SCD Dieters Unite Together: A New Senate Bill Seeks to Ban Access to Dietary Supplements!

We stumbled on this article over at comfy tummy and were shocked. A new senate bill is being proposed that seeks to increase the costs of dietary supplements and restrict access to them. The bill also would grant the FDA authority over what supplements we are “allowed” to have!

Most everyone on the SCD diet has some level of intestinal damage that drastically affects our ability to digest food properly and obtain the vitamins and minerals our bodies need through diet. As we are healing, it is vitally important that we supplement with vitamins and minerals to maintain our health and makes sure our bodies are functioning as normal as possible. That is our right to make an educated decision on what we need to take to get healthy.

We all have been through hell with our Doctors and many of us have trust issues with western medicine and the pharmaceutical industry. Now the senate is proposing a bill that would give the FDA authority over what vitamins and minerals I am allowed to take? Something doesn’t add up here, and as an SCD community we need to unite and make our voices heard to do what we can to slow this bill down.

The original article that comfy tummy refers to is from this website: Life Extension. If you go to that website and enter your zip code at the top, it will automatically pull up a prepared letter to your local legislative representatives that you can add to or just send out as it is. Please take a few minutes and educate yourself on this bill, realize how it will affect our community, and take action by sending them a letter using the above link.

Thanks for your support with this critical issue! Write your thoughts about it below…


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