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How These Health Heroes Beat Their Digestive Problems

The real secret sauce of how I got healthy has a story behind it. It’s the honest truth about a magic pill that helped me heal my gut… Don’t worry, it’s not a supplement or a special berry found in the rain forest. And it’s probably not what you think. It was 2008, and I was […]

Naomi from Milk for the Morning Cake

This week we are really excited to spotlight Naomi who runs a blog called Milk for the Morning Cake. This is a really cool honor for us because we have both spent hours on her site during our journey healing on the SCD Diet. Naomi is an incredible person; she is a Homeopath and Nutritionist who gets it, from her own experience with Celiac Disease and not getting any better on a gluten free diet… not to mention she is an unreal SCD cook.