to break down the food. Should I be on enzymes? and what kind? and how long I should take it ?

    Please help.


  111. Avatar


    The information on Leaky Gut is very informative. I do have 2 follow up questions about it. You explain that if a person is sensitive to numerous foods, it is likely leaky gut. But question #1 is: is there a gold standard test, such as a stool test to diagnose leaky gut. An endoscopy only goes down to the stomach or so, and a colonoscopy (not that I’m wishing that on anybody) only goes up so far either. With the small intestine stuck in the middle, I’m just wondering how to rule leaky gut out/or confirm it, if one is sensitive to only a few foods.

    Question #2 actually has to do with the results of a stool test. I’ve seen postings where people have been helped by being diagnosed with yeast/candida – and then taking the appropriate actions to modify their diet, etc. But, what are patients supposed to say to their docs when the docs say that yeast/candida is an overblown phenomena, and that everyone has these sort of species in their bodies? I’m certainly not saying that conventional docs know best, but if are working within the constrains of the medical/HMO system, is there some peer reviewed scientific literature that one could point to – in order to warrant further investigation, and concern on the part of our conventional docs?

    • Steven Wright

      @Scotty81 – Great questions, 1. the golden standard for leaky gut right now is a lactose-mannitol breath test but overtime there are some newer tests coming out that might prove to be even better. It is generally a rule that if you have digestive issues you have leaky gut. It’s better to spend your time and money on finding out what is causing the leaky gut then focusing on the leaky gut diagnosis itself. 2. Only some stool test are actually accurate. The best use DNA PCR technology to genetically look for problematic bacteria, yeast and parasites. My advice to you is that you tell your doctor, great I hope it’s overblown and that I don’t have Candida let’s do this test and rule it out for sure. Metametrixs 2100 or 2105 tests are the golden standard (covers yeast, bacteria and parasites all of which can cause leaky gut).

  112. Avatar
    Nicole Jones says:

    I was diagnosed with candida and was told I have leaky gut, but no test was done for that. I have always been petite. 5’6 and 115 lbs (46 years old) over the past two years I gained 60 lbs and can not get it off. I feel horrible, brain fog, lethargic, aches, bloating, gas etc….I am more bloated than overweight. I do not know what diet to follow, everyone tells me something different. I was told, no gluten, no sugar, no yeast, no fruits, no soy, no dairy is this correct? and is there anything else I shouldn’t do? I will do whatever I need to do, but no one will tell me what I should do. I get totally different stories.

    Needing help in the south!

    • Steven Wright

      @Nicole – Unfortunately I’ve meet a lot of people with your story. Fortunately many of them have bought our books, meal plans and started seeing signs of changes in the first few weeks of doing our program. If you have Candida it will create leaky gut which is why they probably didn’t test you for it. With Candida it is always a good idea to use an anti-fungal with the best diet approach with would be SCD without dairy and low fruit like less than 2 cups a day. Nystatin has the most research and appears to be the safest, it’s what I used. Also get your thyroid levels checked.

    • Avatar

      Steven has good advice… But regarding thyroid tests…you need to request the Ts 3, 4, or something like that. It is different than the run of the mill thyroid test. Also check your alkalinity….use alkaline balancing drops or capsules and Adhere to an alkaline friendly diet. But investigate mega doeses of he probiotics and take or at bedtime for max absorbtion.

  113. Avatar

    i know that fish oils can reduce inflammation…but they always contain glycerin….and i notice that when i take them…my eyes get really inflammed…i eat lots of salmon…but its cooked, reducing omega 3 content…is there a fish oil out there without the added chemicals…since you are saying glycerin exacerbates leaky gut?

  114. Avatar
    Gaye Sunshine says:

    Was told by a chiropractor I have leaky gut — makes sense for all the health issues I’m dealing with. My MD diagnosed me with IBS and collagenous colitis. They put me on the fodmap diet for the IBS which in some cases is opposite to what I’m reading about leaky gut. I also am VERY sensitive to medicines and supplements. The Chiropractor put me on TerrainZyme LGS-Zyme, but I started having alot of weird side effects. I see it has extra ingredients outside of the enzyme. What is a good example of a pure exzyme that might be a little more easy on my system. Also would love to hear what you recommend for a pro-biotic. Thank you!

    • Steven Wright

      @Gaye – It’s hard to say what is working for you or not. I’ve never heard of those supplements. But If you don’t start seeing significant changes in your health soon, I would recommend changing to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. It is much more effective for leaky gut than FODMAPS from what we’ve seen. Especially if you do it “tough case” style.

  115. Avatar

    I have a general question: Once “healed,” can one go off of the diet? How long, generally-speaking, does it take to heal on the SCD? In response to Candara Adams’ post, I truly believe that environmental factors play a big, big role. Enough cannot be said about a clean environment. One example I can think of is a good night’s rest. Our body heals when we sleep, and if you do not sleep well, your body suffers. I would imagine that being in an environment with fresh air, where you can crack the window open at night, and breath fresh, clean air all the time would help one sleep, which in turn helps one heal. So, in my opinion, environment plays a big role in the body’s ability to heal itself.

  116. Avatar
    Candra Adams says:

    I have not been diagnosed with leaky gut, though two ND’s think I may have it. I don’t have diarrhea, quite the opposite ;). But I get sick from most anything I eat lately. My stomach always feels full after eating, no matter how little I eat or what. One psych. I went to thought my mood swings, depression and brain fog were from a leaky gut. However, many of these problems started after I was exposed to toxic black mold, and my dog (the absolute love of my life) crossed over. So, how does one know if it’s leaky gut or just other things? One thing i have noticed is that when I’m in certain towns up in the north with clean air, and a relaxing atmosphere, I can eat ANYTHING without it affecting me mentally or physically – pizza, bagels, cookies, cream, healthier versions and in moderation). When I’m in a city with pollution and a lot of stress and I hate where I am, I cannot eat anything, even healthy food without it making me sick. Has anyone else noticed a similar trend?

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      @ Candara – Wow that is really interesting observation about pollution and air quality. I never noticed it but also never looked for it. To me that says that your body is at a really really high inflammation level, if air quality affects you that much. I would suggest trying something like SCD for 30 days and seeing what changes you observe. You don’t have much to lose. All of the symptoms you described are very common with leaky gut.

    • Avatar

      Candra – I have the same thing. I lived in Arkansas – ate anything – healthy. Moved to Phx, AZ – since Oct 2012 – everything has gone haywire. I use restroom fine. Chinese herbalist told me stay off spices of all kinds – really works. Then all diff kinds of foods started affecting me in the wrong way. Trip to CA beaches really worked. I have multiple allergies for life. Now foods are getting knocked out of my diet, one-by-one. Dr said I can eat beef & pork – & allergic to all other things. No more fruits – veggies – finding new homes for dog & cat – no wheat or corn – etc. This is getting rediculous.
      Thanks for all leads from everyone – new stuff to try.

      • Avatar


        I moved to Phoenix 9 years ago from a small town in Central WA state and holy moly are my allergies horrendous! I’m miserable and have tried everything! Hope you are feeling better.

        • Avatar

          I’m really facinated to hear that moving places has affected other people too. My family moved from Zimbabwe (where I was slim and healthy) to England and then again to Australia. In 12 years I have doubled my weight, been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroditis (then thyroid cancer) and now recently a leaky gut. i have always blamed the food, but the rest of my family are still slim, how is that?

    • Avatar

      I too notice a huge change in my body when in a clean air environment…like Austria or Normandy, France. I never realized how heavy and dirty the air was in ft Lauderdale until I was in clean air. We also live beneath a flight path..so noise AND air pollution.

    • Avatar

      I have noticed more problems in big ‘dirty’ cities as well! I now live in Los Angeles, originally from San Francisco, and have had a lot more ‘toxic body’ and leaky gut issues since I moved to L.A., also exacerbated by the air quality? I have to eat super clean here, whereas I grew up on pizza, burritos, cereal, toast…I would DIE if I ate that stuff now. Also notice I can drink more alcohol in cleaner environments. In Los Angeles, I have to be super careful, or I get a wicket hangover. Drinking is never healthy, period, I know (and contributes to leaky gut), it’s just that I can’t do it at all here without getting majorly sick. Looking forward to healing my leaky gut, sans alcohol of course! All this testing and diets and supplements are enormously expensive, but everyones posts have inspired me to keep going! My Cyrex Labs array 3 and 4 showed leaky gut, gluten antibodies, cross reactivity to dairy and soy. I have IGg allergies to garlic, oats, eggs, ginger, pinto beans, kidney beans, yogurt, soy, coffee, chocolate, sesame, peanut…all the good stuff, probably due to leaky gut. I look forward to introducing some of my IGg allergen foods back in the picture after I am done with a gut repair program.

  117. Avatar

    Thanks for the post. I know I have Leaky Gut after my years with UC. I started the SCD in January amidst the worst flare of my life. While on SCD, my bloating and pain has gone away, but I am having trouble finding foods that I can eat. Due to my Leaky Gut, I can’t have any dairy, any eggs, any beef, or any almond flour. I still can’t eat berries of any kind or lettuce. That knocks out a world of SCD approved foods. And I’m really sick of having meat and veggies for lunch and dinner, especially since my choices are very limited. Do you have any advice to stick with it? I’m about to give up and just go gluten-free/dairy-free and start adding in back some of the other grains. I feel optionless. I know you have your post about the turkey sausage for breakfast, but that only goes so far. Thanks.

    • Steven Wright

      @ Nikki – you might want to try our “tough case” meal plans. They layout a 6 week program to rebuild your diet. You also need to try to figure out what is causing the leaky gut to persist. It can be parasites, SIBO, yeast, stess or many other things. Try to get a Metametrics mycology stool test to test for all talk with your doctor.

      Also if you haven’t gone through our advanced class yet, you will likely find some of your answers in there. https://healthygut.com/advanced-scd/get-started/

  118. Avatar

    Thanks for your useful article.I am on SCD for 4 monthes.Yesterday I had some guests and I cheated every thing.Again now I am on SCD.How many days my healing will be stopped?Should I obey 100% to take the result?

    • Steven Wright

      @ Meedeh – Great job getting on SCD! Eating illegals happens to many people including me! It’s okay just take a deep breath, regroup and get committed to your health and healing again. Yes you should stay 100% faithful to the diet unless you’ve been symptom-free for a long time and are ready to try something new.

      • Avatar
        John gazeley says:

        The descriptions and explanations of leaky gut syndrome are very well written….and certainly lend credence to the etiology of the resulting symptoms and causitive agents. However…one must also consider absolutely, the use of pesticides in the production of grains such as wheat et al –whereby some pesticides attack pests from the inside…causing their stomach linings to deteriorate, and eventually cause the pest to die before the mating cycle begins. The use of vitamin supplements must be judicially inspected because wheat filler is used in nearly every medication and supplement….adding fuel to the fire so to speak. The onslaught of GMO industrial farming is ground zero.

  119. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with celiac 3 years ago and in 4 decades I have had only 2yrs without diarrhea due to steroids. The steroids are not working anymore and on top of that I became “allergic” (hives all over my face and neck) to almost everything from food to animals to flora. I heard about SCD about a year ago, before all of my allergies showed up, and now I am ready to do it. I am so excited to finally have a better understanding about what is going on inside my body. As a small child, my mother tried feeding me just rice with no improvement in the diarrhea. And as an adult, I now understand why I have not responded to a gluten-free diet like I hoped I would. I am starting the intro diet tomorrow. I can not tolerate any dairy and I seem to be sensitive to coconut. My allergy test said that I am allergic to egg whites but not the yolk. I see that you can not tolerate eggs. I have heard that duck eggs do not cause reactions. Do you have any thoughts?

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      Hi Angela – I can really appreciate your story. It sounds just like my failures on the gluten-free diet (you can listen to it here: https://healthygut.com/jordan/). You can try the duck egg but I would guess that based on what you’ve said, your leaky gut and damaged gut is pretty severe. It’s likely you have some healing to do before any type of egg, dairy, nuts, or other sensitivities will begin to subside. Hang in there, eat dairy, egg, and nut free and you will feel much better soon.

      Stay in touch,


      • Avatar

        I had a SEVERE mold exposure in 2011 and my health has deteriorated tremendously since. 5 medical doctors and an asthma/allergy specialist have NO idea what to do with the mold exposure. I now have pretty severe leaky gut (undigested food showing up in fecal matter), severe bloating and food sensitivities, but the most alarming is SEVERE asthma with NO family history. I have NEVER had asthma, EVER and now I have to take an inhalable steroid and ventolin (2 puffs ec/twice daily) to just subsist, not even live the active lifestyle I was used to. I have begun seeing a naturopath for healing–of all of me. I will go to an out of the machine med doc for blood work and stool test Jordan suggested. I want my body, health and life back. NOW. Gentlemen, thank you for sharing your stories, experience and wisdom with all of us.

    • Avatar

      Angela – did you find a solution the hives on your face and neck? I am curious if it was indeed related to leaky gut. How did the change to SCD work out for you?


  120. Avatar

    Diagnosed with leaky gut a year and a half ago.. went off gluten completely, and have been off dairy for 17 years, allergic to everything under the sun. Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, numbing depression, heat intolerance. and mold all walked into my life. Had no idea so much was driven by one’s digestive tract. Thyroid off, adrenals pooped and I had parasites. Rid myself of the parasites. Went on pharmaceutical grade probiotic, digestive enzymes (Standard Process) works well for me, betaine and L-Glutamine. It is a long journey, but I believe I will walk away from this much healthier. Am combining SCD with GAP diet… the no grains is hard, but I think very beneficial. Food preparation is a full time job right now. Not much change yet, but only 10 days into the diet. This was a very complete and informative description of leaky gut. thanks

  121. Avatar

    Thank you Jordan, I just ordered the SCD Freeda Multi without iodine and also their Betaine Hcl. From GI Pro Health I got the enzymes that you recommended.
    Thank you for all the good advice.

  122. Avatar

    I have been doing the SCD diet and my digestion has improved a lot. No more gas and bloating, the esophagus feels totally well. Thank you for all the information here.
    I have a question about the products from GI ProHealth. Are these the only ones you recommend, because I can’t take their multi, it has iodine. With Hashimoto thyroiditis it is not advisable to take any iodine, or the thyroid will deteriorate faster.
    Can you suggest other companies that make SCD approved vitamins?

    • Jordan Reasoner
      Jordan Reasoner says:

      Hi Evanir – glad to hear that you’re feeling so much better.

      Good call on the Iodine, have you checked out Freeda vitamins? They also have some SCD Legal vitamins that are free of iodine (I think).

      Stay in touch and keep feeling good!


        • Avatar

          Hi Susan – thanks for commenting 🙂

          While Jordan hasn’t achieved perfect health, he continues to get healthier ever day 🙂

          Both Steve and Jordan eat from a paleo template based on vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats after having spent time healing on SCD. They each built their own custom diet by reintroducing foods one by one and seeing what did and didn’t work for them. You can do this too, and see how Steve and Jordan are doing now, by attending one of our free webinars here: http://solvingleakygut.com/webinar/live-qva/

  123. Avatar

    I have been doing well on the SCD diet, had a very bad day today. Struggling with SIbo for several months. I had a few pieces of pizza and half of a fast food burger and thought i was going to die.

  124. Avatar

    @ Karen – Enzymes should be taken after each meal that includes proteins and fats, probiotics are best taken without food either right away in the morning or before bed. Vitamins can be taken at anytime, most experts agree it is best to take them at a meal time to help absorption.

  125. Avatar

    With candida you have to be careful of the sugars evan during intro phase(juice-cant find grape juice not from concentrate) and carrots.
    Also an IgG food test from Genova said trouble with eggs(already noticed) and almonds. Stopped eggs for 3 months will try , also definatley need enzymes, acidof.,and posilby other helpers(garlic,catsclaw..)
    Thank you
    Lynn D

  126. Avatar

    This is a great explanation of leaky gut. My son (recovering from autism) and myself (celiacs and crohn’s) both had an ELISA IgG Food Allergy Panel done at our allergists office. Both of us had lots of antibodies to almost everything we ate. I suppose this would be a good way to see if you have leaky gut. It was a $150 bloodtest and it checked IgG antibodies to about 100 different foods. We both feel better on the SCD and my son’s improvement has been nothing short of miraculous!

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