We’re Hiring a Graphic Designer (to Help Us With Our Baby)

We’re looking for a long-term partnership with a Graphic Designer to help us with our Baby, a new, more inclusive website for any and all digestive related issues. Design and branding are going to be the critical thread that holds it all together.

This is a paid position you can do from home and would probably start out as a 10-or-so hour per week role, with room for growth as this project grows.

We’re Looking For Someone Who:

  1. Knows our community, is familiar with our work, and wants to help further it.
  2. Is highly creative, artistic, and serious about branding and design. You probably have done graphic design for years and you like to help turn a big vision into something that customers rave about.
  3. “Gets” that design isn’t all about beauty, but also about function and consumption. Is always thinking about how design enhances learning and enjoyment of products.
  4. Enjoys working alone most of the time. The work you’ll be doing is typically alone. If you’re the type of person who likes to chit-chat with people and interact with friends a lot, this probably isn’t right for you.
  5. Has the flexibility to work at least 1-2 hours a day – but can also put in longer days for big project deadlines.
  6. Has experience creatively expressing the ‘feel’ of a larger brand through all mediums (website, logos, PDF, images, products, etc.).
  7. Is extremely dependable… not the “This usually doesn’t happen, but it happened again” type.
  8. Doesn’t take things personally, have feelings hurt easily or get offended by design feedback. Stays objective and likes to go with the flow of the design revision process as things evolve. Such is the life during revisions…
  9. Is the type of person who can take creative control and drive the project forward with their own ideas, not just following directions.

If you’re the type of person who likes “organizer” work, where you’re following the design steps of someone that came before you… and just continuing on with the same brand… then this probably is NOT right for you.

This is more of what we would call “creative” work, and will require you to have a bigger vision and execute the “feel” of an entirely new brand throughout all mediums.

We believe design is extremely important in the teaching process, the consumption process and the enjoyment process of learning and you should too.

So, if you’re the type of person who loves creative things, using design to communicate a larger vision, and loves to start from scratch and brand something new, then this might be perfect for you!

As our graphic designer, you’ll be working on the ‘feel’ of the brand throughout all mediums, such as logo design, website layout, branding images, new product design, PDF layout, etc. We’re hoping this graphic designer role will be a long-term relationship with us going forward.

To apply, click below and respond to the questions by WED 9/24:


No questions or exceptions please.


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