6 Gut Infection Case Studies: Why You Should Get Stool Testing Done ASAP

Strongyloides stercoralis

That’s the parasitic roundworm infection I had a few years ago.  Sounds like fun, right?

It’s funny, I followed a STRICT diet back then, did everything right, and still struggled with diarrhea… and this one test result finally revealed the biggest reason I felt so stuck. Once I treated the infection, everything about my health changed. It’s almost like I’d been driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the break the whole time, and now my health was going 100 mph toward a beautiful horizon.

The parasite was there the whole time, wreaking havoc on my gut and preventing me from fully healing. I likely picked it up a few years before on a trip to South Padre Island, Texas.

And once we started working with 1-on-1 clients, I knew proper stool testing would be one of the most important steps toward helping our clients get healthy.

But All Stool Tests Are Not Created Equal

When we consulted, most of our 1-on-1 private clients required proper stool testing. These people were doing everything right with diet, supplements, and lifestyle… but just like me, they struggled with lingering digestive problems that didn’t add up. Worse yet, most of them have done stool testing in the past and the results were negative.

Is Leaky Gut Making You Sicker?


The truth is, stool testing is really complex and challenging.

That’s why we’ve spent a lot of time researching the best stool testing protocols and studying the tests our mentors use.

And what we’ve come up with, we believe, is one of the more effective ways to find out if any bad bugs are hiding in your gut.

There’s No Perfect Stool Test out There (Yet)

I could go in-depth on the science of stool testing, but I’m about to share some incredible case studies with you so I’ll cut to the chase. There’s no perfect stool test out there… yet. Each test has it’s own accuracy level, reliability, positives, negatives, etc. And the most important thing for our clients is to avoid a false negative. If there’s something there, we want to be able to find it…

Which is why we combine the two most effective technologies available right now.

That’s right, we have our clients get two stool tests done together for the most accurate picture of their gut health. In a moment I’m going to show you why, but for now here’s a brief explanation:

Test 1: The BioHealth #401H GI Pathogen Screen

This test uses advanced staining and antigen techniques to recover pathogens from 3 stool samples, taken each day for three days. I like the fact that this test uses samples taken over multiple days… and not only that, but it uses state of the art technology to look for pathogens that could be missed.

Test 2: The Doctor’s Data Parasitology x3 

Update: Since the time of this post, we’ve updated our recommendations for stool testing. The Metametrix #2105 is actually no longer available and many other reasons have led us to change our recommendation for the second test to the Doctor’s Data Parasitology x3 stool test.

As stated on the Doctor’s Data website, this is also a growth-based culture which is the standard of practice in clinical microbiology. It also uses sensitive biochemical assays and microscopy, and thoroughly evaluates the status of beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeast and parasites.

I can explain to you in exhausting detail why these two should always be used together when you’re doing stool testing… but I’d so much rather show you. I’ve clipped out 6 case studies from previous 1-on-1 private clients so you can see how powerful it is when these two tests are used together and what you are able to detect using them in conjunction.

Of course, these are anonymous and any and all personal details have been removed for their privacy… but just seeing the results themselves is astonishing.

Note: The case studies used in this post still reflect our prior recommendation of the Metametrix #2105, but we’re now recommending the Doctor’s Data Parasitology x3 stool test. The general idea of using two tests at the same time is the biggest takeaway.

Gut Infection Case Study 1: 35-Year-Old Female with Ulcerative Colitis

She came to us unable to gain weight and exhausted, struggling with chronic bloody diarrhea and nausea. Here are her test results:

Metametrix #2105 (CLEAN):


BioHealth #401H (DIRTY):


Notice she was positive for a parasitic infection called “Giardia lamblia.” Why this is important is that the infection was not spotted on the #2105… so we never would have known she was dealing with this if she hadn’t of used both tests. She’s now working on getting this infection treated.

Gut Infection Case Study 2: 57-Year-Old Female with Severe Ulcerative Proctitis

She came to us with severe bloating, constipation, nausea, and GERD. Here are her test results:

Metametrix #2105 (CLEAN):


BioHealth #401H (DIRTY):


Notice she was positive for H. pylori, but it wasn’t found with the DNA/PCR technology. 50% of the time it’s found with the #2105, the other half it’s found with the #401H. It’s a common infection with our clients, but we never know which test it will show positive on… which is another reason why we always ask for both.

Gut Infection Case Study 3: 52-Year-Old Female with Celiac Disease and Diverticulitis

She came to us with severe diarrhea, stomach pain, malnourished, and depressed. Here are her test results:

Metametrix #2105 (CLEAN):


BioHealth #401H (DIRTY):


Notice she was positive for a parasitic infection called “Entamoeba coli.” It’s important to pursue this infection because it can also be a sign of having a more severe infection of Entamoeba histolytica. Another instance where one test had results and the other was clean… but let’s not pick on the #2105 anymore and see a few different case studies.

Gut Infection Case Study 4: 65-Year-Old Male with Upper and Lower Abdominal Pain

He came to us with upper and lower abdominal pain, bloating, and diarrhea. Here are his test results:

Metametrix #2105 (DIRTY):


BioHealth #401H (DIRTY):


Notice he has a lot going on here. The #2105 found a yeast overgrowth and an Ascaris lumbricoides infection (giant roundworm). Not only that, but the #401H picked up a C. diff infection that was missed on the #2105. I’m so grateful he was able to have both tests done in this case.

Gut Infection Case Study 5: 65-Year-Old Female with Crohn’s 

She came to us suffering with diarrhea, strictures, and fatigue. Here are her test results:

Metametrix #2105 (CLEAN):


BioHealth #401H (DIRTY):


Notice she was positive for both H. pylori and Blastocystis hominis, an intestinal parasite, and required taking care of both of them. This is another case where we are so grateful she had both tests done because the H. pylori was not positive with DNA/PCR technology in this case.  

Gut Infection Case Study 6: 71-Year-Old Male with Severe Diarrhea

He came to us with severe diarrhea, hiatal hernia, malnourished, and excessive mucous. Here are his test results:

Metametrix #2105 (DIRTY):


BioHealth #401H (CLEAN):


In this case, the #2105 comes in handy discovering both H. pylori and Campylobacter, a bacterial infection. Notice the #401H is clean.

Why You Should Get Stool Testing Done ASAP

I hope these 6 gut infection case studies had an impact on you. I wish I could have seen them years ago when I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out what was really going on in my gut.

If you’re still struggling with digestive problems despite all your best diet, supplement, and lifestyle changes… you could have a parasite or bacterial infection. I highly recommend you get these two tests done together, the #401H from BioHealth and the Parasitology x3 from Doctor’s Data. It could be the one (or two) test result standing between you and finally taking control of your digestive health.

IF you think you could have a Gut Infection or are interested in learning more, you can check out our Gut-Infections Call here:

–> http://gutinfections.scdlifestyle.com

If you want to work with our recommended practitioners 1-on-1 for your specific challenges, please start by booking a case review here:

–> https://healthygut.com/practitioners/

In good health,


P.S. As stated above, since the time of this post, we’ve updated our recommendations for stool testing. The Metametrix #2105 is actually no longer available and many other reasons have led us to change our recommendation for the second test to the Doctor’s Data Parasitology x3 stool test. Our hope is the general idea of using two quality stool tests at the same time will still be the biggest takeaway.

Jordan Reasoner

About Jordan Reasoner

Jordan Reasoner is a health engineer and author. He was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2007 and almost gave up hope when a gluten-free diet didn’t work. Since then, he transformed his health using the SCD Diet and started HealthyGut.com to help others naturally heal stomach problems. You can check out his story here and find him on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

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136 thoughts on “6 Gut Infection Case Studies: Why You Should Get Stool Testing Done ASAP

  1. Avatar

    What does one do if they are severely constipated and having trouble providing stool for a sample, if we are required to stop all supplements/enzymes, etc. before and during the test? (magnesium glycinate and or citrate – especially magnesium Calm are necessary for me currently to have a movement). Just had a major flare and my doc and I both feel testing soon is crucial, but my gut is still very traumatized and even though constipation has consistently been my issue, it’s quite bad right now without support). Have a history of SIBO and am going to re test for that now as well, but also feeling the importance of these other stool tests as I have had multiple bouts of food poisoning/water contamination while traveling in far off places! thank you!

    • Avatar

      HI Ashley – great question! most of the labs account for this by accepting stools from a 3 day period. For example, if you need two samples you have a 3 day window to provide that. The est thing to do is get in touch with the lab as each test has different rules and protocols.

  2. Avatar

    Hello! In August i went to the Dominican Republic and got really bad food poisoning i was having severe diarrhea and twisting stomach pain. I came back home and got a fever and felt faint i went to the ER and they gave me 5 days of cipro. I felt slightly better but pain was still lingering and then suddenly diarrhea cane back. They gave me ten more days of cipro and the pain and diarrhea got worse. Now i have intense cramping, burning pain, diarrhea, fatigue, gas, and brain fog two months later i’m so lost as to what is going on

  3. Avatar

    Hello everyone
    I am writing to you from the UK after some very interesting reading on your website
    I am 52 and for a long while now I have had Psoriasi(since age 4)
    For about the past 20 yrs or so I have had Fibromyalgia which I think came along after a dose of Shingles
    My doctor wouldn’t give me any anti viral treatment and just advised that it runs its course
    Also for about the last 23 yrs or so I was diagnosed with I. B. S
    I would be keen to get some stool tests performed to see if anything shows up as they are making my life a misery
    Can anyone recommend where I can have the tests done

  4. Avatar

    Thanks for the article and information. I’ve been wanting to have some type of stool test done for awhile now, but keep putting it off because they are so expensive and I want to be extra, extra certain that I am getting the right one that is really top of the line and will pinpoint anything and everything that could be going on. Has anything changed since the time that this article was written? I found the 2 tests referenced in the article, but I also found a couple more I was curious about. The “GI Effects Gastrointestinal Function Comprehensive Profile (Three Day Collection)-Genova Kit” is $653 – it seems very comprehensive – could it be used in place of the 2 tests referenced in the article, or would it be better to spend the $788 total ($396 each) for the 2 tests referenced in the article?

    Same question goes for the “Gastrointestinal (GI) Effects® Comprehensive Stool Profile – METAMETRIX KIT”, which I found for $599? And the “Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis/Parasitology™ (CDSA/P) – GENOVA KIT” for $388? And the “Gastrointestinal (GI) Effects Microbial Ecology Stool Profile – METAMETRIX KIT” for $338?

    Do you get what you pay for with these, and are the lower cost tests less comprehensive, I assume?

    Thanks in advance for your help with this. With so many options and the mental brain fog I have going on, it is a challenge to research and navigate, so any input is greatly appreciated.

    • Avatar

      HI Benjamin – Jordan and Steve have found that the 2 different stool tests we recommend in the article are the most effective for detecting a wide range of variables such as yeast, H Pylori, and parasites. We haven’t used any of those other tests and typically find that an all in one type test is less sensitive and not as effective.

  5. Avatar

    Hi, Thank you for this post. I tested negative about a year and half ago for Hplyori on a stool test which my insurance covered. However, I continued to have symptoms and decided to retest with BioHealth, turns out I have Hplyori!

    I recently had my husband test with our insurance paid for stool test and it came back as hplyori was not detected, yet we also did a BioHealth test for him and it was detected.

    Can you explain why the BioHealth test picks up the H pylori yet the others do not?

    • Avatar

      HI Jen – Biohealth uses several stool sample over a certain period of time where as other labs typically contain just one sample. Also, Biohealth used strict shipping and handling procedures to ensure the stool is not damaged by heat or other elements and I’m not sure other labs take those precautions.

  6. Avatar

    Hi I asked a question a week ago or so, I have my stool kits ready and ordered from you all (I am a different Trish than the one in postings above from years ago). I needed clarification but I haven’t heard any answer back- I’m sure you all get a lot of questions…. just wanted to understand if I am taking my stool and dispensing it into two different kits on the same day- or if I am doing my BioHealth kit for three days and then start my Doctor’s Data kit after that…Could someone please help me? My aplologies for the questions- it’s just the kits are expensive and I want to be sure I do this as you all have recommended. Please feel free to use my email directly. Thank you for your time-Trish

    • Avatar

      HI Trish,

      As long as your following the direction in terms of each kit it shouldn’t matter. If the Biohealth Kit is asking for 3 samples from consecutive bowel movements, just make sure that requirement is filled. It may be easier to just complete one test before moving on the other and this is the way we’d suggest going about it so you don’t get confused:)

  7. Avatar

    Hi Lori Jo- I hadn’t seen your response until today- thank you- So to clarify, the stool samples used for the Doctors Data Kit will be done on different days than the stool samples used for the BioHealth kit. You won’t use the same stool sample as a specimen to put into each BioHealth/Drs Data kit at the same time/day? Thanks again

  8. Avatar

    Hi I have a question that may sound kind of dumb….when you order these two stool panels, you are putting part of your stool as a sample into to one kit and another part of that same stool sample into another at the same time? Also has anyone here or part of the SCD Lifestyle heard of or had experience with rife or pemf machines for cases where people’s insides are so sensitive they cannot tolerate the medicines needed to heal? Thanks for any input!?

    • Avatar

      HI Trish – you’ll treat these as two separate stool samples. For example, you’ll fill and complete 1 stool test and then fill and complete the second stool test separately. Hope that clears up the confusion. We don’t have any experience with the “rife” or Pemf machines, sorry!

  9. Avatar
    Carlos Ferreira says:

    I am planning on purchasing the 2 stool tests recommended as I’m still having a lot of GI issues / gastritis constipation after getting rid of h pylori. I suspect a fungal imbalance and stress.

    I was reading the bio health stool test and it states 3 stool samples for 3 days, does that mean I have to have 3 bowel movements through out the three days? I usually have 1 per day.

  10. Avatar

    Hi…I can find the first test, just copied and paste into the search bar, but I can not find the 2nd test, 401H GI Pathogen Screen. I followed the link Mariel left for Suzzane, 3 posts up, but it just sends you to a page with about 40 tests on, and none of which are called ‘401H GI Pathogen Screen test’. Please, can you give me the correct name for the test and the price, that way I will be able to find it…Thanks.

  11. Avatar

    Hi, i’m doing a research project about Crohn’s Disease and I was wondering how accurate can a stool test be? especially on detecting infections that could trigger the G.I tract and cause inflammation?
    Thank you very much in advance and for the information provided

    • Avatar

      Hi Andrea, Can you share your research project with me? I’m especially interested if you’ve found that the stool test is worth it and can, as you put it, “detect infections infections that could trigger the G.I tract and cause inflammation?”

      • Avatar

        Well it’s not exactly the that kind of research project as if I can find the information on your question. The research project I was doing is a Math IA which is more likely be a research paper. The topic I chose was the ‘Diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease’ which is finding which of the test used for Diagnosing Crohn’s is more accurate of detecting the disease. Sorry I couldn’t help on answering your question.

  12. Avatar


    I have had major digestive issues for the past 4 years and I have been on a very restrictive Paleo/SCD type diet to no avail. I have had 2 recent stool tests through Genova that show no parasites but plenty of inflammation. I also had a food sensitivity test done and I am sticking to the list of foods I should and shouldn’t eat.

    I would like to do the parasite tests just to see if there is anything they missed. I was on many antibiotics in recent years and just had to take another round because I had walking pneumonia. Blah! So now the colon is really inflamed again.

    I can find the Parasitology x3 DD test on the site link, however; not the 401H GI Pathogen Screen test. If you could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks, Suzanne Hunter

  13. Avatar


    Is there a difference between the

    GI Pathogen Screen with H. pylori Antigen-BioHealth KIT

    and the

    Comprehensive Stool Analysis w/Parasitology x3-DD KIT

    I may have ordered the wrong one. What is the difference?

    • Avatar

      Hi Mark – yes there is a difference.

      These are totally different tests – you’ll hear us call them the Biohealth and the Doctor’s Data (that is what the DD stands for in the second test you mentioned).

      We actually recommend completing both so you can compare the results – as explained in this article 🙂

  14. Avatar

    Great info!

    I had the Genova/Metametrix test 2 1/2 years ago and tested positive for H. Pylori and Lactoferrin. I self treated the H. Pylori successfully (repeat stool 6 months later with Bio401H) but ignored the lactoferrin result. I revisited the issue and now I’m concerned. Is there anything that could create a positive lactoferrin besides IBD or colon caner? I’ve never hard any chronic gut symptoms and still don’t, except a reduction in appetite and reflux, but usually only bad when I’m under stress. No RBC found in stool. Just yeast. It’s been 2 1/2 years since the test and I would think that if I had IBD or a growing neoplasm, I would be showing some increasing symptoms. Is a false positive lactoferrin possible?

    Thank you!

  15. Avatar

    Jordan please can you tell me if you’ve ever come across a patient who tested positive for a pathogen called Pseudomonas. Yes in the gut. I’ve come back clear of parasites and candida. But high ammounts of this pathogen and a big imbalance of good bacteria. I’m confused reading up about this pathogen as it says only causes issues in vulnerable weakened immune system people . I don’t have any strong conditions as such. I’ve had fatigue issues for 20 years ..had endometriosis surgery twice in last 5 years. I’m confused about this pathogen as to if it’s a problem . I know it’s more often found in lungs or the bladder . Many thanks for any thoughts. Gi stool test showed it up.

  16. Avatar

    I am confused about your desertion that H. Pylori is invasive and should be elimnated. There is still a lot of debate as to whether it’s a ‘good guy’ or a ‘bad guy’ in the gut. The antibiotic protocol to remove H. Pylori will do nothing but cause worsened dysbiosis. Getting rid of it ‘naturally’ is extremely difficult.

    There is also A LOT of debate over PCR testing. I have met with countless ‘top’ ND’s in the field of gastroenterology. Neither of them go off of PCR testing, they see too many random/weird results showing up. They seem to prefer the standard stool testing. For PCR testing, I was shown to have H. Pylori, Giardia and Salmonella. With standard stool testing, none of these showed.

    • Avatar

      Hi Amy, thanks so much for your thoughtful comment 🙂 You clearly know your stuff! Steve and Jordan don’t presume to know everything and are always willing to revise their stance on things as new research comes to light. I recommend this article as it’s more recent: https://healthygut.com/2015/05/the-h-pylori-controversy/

      They specifically address here if H. pylori is good, bad, or a little of both and what to about it.

      Testing infections is difficult, and that’s why Steve and Jordan always recommend two tests as well as considering your symptoms when making a diagnosis. Working with an ND to complete stool tests is a great option, as well. All practitioners have different preferences for testing.

  17. Avatar

    Hello! I have Hashimoto’s and high antibodies. I don’t have any GI symptoms. I took a Genova GI test and it came back with no infections at all. I’m going to get the BioHealth and Doctor’s Data test done but I feel kinda discouraged now. Is the Genova test known to be inaccurate?

    • Avatar

      Hi Rachel, thanks for commenting. No test is totally accurate. Steve and Jordan recommend using two tests to compare.

      Even if you don’t have gut infections, changing your diet will only improve your gut and overall health.

      I hope this information helps!

  18. Avatar

    What tests would you recommend for someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis ? My interpretation is that it’s a reactive arthritis in which the Klebsiella bacteria are either over populated and/or are located in the small intestine as opposed to being in the large intestine (probable defective illeocoecal valve involved). Nothing seems to totally kill them off-not botanicals, nor antibiotics, nor the A.S. no starch/no lactose diet. The diet gave me dramatic improvement and the antibiotics some minimal improvement with pain and mobility levels, botanicals & probiotics, water kefir-no noticeable improvement at all.
    Thanks !

  19. Avatar
    Timothy Ramos says:

    I just tested positive for c-diff after being on 5-6 different antibiotics over a2 month period. I know I have had it a while because I wanted to be tested a month ago when I was having the runs every day , but I wasent tested then because I was told that since by the time they took a sample it was soft and it should have been runny. Now my stools are hard and it is getting harder to go but they tested it yesterday and within hours I was called saying I am positive for c-diff and I am being put on some antibiotics. Is the stool hardening a good sign or not?

  20. Avatar
    marlis murphy says:


    What is the food sensitivity test you recomend? Do you choose to start with Parasites and Fungi for “chronic diarhea? why rather than food sensitivity

  21. Avatar

    Is there any recommendation w.r.t CDSA 2.0 w/ Parasitology, x3 and its comparison with the Doctor’s data test? The link you posted in the comment above does not have the 401H. Does that mean its not recommended anymore?


  22. Avatar

    Hi.. I am having alrgy on my skin and some time pain in stomac it is from 10 months… Many docs recomnd me to take care of diet stop eating fried food, egg and some foods and I seriously take care of it but stil aftar 1.5 month it hapns again what can i do?

  23. Avatar

    Hi Steve & Jordan. My boyfriend of 5 years has been dealing with very severe stomach issues for years now. He has been diagnosed with Esophagitis. He suffers from bloating, nausea, vomiting, gas, constipation, weight gain, chronic fatigue and also has bipolar depression and schitzo effective disorder. He has seen a ton of doctors and is on 7 medications. He is no longer him self. He’s had a bunch of test done but never a stool sample and I can’t understand why? We just read your article and bells went off! We want to get these test into his doctors hands ASAP. How can we get in contact with you to follow this protocol?

  24. Avatar

    Hi my doctor took a stool test a 6 months ago and found bacteria and parasites. She has put me on your diet , gives me intervenous feedings for the last month for the immune. I do not have diarrhea but I do have loose stools. Since her regiment I have fatigue,
    have gotten sick a few times, lack of energy, no motivation, not myself, mind not very focused. Losing weight. And stools are still loose.
    She took me off my young living super foods and oils. And my Sunrider super foods and support system. I feel these were supporting me with energy and now I have none.
    What do I do?

    • Avatar

      Hi Lynn, thank you for reaching out. We suggest fixing the root of the problem by addressing the infections and parasites you have. You will need to find a practitioner you trust to oversee your health decisions. IF you do not have one, you can find one here: https://healthygut.com/practitioners/ Secondly, your body needs an anti-inflammatory diet that works for you, such as paleo, SCD, or GAPS. You can search more information on this here if you like: http://www.scdlifestyle.com

      • Avatar

        Ok, I am on the SCD diet. But I feel worse and never had any problems but the lose stools. Once on the SCD, and once a week Iv’s and no support from the other Youngliving or sunrider products I have all the simtoms listed above.
        If I am getting ride of the bacteria and the parasites will it make my body feel bad? because it did not before.

  25. Avatar

    My poor 16yo daughter is suffering terribly with vomiting (5 weeks now, most meals and sometimes fluids), the doctors have no clue why, she is rehydrated by drip when needed. She did suffer from Campylobacter approx. 12 months ago and hasn’t really recovered, also she (along with all the girls in our family) cant tolerate gluten. We are in Australia would you recommend specific stool tests, would they help us establish a cause? If I tried Histopath would it be different to standard doctors test? I am watching her slowly fade away, any help very welcome. Thanks Pam

  26. Avatar

    Hi, just found this site and I was wondering if your stool tests look for the MAP bacteria? I am considering doing the tests but I would like to know that at least one of them tests for MAP. Thanks in advance, Tony

  27. Avatar

    hey jordan. thanks for this writeup. i’ve had severe autoimmunity for two years attacking my brain, causing a paralyzing vertigo. it’s gotten much worse lately. 1.5 years of probiotics everyday, along w a million other supplements, and eating nothing but turkey and zucchini (non-inflammatory foods, spent a year eating chicken and broccoli, haven’t had dairy gluten nuts soy sugars or artificial sweeteners in a year). this has led my doc to think it’s NOT leaky gut, but an intestinal parasite. i’ve had loose motions for over a month now and it’s exacerbating my autoimmunity. just trying to make it thru each day. my leaky gut was shown in an organix test last year, now it’s showing to be much better. but i still have so many gut related autoimmune systems. i get extremely dizzy after i eat, and have to run to the bathroom and feel stomach nausea. this is why both my docs (a functional neurologist and an immunologist who is also a naturopathic physician) think it’s gut related but not leaky gut.
    yesterday i submitted the Genova CSDA 2.0 test and they received it today. it seems pretty comprehensive and my doc thinks it’ll catch whatevers going on in my gut. i did however do the test while taking probiotics and painkillers, i just couldn’t get off them. hope this doesn’t skew the results. wondering if you think this test is good enough or if i should also do the one you recommend above, biohealth 401. plz get back to me. in dire need of help. thanks

  28. Avatar

    Hi guys,
    Question: Why wasn’t these results considered an issue ? I’m just trying to understand. maybe someonelse asked before :

    Case 4: BioHealth #401H (DIRTY):
    The first parameter listed : stool culture for pathogens
    Said Escheria coli abundant

    Case 6: BioHealth #401H (CLEAN):
    The first parameter listed : stool culture for pathogens
    Said: Enterobacter spp abundant


  29. Avatar

    Hi there,
    I looked at the link for the Biohealth 401H but the website seems to be down. Is the company still in business? I was hoping my chiropractor could order the test for me.

  30. Avatar

    All my chronic cases are stool tested, it is truly amazing what I find in a good CDSA test. Make sure you get a stool test that includes three stool tests on three concurrent days. This is the gold standard. You may miss a parasite on day 1, but may find it will be picked up on day 3. I recommend with holding ALL dietary supplements for 72hrs before stool testing. I have solved many “impossible” cases after stool testing was performed, and correctly identified ulcerative colitis and even bowel cancer and a stool test (confirmed later by gastroenterologist). I agree with Jordan, get that stool test, it may well be the best money you have invested in your health yet.

  31. Avatar

    Hi Steve and Jordan,

    Trish here again. (I posted on December 24, 2013 above.)

    Would you be able to help me based on the 3 stool tests results that I had done previously (December 2012, November 2013 and Decembet 2013)? Would you be willing to still work with me?

    Please advise.

    Best regards,

  32. Avatar

    I have been suffering badly from Acid Reflux for the last 5 years, have managed to get myself off antacid tablets (5 years) through diet alone. However, I believe there might be a parasite/infection present. I live in Ireland, is there anyway I can get tested for these through an online service etc?

    Many thanks in advance!

  33. Avatar

    Hi guys!

    Could you tell me how much both these tests cost? Also, would they be able to uncover gastrointestinal concerns such as ibs, chrons etc or just parasites?

    Since meta metric no longer does DNA testing, are they still reputable or do you have suggestions of other tests?


  34. Avatar

    Steve, Jordan,

    REALLY hoping you’re able to respond.

    How come, in Case Study #6, you say that the BioHealth #401H test is clean, if the results came back with “Enterobacter species, abundant”.

    Is this considered clean b/c its not a parasite? If so, how would one go about clearing up the Enterobacter species?

    Thank you.. looking forward to your answer.

  35. Avatar

    Hi. I recently had a three day testing stool analysis done. It was by Genova Diagnostics. The results were only that I have low levels of good bacteria.
    Nothing else. Is that even possible???
    I have major stomach pain, gas, cramping that radiates up into my chest and neck.
    I did a test exactly a year ago that showed three different bacteria were elevated and that my pancreatic enzyme levels were abysmal.
    I currently have a diagnosed female infection.
    Was this stool test simply a waste of money??

  36. Avatar


    I traveled to Indonesia (Bali) and Tokyo, Japan in October 2013 and at the end of the trip (in Tokyo) I had a sudden onset of diarrhea and chills. I felt horrible. I had a few left over Cipro (my husband took the majority earlier in our trip when he got “Bali Belly”) and started taking them. I felt a little better soon after that. Once we got home, I felt off and on OK, heavily jet-lagged, but stomach didn’t feel right. Went to the Dr. and she didn’t prescribe anything, said the amount of Cipro I took (maybe 3-4 pills) would have kicked anything I had and she wanted to wait and see how I did. I was feeling better when I saw my Dr. anyway, but had the appt and didn’t want to cancel. On Thanksgiving, I indulged all day in wine and food and the next day had a bad hangover, and vomited a few times. The hangover lasted 3 days and I felt terrible. Started to think it might have been more than a hangover. On Sunday, Dec. 1st, I was still feeling bad, upset tummy, stomach pain, but no diarrhea. Today, is Dec. 23 and out of the blue today while eating some oatmeal, I felt instantly nauseous. My hands and arms started sweating and I was sure I was going to vomit. After about an hour it went away and now I feel exhausted. Feeling nauseous also gives me a lot of anxiety.

    So, my question is this: is it possible I may have picked up a parasite or something while in Indonesia/Japan and it’s causing me occasional stomach upset WITHOUT diarrhea? The diarrhea was only in the very beginning when I felt really bad in Tokyo at the end of our 4 week trip. This nauseousness thing is so new for me and since my trip, seems to always be hanging around the corner, waiting. But no diarrhea, and no constipation. Very normal in that department.

    Thank you,


  37. Avatar

    I had a stool and saliva test done by Diagnos-Techs several years ago with expanded GI panel from my chiropractor. Have you ever heard of it. It showed several things positive and my chiropractor gave me supplements and I did have some improvement but I’m still struggling. I started the diet but having very difficult time with adding in any fruits or vegetables even cooked. This is the reason why I started the diet because I have had increasing intolerance to vegetables and fruit. If a person does the consultation with you and the recommended tests, you would then guide people to the correct treatment to heal their gut along with the diet? Thank you

  38. Avatar

    Pretty Amazing stuff. Can you do these tests from home ? By mailing in samples?
    I have had chronic problems with my insides since traveling for the last three years to South America. No insurance, wondering if there is an online lab? Thank you.

    • Steven Wright

      Robert – That is the word that we’ve received as well. Genova bought Metametrix and is changing things. Currently the #2105 is no longer an option. This is the risk we take when we publish exact case studies like this. Because we don’t own any testing companies the best labs will always be changing. The findings however of the need to use 2 stool tests are not changing even though we’ve moved over to using Doctors Data Parasitology 3 testing.

      Key point is: The labs we use will always be changing but the need for 2 stools tests is staying constant.

  39. Avatar

    Do you have experience and success with using herbs etc to eradicate different type infections? I have read that it is important to work with someone who knows how to specifically deal with different types of infections/parasites etc. Do you have any patients who had long term healing and able to eat all kinds of things they couldn’t eat before? Thank you!

  40. Avatar


    I am very interested in having the stool testing done (both types) as I have had a regular stool test with negative results (clean). I had chronic Giardia 10 years ago and have been experiencing similar symptoms again (fatigue, light headed, aches, etc.). I did a cleanse (paragone- 2x 15 day kits) and saw lots of white rice type things in my stool but nothing bigger than that. The stool test I had done was during the cleanse and, I know, included pieces of white rice stuff but still came back clean.
    Could you please help me with information and steps to get these tests done? I live in Ontario, Canada and would really appreciate your help.
    You can email me at the email given.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon!
    Thank you very much.

  41. Avatar

    Hi – I am considering doing these tests, but unsure what the next steps will be. What type of treatments are most common for adrenal fatigue, parasites and bacteria issues? Should I be advising my doctor about these now?

    • Steven Wright

      In our consulting program we create a custom phased program that is completely tailored to each persons lifestyle and test results. We rebuild each are of the body as needed to sustain health improvements and avoid setbacks. If your doctor is not integrative or functional medicine based it’s unlikely he/she will have any ability to use the tests.

  42. Avatar

    I had the GI Effects test and I am +4 for yeast but it was “taxonomy unavailable”. Is that treated the same was Candida is treated with Antifungals? Also I tested positive for parasite and that was also “taxonomy unavailable”, however I gather that I don’t do anything for that? Thanks so much for any help you can offer.

  43. Avatar

    Thanks everyone for sharing. I have had HP positive
    (Heliobactor) and got well after two weeks
    of double antiobitotics. 3 months later, I started
    having similar symptoms but slightly less aggressive.
    My specialist said its a tummy flu and put
    me on antacid and probiotic supplements. After
    a month, I am slightly better but still has
    slight constipation and gas symptoms as well
    as heart palpitations and cant seem to gain back
    My weight despite a good lifestyle and eating habits.
    Would you recommend a stool test? Do you have any recommendation
    in Beijing, China where I currently reside?
    I just want my life back.

    • Steven Wright

      You could have picked up another infection by now so you may need to retest. The antibiotic routines for HP are very aggressive and can lead to SIBO or Candida overgrowths. I don’t know of any place to point you in China right now sorry.

  44. Avatar

    I’ve had a stool test done but it was a cheap one done by a local hospital lab, and wasn’t biohealth or metametrix, ive heard the metametrix stool test is pretty good but not sure if that or biohealth test can be covered by insurance. I’ve had digestive issues for some time, I do supplement with betaine hcl and digestive enzymes.

  45. Avatar


    I’ve be following a custom SCD diet but the inflammation is not going down. I suppect I have some form of parasite since I got sick while traveling in China.

    Do you of anyway to be tested also I currently live in France? Do you know of any place to get tested in Europe , maybe the Uk?

    Many thanks!

  46. Avatar

    I have had the 401H test done and have abundant Escherichia coli and some Entamoeba Coli cysts were detected. I have had constipation symptoms for 2 years but right after taking sample for testing I have had very bad diarrhea for the last week. Odd!
    What does abundant Escherichia coli mean? I notice that with the tests above they vary hugely in quantity?

    • Steven Wright

      They are just talking about levels of growth regarding abundant. To interpret the test and figure out a game plan I’d suggest working with a practitioner who see’s these tests on a regular basis and has good knowledge of your history.

  47. Avatar

    I was diagnosed with Microscopic Colitis after having consistent diahrrea for 2 years. I have had stool sample testing done. Showed no parasites. Went on Endocort (Budesonide) for 8-10 weeks or whatever, after 8 weeks off, I’m back to square 1. Doc tried a med for another type of colitis but it did nothing, so he wants to put me back on Endocort. Since this is a type of steroid, I can’t see the sense since no body knows why I have this. I truly suspect some type of parasite or something. I’ve had stool sampling done also which showed a slight sensitivity to gluten, but have been gluten free and that hasn’t helped. Do you think any of your testing could be of benefit?

    • Steven Wright

      Barbara – If you haven’t had the specific tests done that we talked about above then yes I do believe they will help you. Stool testing from other sources has in our experience not lived up to the same results as what we’ve shared in this post. And at this point we are talking 100s of data points from our consulting practice.

  48. Avatar

    I just wanted to say thanks so much for this blog post. I had gotten the Metametrix GI Stool Effects test done earlier this year and it came back completely negative for parasites. I’ve been suffering with lots of GI issues for a couple of years now, and I wasn’t ready to give up looking for the reason. After reading this blog post when it first came out, I decided to go ahead and get the BioHealth 401 test done (I’d already had a negative breath test done for H. Pylori). I really liked that the test collects samples over 4 days instead of just 1 like Metametrix does. I got the results back about 2 weeks ago and they found protozoan forms of Blastocystis Hominis. At the same time, I did the Comprehensive Organic Acids Profile from Metametrix that I’d heard Chris Kresser talk about. Turns out that I also have SIBO and a candida overgrowth. Thanks to this blog post and the Organic Acids profile, I finally know what I have to do to get better! I never would’ve known about the Blastocystis Hominis if it weren’t for this post, so thank you!!!

  49. Avatar

    We are in Canada and would like to have both these tests done. Is it possible to have these tests done by Metametrix and BioHealth if you live in Canada (or are there testing labs here that you recommend)?

  50. Avatar

    1) I’m curious to know if Case 1 improved after treatment for H. pylori and if Case 3 improved after treatment for Entamoeba coli (as H. pylori and Entamoeba can exist and cause no problems).
    2) Are the cut-offs for Metametrix to report higher than the other company or something? What gives? How often do you really see these discrepancies?
    3) Also, in case one, I think it wants to read “she’s now (rather than NOT) working on getting this infection treated.”
    Glad you shared these. Very interesting!

  51. Avatar

    I had a metametrix test done. the only thing that was positive was yeast +2/4 taxonomy unknown. Is this candida or would it have said candida? I’ve had GI problems, mostly IBS-C, for about 10 years and have done a ton of different diets and detoxs over the years prior to a doctor suggesting this test. The doctor suggested I do a candida diet and herbal antifungals for 2 months even though he said that it may have been carried in on something that I ate. Any thoughts about what this could be or suggestions on how to make it go away? Thank you!

  52. Avatar

    It is very difficult to get rid of H. pylori. It is an opportunistic bacteria – I understand that everybody has it but it grows when the gut is compromised by a bad diet or other offensive agents (antibiotics).

    I took three sets of antibiotics with proton-pump inhibitors. The first two did not work, and made me feel really bad. Finally, I got rid of the bacteria with the third set of two new antibiotics for 10 days and a proton-pump inhibitor for a month. I do not know of any other treatment that works (I tried Mastic Gum for months but it did not work).

    Although I got rid of H. pylori, I am still not well. The bacteria, its prolonged treatment and a life of bad diet and digestive problems have destroyed my health. I have IBS-C, hypoglycemia (pre-diabetes?), and I am seriously underweight… I hope SCD can help me.

  53. Avatar

    My Metametrix test showed yeast at +3/4 and it was very debilitating. My latest test showed +1 and I am feeling much better. There is hope. 🙂 No need to be terrified.

  54. Avatar

    I am considering becoming a client. I’ve had the Metametrix test that showed originally a +4 Yeast/Fungus, taxonomy unavailable, and a recent follow-up Metametrix test showed a +3 Yeast/Fungus, taxonomy unavailable. Several practitioners I have seen claim that my EXTREME debilitating fatigue and complete ruination of my former life and even quality of life cannot be as a result of the +4 or +3 Yeast/Fungus. And would like to look instead for Lymes, mold or maybe something else. What do you think? Have you had an actual client before with the +4 or +3, in addition to fatigue of only being able to get out of bed for 2-4 hours a day? Or do you agree with my other practitioners? Thanks as I am terrified.

  55. Avatar

    My alternative doctor is having me do a stool test for parasites and other things, but I have to pay $345 up front which I cant pay at this time, are the tests you have people do a little more affordable? I know I need to do the test but may have to wait for some funds.

    • Avatar

      Try histopath they are in sydney but will send testing kits to you directly, just need a GP to sign a request form. Medicare cover it so no cost except for postage.
      Contact details on their website. They use fixative with a three stool sample tests. Good luck

      • Avatar

        Hi Julie,

        I am also from Australia, and just wondering if this test is as good as the bio health labs one recommended here? Also how did u go about organizing the tests through Medicare?

        Any advice/guidance is much appreciated.


        • Avatar

          Hi Ana,

          Hopefully your queries regarding stool tests have been sorted out by now.

          I can’t tell you whether the Histopath is as good as bio health test as I have never heard of the bio health test before today.

          However to get medicare coverage for the histopath test you need your Doctor to fill out a Histopath Test Referral and then you can either ring up and they send the test out or you can pick up the kit from the lab.
          You then either return the sample to your Doctor who will then organize pick up or you return the samples directly to the lab yourself.

          Here is the Histopath website: http://www.histopath.com.au/
          May be worth ringing them and asking what exactly they test for and / or talking with your doctor.

  56. Avatar

    I’ve had the Metarmix stool test done – and it showed no yeast overgrowth – a parasite called Endolimax Nana – and also one unnamed parasite also – I read different things – such as these are harmless – but not sure – have you heard or had anyone with this ?
    I have loose stools -and cannot tolerate too much sugar – basically trying to do the SCD diet to heal – but wondering what to do about the parasites – thanks

  57. Avatar

    Hi guys
    Is biohealth affiliated with any labs in Australia?
    Are you aware of costing for biohealth parasitology?
    I have tested positive to dientramoba fragalis which I will treat soon but need post antibiotic follow up testing.

  58. Avatar

    Do you think that the “parasite present, taxonomy unavailable” result is anything to be concerned about? I had the Metametrix GI Stool Effects test done and received that result. Now I’m thinking I should definitely get the #401H test done to see if there is something that may have been missed!

    • Jordan Reasoner

      That’s a great question Beth. Right now, we don’t worry about it. Anecdotally, I’ve seen it positive in roughly 75% of the results. It’s generally considered a parasite that, as of right now, science doesn’t think would infect the human GI tract. So for example, if you have pets it could be something from interacting with them that’s justs passing through.


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