#Inspiration: 5 Videos to Keep You Going Another Day

remember why you started

Remember why you startedMaybe today just isn’t your day. Maybe you’re feeling beat up, like life’s just giving you more than you can handle.

Maybe today you’re feeling like giving up…

If so, I’ve got your back. I’ve been there. And I’m not going to let you quit today.

Today, I’ve collected 5 of the most emotional, inspirational, and moving videos I’ve ever shot.

Today, I’m giving you a dose of inspiration to keep going another day.

Always remember: those people that succeed are not better than you, or smarter than you, or luckier than you. The only reason they’re successful is because they just never gave up. Today… remember that you’re not going to give up… and watch these videos.

1) The MOST Important Thing You Need to Get Healthy (It’s Not What You Think…)

There’s something inside you right now… something that makes you special…

And it might surprise you to know that it’s also the #1 thing you NEED to get healthy.

2) The Best Gut Health Advice I Could Possibly Give You

This might be the most important gut health advice I’ve given to date, and I’m betting it will completely change the way you approach your health journey.

3) Choose This and You Can Scale Any Mountain

Make the choice to believe in yourself and take the first step. And keep choosing it, moment by moment, even when you’re ready to give up… which is why I created this 4-min video for you (to show you that you can do anything).

You can scale any mountain. We believe in you!

4) If You Do This, You Can Trade in Your Body for a New Model (Seriously)

In this video, I reveal the one simple trick I used to get through the most depressing, gut-wrenching days of my sickness (it involves a pen and takes about 2 seconds).

I also share the main difference between the people who succeed and get healthy and those people that don’t…

But it’s not exactly what you think.

5) Planting The Seeds of Health (Beating Chronic Illness)

The “Seeds of Your Health Success” – the small elements, actions and conditions that you can put in place that add up to health in the long run.

These “Seeds Of Health Success,” when planted and nurtured, lead to massive success in beating chronic illness.

Never quit. You’re too important to give up.

– Jordan

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