The Missing Piece of the Celiac Disease Puzzle

I am about to share with you how I found the missing piece of the Celiac disease puzzle and stopped my diarrhea and chronic fatigue in 7 days… if you think it has something to do with gluten, then this is going to be the most important article you have ever read. If you want to stay sick forever on a gluten-free diet, then stop reading now because I am going to explain exactly why going gluten-free just doesn’t do the trick for many Celiacs.

My Celiac disease diagnosis was a huge, but confusing relief after years of unexplainable diarrhea and chronic fatigue. I finally had an answer to all of my issues and all I had to do was stop eating gluten… if you’re reading this article you’re probably experiencing the same great Celiac disease puzzle that I couldn’t figure out. I followed a strict gluten-free diet for 2 years and still suffered from unexplainable diarrhea and chronic fatigue and constantly thought I was getting “glutened” from some unknown source.

It’s been two years since then and now I feel incredible. I was introduced to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD Diet) and it only took me 7 days before my diarrhea was finally a memory. I found the missing piece of the Celiac disease puzzle and took control of my health. If you learn what I share with you about the SCD Diet and start it properly, you can put a stop to your debilitating diarrhea and regain the energy to pop out of bed every morning in just 30 days. If you don’t implement the 4 steps that I outline below, you’re going to keep chasing the elusive gluten contamination that’s ruining your life and continue to be trapped by the confines of this disease.

Why Isn’t a Gluten-Free Diet Making Me Better?

The missing piece of the Celiac disease puzzle is not the gluten… it’s a whole lot more.  At the point when Celiac disease is usually diagnosed, the body is extremely inflamed (especially in the gut). The inflammation in the gut causes the body to defend itself by attacking the digestive fingers of the small intestine called the microvilli… tearing them to shreds. As it turns out, our bodies need those digestive fingers to break down complex foods like grains, starches, and sugars (potatoes, corn, rice, milk, table sugar, soy, milk, etc.)… not just gluten. Without them, we can’t digest anything properly unless it is in its most simple form.

As soon as those digestive fingers stop breaking down, the foods being eaten, the gut stops being able to absorb the nutrients that they are supposed to provide because they never get broken down to the point that it can absorb them. When the body can’t absorb nutrients from food it becomes fatigued and it starts getting harder and harder just to get out of bed in the morning! So, what happens to the undigested foods? Well, they get shipped down into the ileum and the large intestine where bad bacteria feast on them like crazy. Bad bacteria are not supposed to eat like this, and after a short time they multiply into an army and work their way into the small intestine (where they are not supposed to be in the first place). Now, the body is in an inflamed state and the bad bacteria are taking hold of the gut, causing severe diarrhea and bad absorption (malabsorption).

Just because gluten is eliminated doesn’t change the fact that the body can’t digest anything. No nutrients are being absorbed and the bad bacteria are having a field day giving you diarrhea like crazy. The only way to stop this out-of-whack cycle causing embarrassing diarrhea and chronic fatigue is (i) to stop eating things that the body can’t digest to starve out the bacteria and (ii) only eat things that the body can easily absorb to replace the nutrients and regain your energy.

That’s where the SCD Diet comes in and accomplishes both of those things by eliminating complex carbohydrates (sugars, starches, and grains) and providing simple foods so the body can replenish the nutrients and begin to heal.

It’s Not Just About Gluten…

Elaine Gottschall did an incredible job explaining in great detail how this whole system works in her book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, where she detailed the SCD Diet and exactly how to follow it. The missing piece of the Celiac puzzle is this: the only way to stop diarrhea and chronic fatigue from Celiac disease is to properly start the SCD Diet and try it for 30 days.

How Do I Properly Start the SCD Diet Anyway?

Here’s a 4-step process to properly start the SCD Diet and stop diarrhea and chronic fatigue in 30 days:

Step 1: Choose a day to prepare the SCD Diet intro diet foods to get ready to start the diet (usually weekends work the best, like a Saturday… that’s how I did it).

Step 2: Spend that chosen day making the SCD Intro diet chicken soup, pureed carrots, beef patties, and chicken so that all the foods are ready to go to start the diet.

Step 3: Strictly execute the SCD intro diet for 3 days, eating only intro diet foods.

Step 4: Properly transition out of the intro diet to the normal SCD Diet and follow it with strict adherence for the next 27 days.

So, What Now?

If you follow these 4 steps carefully to start the SCD Diet and try it for 30 days, you will stop the diarrhea and chronic fatigue from Celiac disease that a gluten free diet won’t fix. Here’s what to do right now to make sure that you properly start the SCD diet:

Download our free guide here: “How to Start the SCD Intro Diet in 24 Hours”

Once you have it downloaded, print it out and do what it says to get started on the intro diet and begin day 1 of the next 30 days of your life in order to finally get a handle on your Celiac disease like I did.  If you download the free guide today and get started on the SCD Diet, you can stop your diarrhea and regain your energy in 30 days.


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