When Should I Introduce Dairy?

We get a ton of questions about Dairy products every day. Most people aren’t sure what to do because it’s a grey area in many low-carb diets.

For example, dairy is allowed on the SCD Diet as long as the lactose sugar is removed. So things like 24-hour fermented yogurt and aged cheese are ok to eat and supposed to help you feel better.

But some low-carb diets don’t allow dairy at all… and others allow raw milk.

So you may be asking yourself whether or not you should be eating it at all.

Not only that, but dairy can be a strong trigger for digestive problems in certain people.

So when should you introduce dairy?

Is it OK to drink raw milk?

What if you don’t tolerate cow’s milk yogurt?

I answer these questions and more in this video. Hint: It all starts with your symptoms… not what diet you’re following.

I hope it clears up any questions you have about dairy.

(One more thing… if you stay till the end I share my current point of view on Colostrum).

In good health,

– Jordan

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