Live Presentation – The 3 Body Systems Hold the Key to Painless Poops

From Donna “Guys, I’ve been doing SCD for over a year now and I’m sick of not getting any better.  I still have PMS, hair falling out and energy problems.  I’m starting to think this diet is a waste of time.  What else do I need to do?”

If you’re frustrated because your health isn’t amazing, even though you’ve been eating special foods, taking lots of supplements, and getting tests… then come join us for a free presentation on why healing the digestive tract is never about only the GI tract.

We were wrong about this once too.

Stuck in a sorta symptom free life, experiencing the occasional flare ups or setbacks until we got sick of it. We launched into a frenzy of crazy supplement protocols, multiple health consultants and finally into functional medicine training programs.

Now on the other side of this adventure, we want to share what most Functional Medicine Practitioners know about the root cause of chronic illness (and how we finally got out of that sorta healthy grey zone).

That’s why we’re excited to give you a free presentation about how the feeling of high energy, clear skin, and a rock solid gut is tied to the 3 main body systems.

The 3 Body Systems are:

  • The Hormonal Axis (Adrenal Fatigue, Sex Hormones, and The Brain)
  • The GI tract (mouth to anus)
  • The Detoxification pathways (Liver and Brain)

The reason so many of us never achieve the level of health we crave is tied to the relationship between these three critical body systems.

Which is so frustrating… because sometimes the GI tract isn’t the real problem making you sick.

This is why many of us with stomach problems end up with low libido, infertility, anxiety, and depression.  And we’re going to dive into this in detail next week together:

Free presentation: “3 Body Systems Hold the Key To Painless Poops”

  • When: Tuesday, August 6th 2013 at 2pm EDT (see time zone)
  • Where: Registration is closed.
  • This will not be recorded.  Please attend live.

Jordan and I look forward to have you join us on Tuesday afternoon.

If you’re curious about finding the root cause of your chronic health problems, we’d like to show you how you’d do it.

– Steve

P.S. – This presentation won’t be recorded, so please make sure to attend.

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