4 Common Signs of Constipation

At some point, almost everyone has suffered from constipation. It’s likely that 50% of people over the age of 50 have some level of constipation. (1) The problem is that you might be suffering from IBS-C but think that it’s normal.

As humans, we are usually prone to accepting the way things are and how we are feeling. The reality, however, is that suffering from constipation greatly increases your chances of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, diverticulitis and megacolon. (2)(3)

You might be thinking, “Hemorrhoids?!  Not me!” Well, I’ve got news for you. Those painful little buggers are estimated to affect 75 % of Americans. (4) Those are not good odds. Before I get into explaining how to tell if you’re suffering from constipation, I need to clear up a huge misconception.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


Constipation is NOT From a Lack of Fiber (Not a Volume Issue)

If you’re constipated and taking fiber to become “more regular” it’s likely you are actually doing more harm to yourself than helping the problem. This is a huge misconception because clinical studies have shown that additional fiber does NOT help constipation. (5)

Constipation is an evacuation problem, not a bulk or amount of poop problem. 

In other words, the complications I mention below, are signs something is preventing you from properly passing your stools in a timely manner; there isn’t a lack of poop.

Those fiber ads you see on TV are trying to sell you more fiber based on studies that show when healthy people ingest fiber their stools increase in weight, which is true – fiber will add bulk and increase the size of your stool. However, if you have a colon full of poop, you don’t need more poop, you need to get rid of it faster. Taking more fiber can actually increase the chances of stretching out the colon and causing nerve damage. (6)

With that said, let’s talk about signs that you’re having an evacuation problem.

4 Clues Your Poop is Telling You About Constipation

As you may know, constipation is a broad term, so let’s break it down. On one end of the spectrum, we’ve got mild-intermittent constipation. On the other end, we’ve got chronic constipation. If you have one of the problems below, then you’re dealing with at least a moderate level of constipation. The more of these problems you show on a weekly basis the closer you are to dealing with chronic constipation. It becomes quite difficult to put into words where you are on this scale, which can cause a bit of confusion in the doctor’s office. To gain a better understanding, talk to your practitioner by describing your bowel habits using these clues:

1:  You’re Not Going #2 Every Day

The most common response I get when asking a constipated person how often they go starts with… “I’m normal for me. I go about 2-4 times a week.”

Houston we have a problem! Take another look at that phrase for me. If you can tell me how often you go per week, then there is definitely something wrong. Most people will forget how many bowel movements they had yesterday by the end of today. You should be thinking in terms of how often you go per day not per week.

If you’re not pooping at least once a day, then you have sluggish bowels and are considered to be dealing with some degree of constipation.

2:  Your Poop Looks Like a 100 Grand Bar or Coco Puffs

Yummy right? Let’s not get too serious here. Health problems already suck. As gross as that line may be, these mental pictures can be the clues you need to help remember what you don’t want your poop to look like.

If you haven’t heard yet, there’s a medical poop scale called the Bristol Stool Chart. This chart gives us a metric to figure out how we stack up. In case you’re wondering, it also shows what an ideal and healthy poop looks like. This is long, smooth and soft (#4 or #5 on the chart).

The pictures on the chart from #1 through #3 (lumpy, hard, or pellets) are all stools that are on the constipated side. Use the Bristol Stool Chart to help you gauge and keep track of what you see in the toilet.

3:  You Push, Strain and Take Too Long in the Bathroom

In the Western world, there’s a cultural joke about men and women going into the bathroom for 20, 30 or even 40 minutes just to poop. People read magazines, play games and check email on their phones and purposely use this time to catch up on a good book! I’m going to be blunt; if you do any of these things you’ve already spent too long on the toilet. While you may consider this to be normal, it’s not. At some point you’ll probably catch yourself pushing or straining to squeeze it, which is a perfect recipe for anal fissures and hemorrhoids.

I need to hammer home this reality:  in order to have healthy hemorrhoids, you want to have a NASCAR-like pit stop. We’re talking touch and go… in and out and back to life. If you get your “20-minute breaks” by heading to the restroom, then it’s time to reevaluate. This time could be spent doing many other things like going for a walk.

4:  Your Colon is Never “On Empty”

I’m not quite sure why I’m on a NASCAR theme today, but it seems to fit. If you’re constantly feeling full, bloated, heavy or not done, then you’re constipated.

What’s happening here is that you’re not fully evacuating the stool in the colon. And now your nerves are reminding you to go back to the toilet for another push and squeeze slugfest.

The best thing to do is ignore this urge. While I completely understand how nagging and annoying the feeling is, going back to the toilet to strain again is only going to lead to a risk of developing painful hemorrhoids, anal fissures or other problems. It’s best to wait and try to forget about that feeling until it turns into a full-blown, it’s time to go now, urge.

According to many doctors, there is no risk in holding your poop for short periods of time. The peristalsis waves that give you that initial slight urge will come back and likely be stronger than ever. Hopefully at this point you will be able to completely empty the tank.

The Next Step, if You’re Having Constipation is to…

Begin by tracking the signs I mentioned above more closely. Then, you’ll begin to understand if you are having a lifestyle problem, diet related issue, supplement/drug problem or altogether deeper issues. It might only take one small change to fix your constipation and reduce your chance of hemorrhoids and further digestive problems. Then again, you might have all four of the issues above and need to make some major changes in your life.

Stress can really constipate some people. For instance, you might find after weeks of tracking your symptoms that every Thursday you get constipated, which also happens to be the same day as your big staff meeting. In that case, you’ll know stress is the first thing to focus on.

Some of you will want to change your diet and adopt some real food constipation relievers.

Prescription drugs used to treat anxiety, depression and pain often cause constipation. Until those issues are properly dealt with and you’re off the meds, you’ll need to pay special attention to the tips in the article above.

Then, there are those with several issues like underlying hormone dysregulation, gut infections and liver toxicity issues. Despite making all of the right diet and lifestyle choices, these people will often remain constipated. Many of the people I work 1-On-1 with fall into this category.

In any case, the solution starts with tracking the problem.

Changes to Relieve The Constipation

After you understand the baseline of your bowels, the next step is to start making short-term and long-term changes to get rid of the constipation once and for all. The best place to get these strategies is our Unlocking Constipation training worksheets and action plans.

There are 3 hours of everything you need to learn to be smarter than your doctor about constipation, including next steps to start pooping regularly next week (short-term) and what tests are needed to get to the root causes of constipation (long-term).  I dive into topics like: why fiber is a really bad idea (despite what you’ve been told), the underlying root causes of constipation, tests, supplements and protocols you could use with your doctor once you get your test results back.

It’s a pretty small investment to be completely educated on a health problem that is seriously affecting your life. And it includes things like an emergency “I need to poop now” protocol if you don’t want to take laxatives.

Pick up a copy here.

After you do, let me know in the comments below about how you are overcoming constipation.


Steven Wright

About Steven Wright

Steve Wright is a health engineer and author. In 2009, he reached a breaking point when IBS took over his life and the doctors didn't know how to help. Since then, he has transformed his health and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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139 thoughts on “4 Common Signs of Constipation

  1. Avatar
    Deven Sachdeva says:

    Hi, I m 22 yrs old and since last 1 week I am passing a lot of gas, around 20-30 times a day, and i also feel my colon is not empty whole day, in morning my colon doesn’t empty, only gas passes away. My stomach also feels a little swollen
    Then during the day, when stool get passed away, first of all I have this feeling that my colon is not completely empty after that, and secondly my stools are in partial liquid state along with some foam around it.
    I am also going to have my xms next week, so I am all day at home since last 1 month,

    Pls Suggest??

  2. Avatar
    Jordan Chicago says:

    I have a weird problem in the same family as constipation. I feel my stomach gurgle (that feeling you get before you feel a fart to let out) but instead of the fart easing out normally I have to wait for it or push really hard for it to come out, sometimes I have to position my body a certain way (push legs up lying down) for them to come out. I do have some constipation issues and hemmoroids, but for the most part I have normal bowel movements. It’s not being able to fart that gets me. It feels like the farts implode back inside me.

  3. Avatar

    I am a teenager and I have been in the hospital at least four times within this year due to chronic constipation. I have fecal impactions that cause me so much pain. It’s truly something that I wish no one to experience, I’m always uncomfortable and beyond bloated. I’ve been on liquid diets and others and tried fiber (even though I know it doesn’t work) and nothing happens. Enemas don’t do me anything and every single pill or powder that I am prescribed does not work. Currently it’s been a week and I cannot push. I have a procedure that I am getting done next week to see if it is due to my muscle. If this does nothing then I have no solution

    • Avatar

      Hi, I have had chronic constipation for about 30 years so know how you feel. Are your problems worse when you are premenstrual? It definitely has an effect. There are abdominal massages that you can do to help get things moving, have a look on you tube. Nothing seemed to work for me apart from senokot, it says not to take it long term, but on and off I have taken it for years. I also have laxido now too. Also, have you tried prebiotics? Some people find that they work really well.

  4. Avatar

    I can’t stool for almost a week now but I keep farting which relieved me mostly, I just treated malaria, what can be my problem and a solution to it please.

  5. Avatar

    I have been constipated for some time now I am feeling very nauseas. and also like I’m hungry. and I have been pooping up to three times a day is this normal. and my poop used to look like cocoa puffs but now it’s like flaky sometimes and still hard to pass.

  6. Avatar

    Hello, i was diagnosed with hemorrhoids one month ago and since then ive been struggling with constipation ( i guess). Sometimes i have regular bowel movements but there are days my poop looks like small coco puffs and its difficult for me to have a bowel movement.i dont feel pain or smth only gas Sometimes. Im trying to eat healthy since ive never been a very healthy person ( i used to eat junk food alot but not anymore) any suggestions? Im 20 btw

  7. Avatar

    I am in my twenties, but have struggled with constipation for years now. I have always waited to go to the bathroom, as to avoid going in public. I have been living overseas in third world countries, which normally means you have the opposite problem. A few years ago, I got an amoeba (which included symptoms like bloody stool and intermittent diarrhea and constipation.) I had a colonoscopy at the age of 22 to make sure everything was gone, and the doctor said it was. Since then, I have struggled with frequent constipated and having blood in my stools. Sometimes even horrible pain, which I believe to be fissures..? Anyways, I have been tracking my bowel movements for a few weeks and have gone almost every day, but still had cosntipation that was very painful, bled, and has caused fissure pain for several days now. I have tried prune juice, fiber pills (which I have never heard was bad for you), and drink at least 70 ounces of water a day. Does this seem like chronic IBS-C to you? Any tips?

  8. Avatar

    Hi there.I see a lot about constipation and hard stool but I have a hard time even getting soft stool out.i only go a tiny bit every morning,very little but it’s soft and hard to go.Then I end up with stomach bloat and pains all day.I don’t want laxatives but my dr recommended linzess.im looking for a more natural way?

  9. Avatar

    I’ve been struggling with constipation for about a month now…At first I couldn’t go for 3 datsy…My pharmacist recommended magnesia citrate…It cleaned me out pretty well, had diarrea for a day or do, then more constipation…Took prune juice and again I was able to flush …Some pain in lower left abdomen radiating to my back…My Doc has scheduled a colonoscopy in 3 days, but I’m worried about the procedure… They gave me instructions on what to take and what not to eat or drink the night before…Any advice before I go for the test? I’m kind of worried.

  10. Avatar

    I constantly I’m having small but hard to push stool. I really don’t know what to do, but got to the bathroom and just try my best. In your article above you said just to hold it, until your ready to blow it all out. Should I like sleep on it; like how long should I wait….plaease reply me back…??????

  11. Avatar

    I have been having a poop problem for about a year now just a little bit after I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder like I won’t go to the bathroom for like four to five days I just don’t have the feeling to go and its hard for me to go when i go not to mention I feel like i have something up there like all the time I mean some times the feeling goes away but when i eat I feel it but its not really a go the bathroom type feeling it’s more of like a pressure feeling and then when i push I just fart i been farting quit a bit I’m not sure if it from the straining that makes it feel like that my poops are soft and loose they look like a normal color to me but I have had xrays and I had a cat scan last year the dr keeps saying im fine I just don’t know what to do

      • Avatar

        Hi I have had severe constipation for 40+ years now. It has gotten progressively worse the older I’ve gotten. I am 53 now and post menopausal. My question is, if you don’t poop, where does it go? I go two to three weeks without a bowel movement. I take Lactulose. But it doesn’t get the job done. I’m bloated all the time. And when I finally do go it is so painful and extremely exhausting. On the chart of poop mine is a three but with a twist. I’m sorry for the visual. The thickness is that of a Pringles can. So you can imagine the pain. The process is not quick but on the good side, I don’t have hemorrhoids. I just had a colonoscopy. All they found were a few polyps which were removed. But the amount of poop never seems to correspond to the amount it should be. So where does it go for those weeks that I don’t go? And do you have any advice on how to improve my constipation?

  12. Avatar

    My mom has been dealing with gut issues for years from diverticulitis to diarrhea to constipation to sigmoid colon removal. I’ve always assumed the language she has used to describe her symptoms has been accurate. A few months ago, I learned that she calls having to go to the bathroom a lot with fairly normal stools is diarrhea. She says she is constipated because she has severe LUQ pain, but then explains she’s been going to the bathroom often with solid stools. Can you be constipated and go to the bathroom a lot with normal seeking stools? Is her pain constipation or something else? She has had a ridiculous amount of CT-scans showing nothing. Of course, all of this is compounded by her depression, anxiety, and continued apathy to get out of bed. Complex? Yes. Frustrating? Yes. We’ve been working together on all of this for over for years. Most of the medical community has given up on is. We’re not far behind them. Many thanks.

    • Avatar

      Hi Holly, I’m sorry to hear you guys are struggling. Constipation can range from not going to the bathroom at all for days to going to the bathroom daily but 1)not feeling all he way finished when done and/or 2) having hard, painful stools. We’d recommend starting teh SCD diet or something similar as soon as possible and also incorporating some more fats (like coconut oil) and enzymes to help with the constipation. You can start with the Free quick start guide here: https://healthygut.com/scd-quick-start-guide/

  13. Avatar

    Hi I have been having difficulty passing stools for about 2-3 weeks and straining and only producing pellets. Then last night I woke with bad stomach pain and had explosive diarreah. Today I have had slight stomach ache which disappeared once I emptied by bowls but the stools were very soft but I’m one piece. Is this normal after having constipation?

  14. Avatar

    Hi, I don’t know if this site is still active but or butt lol I was hoping for some guidance or advice. My names Liam I am 24, in good shape, and have a semi decent diet. I cook for myself which is good and bad ha. The reason for my irregularity is hard to talk about but I am a recovering drug addict, to be more specific pain meds. From sports (hockey,football)mostly I had 12 surgeries starting senior year hs ending the year I graduated college and ended up hooked. But this isn’t a drug forum so moving on. I’ve been clean for over 3 years now but I am still prescribed Suboxone. Which is an opiate given to addicts likes myself to stop any cravings and helps keep me off the streets and living a normal life. It’s a powerful opiate without giving a high due to the naloxone(blocks the receptors that get you high)If it helps I’m prescribed 16mgs which is a moderate to large dose. So there is the back story, I go threw periods of regularity and irregularity. Can’t pin point why it is in flux. Here’s my question, apologies for the novel, is there anything that could help me stay regular being diet changes, meds etc. any suggestions would be appreciated. Exercise probably doesn’t have to be addressed. I work out almost every day, it was one of the things that helped me stay clean. Again thank you in advance.

  15. Avatar

    I had bright red blood in my last BM on Saturday evening (6 days ago) I keep feeling light headed and like I’m going to pass out anytime I eat anything with carbs and I can’t have a BM at all. I’ve been to my ER twice and my MD twice and they don’t seem concerned, should I be worried? They tested me for diabetes and I was negative, I’m at a loss and worried. Thanks in advance

  16. Avatar

    Heyo! So um, for about a week now, I have found it pretty hard to poop. It started off extremely hard to do, with small soft stool coming out, but as the time has gone by its become easier and the stool has become bigger, however I do it much less frequently than I used to. Are these signs of it clearing up? Do I just have to wait it out a bit longer? Thanks in advanced!

  17. Avatar

    From 1 month i m sufering from constipation doctor given me kolac syrup but it didnt work on my constipation whenever i go washroom feeling to pass stool gas comes out thts it but now for 6 days i m suffering from loose stoools now why this is happening i pass 3 loose stools in 6 days olease try to diagnose my illness

  18. Avatar

    I have never suffered from constipation my entire life until this June, and I am very worried. I have always stayed very healthy! I workout on a daily basis, well was…. I eat clean 70% of the time and eat whatever else 30% of the time, I drink water like crazy. I always carry a 16oz or bigger water bottle with me and when it’s empty I refill! ….. I have no idea why this is happening but I am miserable. My stomach has always been flat and lately I have been looking like I have been about 4 -5 month pregnant if I can’t poop. When I finally do my stomach goes down a little, but I never entirely feel empty. I am use to going 2-4 sometimes 5 x a day!!! I just would always have a bowel movement after any time I would eat, whether it was a meal or a snack. And always about an hr after waking up. Now I can barely go once a day and my stomach gets bigger the more I eat. I am extremely frustrated have been trying everything and don’t know what to do. The frustration is just more as more bc I work very hard to stay wealthy and keep a good physique and now all of a sudden after 24 years I am dealing with it! What should I do??!!!!

  19. Avatar
    Christian McPherson says:

    Hi I’m 23 for the past week iv started to feel pains in my stomach Iv been able to go to the bathroom but it’s small and black after my stomach hurt and it goes away but I feel a scared if you say in my stomach and it feels like I’m bloated all day I have hemroids already and I got medicine for that but I can’t seem to get my stomach in order I tried prum juice it helped but the symptoms come back and I can still eat this is been going on for almost 2 weeks I feel like stress is the main reason I’m feeling this way help

    • Avatar

      Hi Christian- we advise you go see your doctor and talk to them about these symptoms. Dark stool can happen for a lot of reasons (something you’re eating, medications, or it can be a sign of bleeding) – but no matter what the cause is, talking to your doctor will give you some peace of mind!

  20. Avatar
    Susan Woodward says:

    I am always constipated. I’m lucky if I have a be 1 time every month. Dr. Has given me laxatives and suppositories all to no avail. Ii am feeling kinda empty and have not got in about 2 weeks so what is going on. I wonder if I have cancer and it is eating it up and that is why I feel empty but have a huge stomach.

  21. Avatar

    Hi, i’m having this problem more than a year,
    everytime i bathed and go out, i always feel like i needed to poop, but when i go to the bathroom , nothings comes out. i don’t feel comportable when im sitting, it’s irritating, please help.

  22. Avatar

    So I have a fever currently and I feel like I gotta go but only farts comes out, and when I do the feeling goes away, but when i get up and leave i get the same feeling again and then after farting for 5 minutes the poop finally comes out, for me i poop twice a week and from my understadings that is horrible, im only 26 and im already having very bad problems, what can I do, should I see a physician?

    Note: other problems i feel is a weird sensation like a gurggly sound and feel around my lower stomach what is that ?

  23. Avatar

    So my problem is kind of weird… It usually takes me about 3 days to poo but then I’ll poo about 3 times in that day. It’s so annoying because day 1 and especially day two im so bloated and heavy. About a year ago I had the opposite problem and I had diarrhoea all day everyday, I had loads of tests but they said medically I was healthy. Is there anything I can do?

  24. Avatar

    Hey. I suffer from anxiety, and I’m about 99% sure I’m also suffering from IBS. My bowel movements have been changing lately, and its most likely because of the fact that I’ve been stressed lately, and the symptoms seem to arise when I’m stressed. I feel queasy in the stomach a fair bit, and even though I do go to bathroom, and evacuate normal amounts and mostly normal sizes, it’s as if I can’t properly push it out, because something is in the way. Like, I get the stomach rush to let me know I need to go, but it’s just a bit harder to get it out lately. My diet is not the best, however, I don’t drink alcohol, or anything but water and I’m constantly hydrated. I’ve had some haemorrhoids in the last year, and I had a colonoscopy about 4 years ago, but nothing serious was found, only some very minor ulcers. I’ve started taking a probiotic as of last week, and I’ve also started taking Ethical Nutrients IBS Support, and after a couple of days, my symptoms were gone, and I wasn’t stressing. That was until a couple of nights ago, when my boss called me, and I got anxious, and the symptoms have started up again. I suffer from real bad social anxiety. Before the IBS tablets, my stools were inconsistent. My diet is a lot of chocolate, lollies and a bit of ice cream, but also over the last 4 months, I’ve worked healthy lunch and breakfast options into my diet. However, I am slightly intolerant to grains, because I just can’t properly digest cereal. I can’t be celiac, because the symptoms have only started appearing again when I started eating cereal and yoghurt again for breakfast. I’ve always had an issue with it, but it’s usually been tolerable. The symptoms, again, are only present when I’m eating cereal and yoghurt, and I’ve once again cut it from my diet, and it has helped, but symptoms are lingering. The side effects of the cereal and yoghurt, are mainly stomach cramps as well as loose stools and often times discolouration. I was frequently passing mucus through my stools, but not a worrying amount, and since I’ve been taking the IBS support, it doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. My only issue now, is just abdominal aches and constantly feeling like I need to pass gas, and also, feeling the need to go to the bathroom, but as soon as I sit down, I find it difficult to go. I do pass normal stools, but it takes a bit of pushing, and I use my hands to gently but firmly push my abdominal area, and that helps me go.
    I’ve seen a doctor last week and he checked my anus, and there were no lumps or anything sinister. He told me that it couldn’t be anything serious, but I’ve had blood tests. I need to book an appointment to see the results. But my IBS symptoms are most prominent when I’m stressed or worrying about things. When I’m working, I’m fine, because I’m not focusing on it, but the minute I’ve got time to myself on my days off, I notice something gurgling, and then I start feeling the abdominal aches. I do get some cramping, but I think it’s because I’m a bit backed up. Any suggestions or ideas on what it might be or what I could do?

  25. Avatar

    i have this feeling constantly with the difference i poo 2-4 times… per day. i’m aware that i spend too much time in the toilet (20-up to 35 min…) but it’s frustrating, i can’t ever fully empty my colon… like never. if i don’t poo early in the morning or i dont poo too much i have this crazy urge to go to the toliet when im in school (hell, even if i sit 40min and get diarrhea i still experience that… huge bloatedness and if i get home and shit then theres only small diluted poo) and doing it there is very embarrasing, the state of the toilets there is bad too with people constantly smoking there. even if i sit 40 minutes i have bloatedness later on and its painfull. it all started in middle school, i was afraid to fart even quitely and held it… terrible memory. my metabolism is quick i suppose but not so quick that i should take the number 2 few times per day. is there some sort of way to manage my metabolism so i can like fully poop in the morning and endure happily 8 hours in school? (tried it myself eating light food at 19 nothing more later and some other stuff, nothing works) when im staying home and can do it whenever i like it’s fine it doesnt take so much time and i dont have bloatedness however i really do it at random times, living in a society is quite a bother unfortunately.

  26. Avatar
    Jeff mckenzie says:

    I have being struggling to make a bowlment right for months I would think it’s a good week if I go more then one time in three days and after reading this article I think I have signs of the first three symptoms what should I do

  27. Avatar

    I have been sick for 1 day and I was vomiting and having diarrhea. It has been 2 days and I feel amazing… I’ve been eating full meal and still going to practice. I had a game today and around the end of the 3rd quarter my stomach started to hurt. Once I got home I tried to take a number 2 but nothing is coming out. I haven pooped in all day so what do I do.

  28. Avatar

    I have had problems going to the bathroom since I was little. I am 22 now and still only go maybe once a week usually longer. When I was in school I had to be put in hospital once because of severe stomach pain which turned out I was completely full from not going and had to be cleaned out. I was described aderol about year and half ago for other reasons and while on that was going daily. Was taken off aderol 3 months ago and am back to not going at all again. What should I do.?

  29. Avatar

    I’ve been having a problem taking bms. Since last year, I would only feel like I need to go once maybe twice a week. Always on the same day it like it got a routine. But as of recently I would bm every couple of days but instead of wiping out poop it’s this clear slime. It’s making me worry.

  30. Avatar

    My abdominal area is really hurting. I am bloated and I feel like I constantly need to go deficate. When I am ably to go only a little bit comes out and I still feel like I need to go. My stool is very soft and mostly liquid. On my day off from work I drank some citric nitrate to empty my system but all that came out was a little liquid poop and mostly the citric nitrate. This has been going on for 5 days now. I am reluctant to go to Dr., but do I need to go? Will this pass? I am getting a little scared now!!! I hope there is someone whom will respond to this message and maybe be able to tell me about it. What can it be?

  31. Avatar

    Its 2am I can’t sleep! I’m having pains from pushing a hard poop. Have had this problem since forever. Have tried seeking medical help, all I’m told is the regular things, eating a lot of fiber and drinking more water!

    I’m tired now I don’t know what to do because this is too much! It disturbs my everyday activities and its very annoying! Is there any help for me or are there any softening stool pills?

    I’m supposed to be studying now but I can’t the pain is just too unbearable 🙁

  32. Avatar

    I’ve been constipated since I had surgery and now it is getting bad. I have abdominal pain and am very bloated. Is that caused by the constipation? I’ve gone maybe 4-6 times in the last 3 weeks.

  33. Avatar

    Well I’ve been having problems with pooping every since I caught an anxiety disorder..at first I was hurting only not popping regularly but not I get this very bad stabbing pain right about my vagina(tmi) like I stop right in my track and like a couple of seconds then it goes away and I have to poop but some days it’s in the same place but very dull and I poo but it’s still dull isk what to do about it it kinda worries me

  34. Avatar
    anthony navarro says:

    So I haven’t really been able to poop. When I do its diarrhea but a small amount and last time I checked it was all black and on toilet paper it seem dark black with slime. I been having cramp like pains on my abdominal only been able to pee while I try to use the restroom to poop. My pee looks dark Yello but I been drinking lots of water since the beginning of my constipation. I’m not able to pass Gas as well. My symptoms are head aches back of my head, cramps, pressure build up in stomach, appetite comes and goes. Small fever at first. Tiredness lack of sence as far of some confusion. Dizziness. When should I go get checked out or should I go NOW?

  35. Avatar

    Hi there… Good article.
    I work from home mostly and I become constipated when I’m out for meetings or errands and miss my “morning window”. When I work from home, I go once satisfyingly per day and that’s pretty great for me. But inevitably I have to go out but that messes my system! Any advice?

  36. Avatar

    Hi, I dunno if anyone can help me. I woke up this morning with a strong urge to poo. I got up and went and not much came out. What did come out was soft and thin stools. I have been to the toilet with the constant urge the go number 2 for the past 4 hours or more and I am at the point my body is making me push but nothing is coming out only mucus. As you can probably tell I’m feeling absolutely awful. Is there something to help make the constant urge or pushing feeling stop? Thanks

  37. Avatar

    I been having problems going normally and it just started abruptly a week and a half ago. I thought it was constipation so i tried laxatives for 4 days but now i dont know. I’m still finding it hard to go. I sit on the bowl for 20-30 minutes some times with nothing happening. What could it be ? This is getting to be a bit annoying.

  38. Avatar

    Total BS. Increased fiber is absolutely the way to help constipation, as most our foods naturally consist of high levels of fiber,but through processing, we eradicate most of it from our modern diet.

  39. Avatar

    Hi! So since five days ago I have only pooped like little droplets everyday. But the day before this all started happening I had very bad diairia. I feel like I have to poop more but only a little comes out. What’s wrong with me and what should I do!

  40. Avatar

    I’ve had chronic constipation since I was 18, when I had to start sharing a bathroom. At 24 now, and have had my own bathroom this past two weeks and I finally have regular, healthy bowel movements again. There haven’t been any other lifestyle changes, nor diet changes for the last few months. Is it possible I was just stressed into my constipation over sharing a bathroom?

  41. Avatar

    I’ve had a problem for the past 2 days. I haven’t had a bowel movement for a week due to pain meds for a dental surgery I had. Last night I had the urge to go and I couldn’t get it out. I couldn’t sleep last night because of the pain I was feeling, and because I kept feeling the urge. My husband gave me a liquid bowel cleanser today and I finally went. But it was huge and very hard. I now have hemorrhoids and I had one burst and it was a lot of blood. What can I do? I exercise, eat healthy foods and I drink a lot of water. I need help

  42. Avatar

    So my constipation? Started today. Needed a poop at work and all was fine, got home and felt like I needed a poop again but not a lot come out. Went to a friends and needed another poop but nothing come out. Went to a restaurant and again another two times! Got home and again two times more but nothing comes out!

    Is this constipation, needing a poop but nothing comes out? And this needing a poop feeling is constant and I have a small belly ache too.

    Thank you

  43. Avatar

    Hi! So here’s my issue, I’m suffering from fissures and now a really bad flare up of hemmies and pea sized thrombosed hemmie. I’m pretty sure I have them internal and external. I normally go poop twice a day but when I only go once, to me that’s an indication I’m constipated. Is this true? If I normally go twice a day and some days I only go once, is that a sign? I drink lots of water, I’m on a strict diet of healthy foods and I’ve been taking stool softener and just started taking miralax yesterday to help me heal. Any answers? Thanks in advance!

  44. Avatar

    I Keep on asking around to see if I have IBS or if I’m constipated, I can’t tell the difference. I poop but it comes out like diarrhea And I still have the urge to go after, even while I’m still in the stool, I sit there trying to get it out that even my legs start going mum. My anal hurts as if I have a rash and when I wipe i have like mucus looking stuff. It’s not painful to sit it just bothers because as soon as I sit I feel the urge to go poop but I don’t all it is that comes out is gas. Any idea what it might be?

  45. Avatar

    I had my gallbladder removed a few years ago and it seems that since then my bowels have been completely off. I do take multiple meds muscle pain, antinflamatory, sinus, anxiety, depression, cholesterol, vitamins, and even 3 stool softeners a day. But still I’m lucky if I can go at most twice a day. My usual bathroom time is half hour to 45 minutes. Its a royal pain in the rear..pardon my pun. I drink my water, we eat very healthy. I’m so tired of always looking like I swallowed a basketball and just as solid to boot. Any suggestions.

  46. Avatar

    please help me. because this week i have a feeling that im constipate because last four days my pooping habit time change, before i feel constipate i poop 1 everyday and i feel empty and comfortable but now when i poop i still feel heavy and not empty and everytime i poop now its not the same amount of poop like before and not feeling empty , i already eat fruit have a lot of fiber and exercise 20min a day but nothing happen.. please help what i need to do to have a normal pooping again. and i want to know if this is serious constipation? thanks

  47. Avatar

    Hi, my name is Ana and I have been having this urge to go to the bathroom and poop, when I go it comes out like mushy and I feel like everything hasn’t came out. Then like 30 to 45 minutes later I have the urge to go again and I don’t know why. I hate to keep going to the bathroom every period at school, when I don’t go my lower stomach starts hurting and my stomach makes WERID like popinh noises, and it’s embarrassing cause other people can probably hear me. Before I was constipated and I couldn’t go but I had the urge to go but when I went nothing came out but I started eating stuff with fiber and drinking more water it helped but now I have this other problem 🙁 please help

  48. Avatar

    i am on morphine 60mgs twice a day and so guess what? i pretty much have a problem. i am taking 1 senna lax i every evening, and 2 to 3 stool softeners at night also. all of a sudden for the last week i have severe pain when i get up and walk around. it feels like in insides are falling out and so much pressure at the rectum and vagina. 4 days ago i took 2 exlax,then the next night did the same, i have had a small movement every day. i also switched to mira lax for 2 days and finally seems like it is loosening up but still have the heavy pressure. i thought by now i should be flooding but nope.the pain is also there while lying down. any suggestions?

  49. Avatar

    I have had constipation problems since I can remember even when I was a baby my mom and dad had to push my knees into my tummy to get me to poop and now I go 3-4 sometimes 5 days without pooping the most regular I have ever been is every two days and that only happens if I have the flu or something so what can I do to change this cuz I have stomach pains every week due to this and its very annoying

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    Stressed pooper says:

    Hi, I’m 29 yo femail and have struggled with this forever.. I’m a heathy eater and I walk daily, I eat an apple and pair with my All-Bram every day for breakfast and drink around 2+ leathers of water a day. I find it hard to go even once to twice a week. I’m at my wits end and don’t know what to do about this. I’ve been to my gp and she said to eat more fibre and I can’t tell you how over hearing that I am.. Where do I go from hear??

    • Avatar
      vary stressed pooper says:

      hi the same thing has happend to me. i have been constipated ever since I can remember (im 17 btw). the doctors have always said to eat healthier and to have more fibres, i eat alot of fibres already but why eat more fibres if im already full and cant empty.

  51. Avatar

    I have bad issues with constipation till the point I have integral issues. Very painful but I started drinking more water and taking scrupulous 2 times a day and it really works..

  52. Avatar

    When I eat dairy (raw cows milk kefir) my stools change to a green color, sometimes become balls with mucus attached and I get a drippy nose and a bit of a stuffy head. Is this an inflammatory reaction to dairy? Must I give up dairy for life or would a GAPS type diet for a length of time do the trick?

  53. Avatar

    Nice article Steve. I have a dealt with constipation for a while and for me it was more a mental issue than physical. I never got pain from constipation but wondering if your gonna go each day was the most depressing bit.

  54. Avatar

    Hi guys, I don’t have any of the top 3 but how many times and how often per day should your colon feel on empty? Sometimes just doesn’t feel like I get all of it.


      • Avatar

        Hi Steve,

        I was told I have a twisted colon, which apparently is common for women, I was put on Linzess which made things go the other way (if you know what I mean) and frankly after being diagnosed w/Breast Cancer 2 years ago I just don’t have the $ to keep going back to the dr. So thought I would purchase your e-book 🙂 I am only on 3 meds right now none of which cause constipation, this has just been an ongoing problem for me for years! Question is with the twisted colon do you think that I would still benefit from your book?
        Please let me know.

        Looking forward to your reply!

        Christy, Long Time Sufferer

        • Avatar

          HI Christy, thanks for reaching out. That’s a questions I don’t think any one can answer up front with 100% certainty, but I know if I were you I’d take the natural approach (and heal your gut in the meantime;) and see how it goes. There is no harm to be done in trying it!

      • Avatar
        Karen Justice says:

        I’ve been having a lot of gasy and bloating feeling ..my stomach looks a little swollen I’ve been drinking a little water and taking stool softeners and gas tablets but every time I have a bowel movement it’s just a little at the time . I go maybe 4 times a week and sometimes I go everyday but like I said it’s only small amounts ..I’m thinking about trying a laxative and hope that helps .I just hope it’s not more serious. .your feed back would be appreciated. .thank you

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